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Sell Your Princess Cut Engagement Ring in Virginia Beach

At Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach, we purchase diamond wedding bands and engagement rings. Some of the most popular previously-owned diamond rings that we buy and sell are princess cut engagement rings, although we buy all types of bridal jewelry, too. Anytime you're hoping to get the absolute best cash return for princess cut engagement rings from leading bridal jewelry brands, skip the online buyers and other local pawn shops, and visit Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry in Virginia Beach instead. We'll make you an immediate cash offer for your diamond engagement ring. Plus, we make it easier than you probably could have ever imagined to sell your engagement ring.


Sell Your Princess Cut Engagement Ring for Cash Today

Although your ring might have been the perfect engagement ring for you at some point, you might now be ready to sell it. People sell their rings to us all the time, and they all have their own reasons. You might have decided that you want to sell your ring and replace it with a newer, bigger ring or a ring in a different style. Some people like to do this to celebrate a milestone anniversary, for example. If you have ended your relationship, decided you don't want to wear a ring anymore, or just want to sell your perfect ring for some much-needed cash, these are all valid reasons to bring your ring to us. In fact, you don't have to have a reason at all. No matter why you might be interested in selling your princess cut engagement ring, selling to Hilltop Pawn in particular is the perfect choice.


Hilltop Pawn Pays Top Dollar for Princess Cut Engagement Rings

From solitaire rings to halo settings, Hilltop Pawn always pays the most for princess cut engagement rings. There are two reasons for this. For one, unlike some who aren't as experienced with jewelry, we are knowledgeable about how much your princess cut engagement ring costs. We have a lot of experience with valuing rings like yours, so you don't have to worry about us making beginner mistakes and not offering you what you deserve.


The second reason is pretty simple. As you might know, Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry is basically a jewelry store, more so than a regular pawn shop. People from around Virginia Beach know this and come to us daily, on the hunt for the perfect necklace or engagement ring. We want to maintain this reputation and keep our customers happy. We want to continue to be known as the go-to spot in Virginia Beach for anyone who wants to buy an engagement ring. Because princess cut engagement rings are so popular, people come in asking for them all the time. Buying your ring from you allows us to make another future customer happy when they come to us for the ring of their dreams. Paying top dollar for your engagement ring allows us to get the inventory that we want and need for our customers, and it allows you to get the cash that you're hoping for. It's truly a win for everyone.


You'll Get Paid Right Away

One of the top reasons why people sell rings with all diamond shapes to us is because they like how fast they get paid. In many cases, people choose to sell their jewelry specifically because they have found themselves in a situation where they need money. When you're in that type of situation, waiting days or weeks to get paid for your ring simply isn't a good option. At Hilltop Pawn, though, we will actually look at your ring on the spot, when you bring it in. Then, if you decide that you like our offer (which we think you will!), there's no waiting period before you get paid. You'll get your money right then, right when you need it. In fact, any time that you're short on cash and need to get some money as quickly as possible, selling unwanted jewelry to us should do the trick.


We Buy Other Jewelry, Too

We purchase all ring sizes and styles. Not only do we purchase princess cut engagement rings, but we also buy round cut engagement rings, emerald cut engagement rings, and more. We also buy matching wedding rings or bridal sets that include both the engagement ring and wedding band, or any other bridal jewelry that you might have and want to get rid of.


You can enjoy our easy selling process if you use us as the potential buyers for other unwanted jewelry, too. Bring us designer jewelry, antique jewelry, luxury timepieces, and other items of value, and we'll pay you top dollar for those items as well. In fact, we even buy gold bars, gold coins, loose diamonds and gemstones, and so much more. We are your precious metals and diamond specialist, and we are the right buyer if you want to get as much money as possible for any jewelry or gold that you're hoping to sell.


Who Buys Princess Cut Engagement Rings in Virginia Beach?

Whether you have antique jewelry or modern designer jewelry, you can get paid top dollar for it if you find the right diamond buyers. Of course, there are multiple engagement ring buyers out there that you can work with, but of course, you'll want to look for the best option for getting the most money for your ring, based on its true value. Once you assess your options a little more, you're sure to find that selling to Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach is one of the best options for you.


The first thing some people look for is a private buyer, since it might seem like this is the easiest way to get a fair price for your piece of jewelry. However, the average private buyer doesn't actually understand the true resale value of princess cut engagement rings. The average person is just looking to get the cheapest deal on a ring they like, without really understanding the market value of jewelry and the high diamond prices that professional buyers pay. Plus, there's the hassle of finding someone who is interested in buying your ring, the importance of avoiding scams and unsafe meet-ups with strangers, and the fact it might take you a while to actually find an interested buyer and sell your ring. All of these are reasons to reconsider selling to a private buyer and think about selling to Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach instead.


Instead of dealing with the hassles of selling your princess cut engagement ring privately, work with our knowledgeable and intelligent staff, who truly understand the value of your ring. Even if it's an old ring, you deserve to be paid a fair cash offer for your diamond wedding ring or engagement ring. Luckily, that's what you can always expect when you come to Hilltop Pawn. We always pay top dollar for princess cut engagement rings, and we'd love to pay you what you deserve for your ring, too.


How Much Can I Get for My Princess Cut Engagement Ring?

Sometimes, people call us, asking about how much we will pay for their princess cut engagement ring. Unfortunately, it's really not that simple. There are so many different things that will impact our offer. Two rings might look identical at first glance, but one might be much more valuable than the other. This might be the case if one ring is made from 18K gold instead of 10K gold, or it might be the case if the center stone on one ring is of a higher quality, due to things like clarity and color.

These are all things that we will need to look at before we can give you an accurate estimate, so please bring your ring to us so we can make an offer. Rest assured, you'll be paid fairly based on what your ring is worth. We have a quick but accurate process for determining how much your ring is worth, so you'll have your offer in no time. Even if you don't know much about your ring -- like if you don't know the carat weight of your princess cut diamond -- it doesn't matter. We can check all of these things ourselves due to our wealth of experience in the jewelry industry.


Princess Cut Diamonds: A Popular Choice

Round-cut diamonds are, by far, the most popular diamonds in the world, and we buy and sell many round-cut diamond rings here at Hilltop Pawn. However, princess-cut diamonds are the second most popular, and we buy and sell a lot of princess cut diamond engagement rings as well. These rings are some of the most popular choices for a few reasons. For one thing, a princess cut diamond ring is generally more affordable than a round diamond ring. Since price is often one of the most important things that people look at when shopping for engagement rings, this is one reason why the princess cut diamond shape is a popular choice.


However, even though princess cut diamonds are some of the more affordable center stone shapes, they aren't the cheapest. Princess cut halo engagement rings and princess cut solitaire engagement rings are still quite valuable. There is a lot to love about the princess shape diamond, after all. It's hard to argue the brilliance of a princess cut diamond. The diamond looks a bit like an inverted diamond, with beveled edges and a square or rectangular shape. The princess cut diamond has 58 facets, making princess cut rings some of the shiniest and most brilliant cuts. Not only can you enjoy a stunning sparkle with a princess cut ring, but many like the modern look of the sharp corners of this square cut. 


Because of the popularity of these rings, we are always looking to buy them. After all, people come into Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry all the time looking specifically for princess cut engagement rings in a wide range of carat weights. Bring your white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold princess engagement ring to Hilltop Pawn today. We're looking forward to working with you and offering you top dollar for your engagement ring with a princess-cut stone.


Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry Makes Loans on Engagement Rings

You may have never even considered the option of using your engagement ring to take out a loan, but using fine jewelry as collateral for a pawn loan is actually a great way to borrow money. When you take out a pawn loan, the amount that you can borrow depends on the value of the items that you use for collateral. Because of the high value of fine estate jewelry and the high value of the diamond engagement ring, the bottom line is that you can borrow more money when you use these types of items for these loans. There’s never an application or credit check to worry about when you borrow from us.


Visit Our Pawn Shop in Virginia Beach for Jewelry Services

Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry has years of experience as being a local jewelry store and pawn shop. Not only are we jewelry buyers who offer the best way to sell unwanted pieces, but we offer a range of other services that you can benefit from, too. For one thing, if you'd like to buy diamond jewelry for the best price possible, consider us the first local jewelers to visit. If you would like our jewelry repair professional to clean or repair your jewelry, we can assist you with that, too. Let Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach help you with anything and everything related to jewelry.

Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry in Chesapeake

If you happen to be in Chesapeake and need to sell your engagement ring or get a loan on your engagement ring please visit our Sister store Greenbrier Pawn Shop. You'll get the same great service there as you would get from us. 


Glenda Craddock or Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

Work with us and you're working with family. Our Son Dane runs Hilltop Pawn and our Daughter Nina runs all three stores out of Greenbrier Pawn. We do well When you do well.

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