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Cash Loans on Rolex Submariner Watches in Virginia Beach

When you first became interested in Rolex watches, you might have seen a Rolex watch as being a luxury piece or status symbol. Of course, this is true, but the Rolex Submariner is so much more. Known as a tool watch, both older and current models of the Rolex Submariner have a lot to offer. Designed to be divers’ watches, these durable watches can be used for diving, swimming, or just everyday wear.


As a fan of Rolex watches, you might be the proud owner of a pre-owned Rolex Submariner. Whether you have an original model or a latest generation Submariner, you can use it to take out a loan here at Hilltop Pawn and Jewelry in Virginia Beach.


When you purchased your first Submariner, you might not have realized you were making an investment. However, some Rolex models actually go up in price range over time. Basically, anytime that you’re in a financial bind, you can use your Rolex Submariner to borrow the money that you need.


Can You Borrow Money on a Rolex Submariner in Virginia Beach?

Both new and vintage watches from the Rolex Submariner line are popular on both the new and pre-owned market. After all, in addition to being the best dive watch, these watches have a classic design and durable construction that makes them perfect for everyday wear.


Because Rolex Submariner watches are in high demand, they are quite valuable. Some of the more unique or vintage models are even worth more than their original retail price today. Because of just how valuable an Oyster Perpetual Rolex Submariner is, it serves wonderfully as collateral for a pawn loan. If you own one of these watches, a large cash loan is in your near future!

How to Get Approved for a Virginia Beach Pawn Loan

Your loan approval at Hilltop Pawn will quite possibly be the easiest loan approval you’ve ever gotten. Your Rolex watch and valid ID will get you approved, so don’t worry about getting turned down for a much-needed loan.

How Pawn Shops Work

What is So Special About the Rolex Submariner?

You could be wondering why you can use your Rolex Submariner to take out a high value cash loan. Many people don’t realize just how popular the Rolex Submariner really is, but this is actually a watch that has a lot to offer.

A Watch Built for a Purpose

When you work with Rolex dealers and visit Rolex boutiques, you’ll find that different models of the Rolex were made with different purposes in mind. For example, the Rolex Daytona was designed with professional race car drivers and their needs in mind. The Submariner, which is one of Rolex’s most popular models, was made as their very first dive watch. This was a historic turning point both for the brand and for divers everywhere.


Watches from the Submariner collection have lots of little details that make it particularly useful for deep sea divers and others who spend a lot of time in the water. Although this was not the case with the first models, the Rolex Submariner now features a unidirectional rotating bezel, which is better suited for diving. This is because it cannot be turned backward by accident when someone is under water, which helps prevent divers from accidentally staying underwater longer than they intended. Naturally, this watch is waterproof, and its durable construction means it can hold up well against the harsh demands that a diver will put on it. Even though it’s suitable for deep sea diving or swimming in the English Channel, you might just appreciate that you don’t have to worry about taking your watch off before you get in the shower.

Key Features of a Rolex Submariner

  • Supreme water resistance up to 100 meters, thanks to their world-class Oyster cases. This is a historic link between the first Submariner and new Submariner models

  • Crown guards to protect the watch from damage

  • Unidirectional rotatable bezel

  • Cerachrom bezel in modern versions, which is a highly durable ceramic bezel

  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystals for beauty and durability

  • Winding crown

  • A variety of colors and styles to suit your preferences, whether a green bezel or black bezel, or a blue dial or matte black dial

  • Stainless steel Mariner watches are available, as are two-tone models or models made completely from the precious metals of white, yellow, or rose gold

  • Its luminous dial and large luminescent hour markers makes visibility easy, even in the underwater world

  • Automatic movements due to mechanical self-winding


Notable Rolex Submariner Watches

If you’re a Sean Connery fan, you might have watched all of the James Bond films. What you might not have noticed, though, is that Sean Connery famously wore a Rolex Submariner when he was acting as James Bond. This is one reason why the Rolex Submariner became so popular!


There are other Rolex Submariner models that stand out. For example, because green Rolex Submariners aren’t as common as some of the other colors (like blue or black), they’re considered by many to be more valuable and coveted.

Who Makes Loans on a Rolex Submariner in Virginia Beach?

Pawn shops all over will grant pawn loans on Rolex Submariner watches, as well as other popular models from the Rolex lineup. If you’re located in Virginia Beach, we recommend you stop by our pawn shop and jewelry store, Hilltop Pawn.

What is the Process Like to Get a Loan on Your Rolex Submariner?

If it’s your first time using Submariner Date models to take out a loan, you might be a bit nervous and curious about what the experience will be like. This depends on where you go to take out your loan. At Hilltop Pawn, we have streamlined the process. There are no long wait times or hassles when you take out a loan with us.

Valuing Your Watch

The Rolex Submariner ref number of your watch has a big impact on its value, since watches with certain reference numbers are more valuable than others. We can check the specific reference number on your watch when we’re making you an offer. We’ll also look at its condition and specific details and features. You don’t have to worry about us lowballing you on your cash offer. We understand your Rolex Submariner is valuable, and we want to grant you a loan based on this high value.

Making You an Offer

Once we have had a chance to determine the value of your Rolex Submariner watch, we’ll make you an offer. We’ll also let you know how much you’ll have to pay in interest, which is state regulated, and we’ll give you your due date. You can then decide if you are interested in moving forward with the loan. Between our high loan offers, the ease of the process of getting a loan with us, and the regulated interest rates that can help you avoid payday lenders and other predatory lenders, we think you’ll be interested in working with us.

Drawing Up the Paperwork

For identification purposes and to make sure we are following Virginia law, we will ask to see your driver’s license or ID. We’ll jot a few things down, fill out your pawn ticket, and go over everything with you. Don’t let this part discourage you. There is nowhere close to as much paperwork involved with a pawn loan as there is with most other types of loans, and we’ll handle all of the paperwork for you.

Handing You Cash

Once all of the paperwork is drawn up, it’s time for you to get your loan funds. They will be given to you in cash, so there’s no check to cash or waiting period while you wait for money to be deposited into your bank account. When you walk out of our shop after taking out a pawn loan, you’ll have a nice sum of cash in your pocket.


What Should I Do if I Can’t Repay My Rolex Submariner Loan?

If you take out a loan on your Rolex Submariner and find that you aren’t able to repay it by your due date, you don’t have to panic. There are a couple of options available to you. For one, you can ask us for an extension. This gives you a little more time to get the money together to repay your loan, all for a modest fee.


Another option is to leave your watch with us and simply default on your loan. If you are in a really tight spot or don’t necessarily want your Rolex Submariner back, this is a good option. If you’re worried that it will impact your future, you’ll probably be relieved to know that it won’t. We will not call you and ask you why you haven’t repaid your loan, and we won’t report anything to the credit bureaus. If you want to take out another cash loan in the future, you will be able to do so without any problems.

Can You Use Other Watches to Borrow Money in Virginia Beach?

Rolex Submariners are not the only pre-owned watches that we offer loans on. If you have a Rolex Datejust, GMT Master II, or some other Rolex watch, you can use it as collateral for one of our loans. We also accept luxury timepieces from other brand names. If you aren’t sure about what we take for our collateral loans, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or stop by.

Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach Offers Rolex Submariner Services

Hilltop Pawn makes loans on Rolex watches everyday, but we offer a variety of other services, too. Even if you aren’t interested in taking out a pawn loan right now, we invite you to stop by to check out some of the other services that we offer, too.


If you’re interested in selling your white gold or yellow gold Rolex Submariner, Hilltop Pawn can help with that, too. This is true whether you have a green Submariner or one of the other Rolex Submariner models. The price of a Rolex Submariner watch varies greatly, but you can rest assured that we always pay top dollar when people bring in their high quality watches. We’re always interested in buying Rolex watches, from an original Submariner to some of the newer models. This is because we strive to be the go-to spot for those who want to buy a used luxury watch, so we’ll always make attractive offers so we can keep great watches in our inventory.


Alternatively, if you’re looking to buy your first diving watch, the iconic Rolex Submariner might be the perfect choice. You can save money while still buying the watch of your dreams by buying on the secondary market. This can make a Rolex watch much more achievable than if you purchased a brand new Rolex from an official dealer. We strive to offer Rolex watches with both modern and vintage references, and we’ll help you buy the right watch for you. If there is a certain luxury watch that you want but that we don’t have in stock, we can check with our sister store in Chesapeake, Greenbrier Pawn. We can also add you to our waiting list and give you a call when we get your desired watch in stock. We also carry other luxury watch brands, too, such as TAG Heuer or Cartier.


Even if it’s your first time visiting a pawn shop, you’re sure to feel right at home at Hilltop Pawn Shop in Virginia Beach. You can also visit Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake if that location happens to be more convenient for you. Both are great places to go for pawn loans or to buy or sell a Rolex Submariner or other luxury watch.

Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry in Chesapeake

If you happen to be in Chesapeake and need to sell a Rolex or get a loan on a Rolex please visit our Sister store Greenbrier Pawn Shop. You'll get the same great service there as you would get from us. 


Glenda Craddock or Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

Work with us and you're working with family. Our Son Dane runs Hilltop Pawn and our Daughter Nina runs all three stores out of Greenbrier Pawn. We do well When you do well.

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