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Do Pawn Shops Buy Diamond Engagement Rings? 

Finding jewelry buyers who will purchase a pre-owned diamond ring isn't hard at all. At least, that's the case if you live in Virginia Beach. After all, you can always count on your local jeweler and pawnbroker, Hilltop Pawn and Jewelry. Just as you may trust us when you're looking to buy fine jewelry, you can also count on us if you're hoping to get the best resale value for an unwanted piece of jewelry. It turns out that finding a reputable diamond buyer isn't as hard as you might have thought. Bring your old engagement ring to us today, and we'll give you a fair price. Plus, not only do we pay the highest price, but we also pay in cash, on the spot. Get an immediate payment today when we use us as your professional diamond buyer. We're your best bet for anything related to the jewelry industry, including selling your jewelry. We have years of experience as a jewelry buyer, and we offer the highest prices. Plus, we're well-known around Hampton Roads for providing the best customer service!

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How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay for Diamonds?

When looking for the best diamond buyers in Virginia Beach, how much you'll get paid is probably your biggest concern. Getting the best offer is always the goal when you're selling pre-owned jewelry, but it's particularly important if you're selling something as valuable as a diamond engagement ring. As all diamond experts will tell you, diamond resale price depends on a number of factors. Before we can offer you a good deal, we'll need to perform a diamond appraisal. Bring your ring to our Virginia Beach location, and we'll handle the evaluation on the spot. It's always a good time to visit Hilltop Pawn.


The appraisal process at Hilltop Pawn is thorough, but it doesn't take long at all for us to make a final offer. After all, this is far from our first diamond evaluation; we value diamond rings and other jewelry all the time! We have decades of experience, so you can feel peace of mind when you sell diamonds to us. Paying competitive prices is what we do!


A few basic things impact the value of a diamond. First, whether you're selling natural diamonds or lab-created diamonds matters. Even though we will buy jewelry with lab-created diamonds, they aren't as valuable as the real thing. Also, size does matter when it comes to diamonds. Even though smaller diamonds definitely have value, the bigger diamonds are worth more. The quality of the diamond matters, too, regardless of its size. Higher quality diamonds are diamonds that score better on the clarity and color scales.


​Most diamond engagement rings are made from gold, but the gold content varies from ring to ring. More economical rings are often made from 10k gold, while higher-end and more expensive rings are made from 18k gold. Some engagement rings are even made from sterling silver, which isn't as valuable as gold. Some are made from platinum, which is actually even more valuable than gold in many cases. If you don't know what your ring is made from, or if you aren't sure of the purity of your gold, don't worry; this is something we can determine when you bring your ring in.


Believe it or not, the cut of your diamond actually makes a big difference! Many people don't realize just how much diamond shape impacts the value of a diamond. However, the truth is that some cuts are quite a bit more valuable than others. One example is the round diamond, which is both the most popular diamond and one of the most valuable. Why? Well, when diamond cutters cut round diamonds, it's unavoidable for them to have quite a bit of waste. This waste is reflected in the cost of your diamond. If you have a round diamond engagement ring, chances are good it's quite valuable! However, even less valuable diamonds -- such as emerald cut diamonds -- are still valuable and in high demand here. No matter the specifics of your diamond engagement ring, we'll pay the highest diamond prices to buy your jewelry piece.


Even if you don't have a diamond engagement ring that you want to sell, we may still be able to help you out! Because we're a diamond dealer, we buy more than just diamond rings! Bring us any other diamond jewelry that you have and no longer want. We're always looking to purchase diamond earrings, wedding rings, diamond bracelets, and more at our local jewelry store and pawn shop. We even buy certified loose diamonds of all diamond shapes! Bring us your precious gemstones and precious metals, too. We pay top dollar for all of it here!


Are Pawn Shops Paying Fair Money for Diamonds?

Because of the high value of your diamond wedding ring, it's likely very important to you to get paid the fair market value for your used diamond ring. You might have used your local pawn shop for other services in the past, but right now, your main question might be about whether or not you'll get paid a reasonable price for your ring.


The bottom line is, pawn shops can and do often pay great money for used diamond rings. It mainly relies on which pawn shop you go to. Some may offer you a lower price. This happens for a few reasons. Some pawn shops deal in jewelry more than others; the ones that don't really focus on jewelry may not really understand the value of your diamond, or they might not be as interested in buying it. To get the most money when selling a diamond ring to a pawn shop, you need to pick a pawn shop that has a lot of experience in jewelry and that has a focus on jewelry.


One example is Hilltop Pawn. Yes, we're a pawn shop, and we buy, sell, and make pawn loans like any other pawn shop. Yet, we're a little different, too. If you've never visited our store, one of the first things you'll probably notice when walking in is that we're set up more like a jewelry store. Because jewelry is such a big part of our business, we are familiar with the current market price of old rings and other jewelry. We're also more interested in buying jewelry for our inventory, so we're willing to pay top dollar for it.


Selling your piece of diamond jewelry to a pawn shop has many benefits. It's actually one of the fastest ways to sell a ring, and you'll get a cash payment, too. When you sell to the right pawn shop, you'll get a good offer. That's the case when you choose Hilltop Pawn as your diamond specialist! Also, if you have other jewelry, luxury watches, or other items of value that you want to sell, you can bring them when you bring in your ring, too. We make it easy for you to get rid of unwanted jewelry items while putting plenty of cash in your pocket! Get the money you need today by coming to Hilltop Pawn.


Can I Pawn My Engagement Ring?

If you have an emotional attachment to your ring and aren't sure if you want to sell it, you don't have to. Instead, you can borrow on it with one of our collateral loans. The entire process of taking out a pawn loan only takes a few minutes; it'll probably be the easiest way that you have or will borrow money.


The amount you can borrow with a pawn loan isn't dependent on things like your income. Instead, it's based on the actual value of the ring that you bring in to use as collateral. Just as we perform free evaluations on jewelry that you're thinking about selling, we'll use the same process when assessing the true value of your ring for one of our pawn loans.


Once we have gone through the process of evaluating your ring and its value, we'll let you know how much you can borrow, how much you'll have to pay back, and when your repayment date will be. This is the perfect time to ask questions; we want to be fully transparent about everything, and we want you to make an informed borrowing decision. Once you've decided that you do want to take out a loan, just let us know, and we'll count out the money for you on the spot. We'll keep your ring safe until you come back to pick it up!


Also, if you change your mind and decide that you don't want to pick your ring (or other jewelry pieces) back up, you don't have to do anything else. Keep the money, and we'll keep the ring. It's that simple. We won't report the defaulted loan to the credit bureaus, so you don't have to worry about your future being affected. In fact, your future with us isn't even affected! If you decide not to repay your loan or simply aren't able to repay your loan, don't worry; you'll still be able to take out pawn loans from us in the future.


You can get the highest offer for one of our short-term loans if you follow these tips:

●      Larger diamonds are often worth more than smaller ones, so bring in your most valuable jewelry for a bigger loan!

●      Use Hilltop Pawn as your pawn loan provider. We are a family-owned company, and we make higher loan offers than our competitors!

●      Bring in multiple pieces of jewelry or items of value. The more valuable items you bring in, the more you'll be able to borrow!

Jewelry Store Vs. Pawn Shop for Selling Diamonds and Gold

​You might be debating whether a pawn shop is the best place to sell a diamond ring, or if you should go to a jewelry store instead. If you're like many people, selling to a pawn shop is going to prove to be your best option. Think about it like this: a jewelry store's main goal is usually to sell their own jewelry. They might strike up a consignment arrangement with you, where they display your ring in their store and keep a cut of the profit if it sells. If this seems like a good idea, think about how long it might take for someone to buy your ring.


On the other hand, when you use a pawn shop like Hilltop Pawn as your professional diamond buyers, you don't have to wait for someone to buy your ring. Instead, we'll buy it today. Using us as your diamond ring buyer is the best way to sell your diamond ring on the secondary market. Plus, our professional staff will guide you every step of the way, so even if it's your first time selling diamond estate jewelry, don't worry. We'll make it easy for you!


Hilltop Pawn can help you with jewelry in a number of different ways. You can sell any piece of fine estate jewelry that you don't want in your jewelry box anymore, and we'll pay top dollar. We offer the best solution for borrowing money with bad credit. We also sell great jewelry and luxury timepieces at a low price, and we even offer jewelry repair. Stop by our Virginia Beach location when you get a chance. Our friendly staff are here to serve you.

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Selling Gold Jewelry in Chesapeake?
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