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Who Buys Diamond Engagement Rings for Cash? | Hilltop Pawn is Who Buys Diamonds

Who buys diamonds for top dollar is a common question. In particular, you might be looking for a fine jewelry store and pawn shop that will buy your diamond engagement ring. If you're looking for the best place to sell your diamond engagement ring for a fair price, selling to Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry in Virginia Beach is always going to be your best option. We are your local industry insiders for everything related to engagement rings...we buy them, sell them, make loans on them, and even repair them! We will also give you the best value for another unwanted piece of jewelry as your local professional diamond buyers. The entire process of selling your jewelry is always easy when you work with us, which is yet another reason we should be your first choice!

Gold diamond engagement ring and gold wedding band

Sell Round Cut, Princess Cut & Other Engagement Rings at Hilltop Pawn

If there's one thing you should know about us at Hilltop Pawn Shop, it's the fact that we truly understand a diamond's value. Diamonds are such a big part of our business (as well as gold). We work with them every day. This means that we truly understand the value of your diamond ring, diamond earrings, or loose diamonds. In particular, we regularly buy and sell engagement rings.

Customers in the Hampton Roads community know that we offer the best way in the jewelry industry to buy an engagement ring. You can get a larger diamond for a lower price by shopping with us. In order for us to offer engagement rings for our customers at competitive prices, we buy pre-owned engagement rings from people in the community who want to sell them.

We like to offer a great variety for our customers, which is why we are willing to buy diamond engagement rings of all different types, including:

  • Emerald cut engagement rings

  • Round cut engagement rings

  • Cushion cut engagement rings

  • Oval cut engagement rings

  • Princess cut engagement rings

  • Marquise cut engagement rings

  • Radiant cut engagement rings

  • Vintage engagement rings

  • Antique engagement rings

If you'd like to sell any of these diamond engagement rings, or any other type of diamond engagement ring, come see us. We will perform a diamond appraisal on the spot and make you a cash offer. We are also your trusted local diamond sellers...if you're shopping for engagement rings or wedding rings for a great price, we'd love to help you. There's no reason to pay the highest price, even for large diamonds, when you can get a much better deal from your trusted local diamond dealer, Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry.

Hilltop Pawn is Who Buys Diamonds for the Most in Hampton Roads

How much do we pay for diamond engagement rings and wedding bands? We buy diamonds of all shapes and sizes, but as you can probably imagine, the value of estate diamond jewelry varies, depending on what you have. When looking at diamond jewelry pieces, we look at the carat weight...naturally, bigger diamonds often have a higher value, sometimes significantly so. The quality and cut of your diamond matters also, as well as the precious metals that the ring is made from. We look at each ring on an individual basis, and rest assured that we offer the most money.

We have years of experience in paying the highest diamond prices for unwanted diamond engagement rings, as well as other unwanted diamond estate jewelry and luxury watches. Sell your unwanted items for the best fair market value by visiting our pawn shop and jewelry store. All shapes and sizes of diamonds can be sold can get an offer on your jewelry item in no time!

Diamond engagement ring on blue Tiffany box

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