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Engagement Ring Questions

Here is a list of questions we get about Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings. Rather than surveying our customers I simply asked my staff from both Hilltop Pawn and Greenbrier Pawn what the most common Questions asked were.

Our Most Popular Engagement Ring & Wedding Ring Questions

How Much do Engagement Rings Cost?

An engagement ring can range wildly as you might expect. From celebrity money to very reasonable. This is all based on what you get; size of center diamond, quality of diamonds, Is it a unique engagement ring, metal its made of, gold, platinum and so on. 

What Makes and Engagement Ring Cost so Much?

This is a more detailed answer to number 1. Primarily the diamond is the main cost of the engagement or wedding ring. To start with you have to remember diamonds are mined. Mining is an expensive operation, but more than that they are rare. Finding a diamond in a mine is not necessarily difficult, however finding a high quality diamond is considerably more difficult. Beyond that not just the diamond but the gold is a mined material as well. Then there is the craftsmanship that goes into making the ring. In the end each part has a less expensive and more expensive version. 


How Big Should the Diamond in the Engagement Ring Be?

We hear this a lot and the answer is always the same. There is no right size. Diamonds are as unique as people. What’s right for you and your budget and your partner is the perfect diamond engagement ring size.

What is the Average Engagement Ring Diamond Size?

According to Google it’s roughly 1.5 carats. When it comes to solitaire diamonds and based on what we sell the most of it’s more like 1ct center stone or tiffany style solitaire diamond ring. 

Should the Man Chose the Engagement Ring?

I can only say this is up to you. However, is the man the one the engagement ring is for? Will he be expected to wear it forever? No and No. So maybe she should have some input. 

Similar to #5 and the answer is a resounding yes. At least from our standpoint as the retailer. I see couples shopping together and communicating well. That means something. Remember this ring is for her to wear forever and if you get what you like… well you get it. You might be paying but this isn’t about you, engagement rings are about her.

How Far in Advance Should I Buy an Engagement Ring?

There is no set time but just suppose you end up wanting to combine 2 different styles. As the ring becomes more work to produce it also needs more time. The consensus seems to be 6 weeks and I agree. Having said that we sell engagement rings to people getting engaged in a matter of days. We are a full service Jewelry Store so we also have in-house Jewelry Repair so we can handle last minute repairs or alterations. 

What Matters the Most When Buying an Engagement Ring?

This is simple. Getting what you want and what makes your partner happy. These revolve around price and the ring you want. I say all the time here at Hilltop Pawn Shop we have the best prices and the best selection. Like our motto says; Same Jewelry Half the Price.

Should I ask My Girlfriend What Style Engagement Ring She Wants?

At the absolute minimum I would do this. I hate to say we see guys make this mistake but it’s true. Some think this is about them, it’s not.

What Does the Bride Do With Her Engagement Ring after the Wedding?

She continues wearing it after the wedding day along with her wedding ring. 

Common Mistakes when Engagement Ring Shopping

  • Only shopping at one store. It’s a big purchase, go look around

  • Not doing enough research to know what you’re buying

  • Not letting her pick the style and shape at a minimum

  • Exceeding your budget or not setting a budget

  • Not checking her ring size


Are Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings the Same?

In the traditional sense no, however, trends change with time as you well know. Traditionally the Engagement Ring is given along with the marriage proposal and the wedding ring is worn along with it but not until after the marriage

Can Engagement Rings be Sized?

Yes the can, as long as they are made of traditional metals such as gold or platinum. In fact most women’s rings are cast in a size 6 and then resized when purchased to whatever is needed. Hilltop Pawn is a full service jeweler offering Jewelry Repair and will size the ring you purchase for free. 

Are Most Engagement Rings made of Gold?

Yes most wedding and engagement rings are made of yellow or white gold with a small share being platinum. There are certainly alternative metals being used however they represent a very small percentage.

How Engagement Rings are Made

Are Engagement Ring Trendy?

Absolutely Yes. The most prominent trendiness is the shape of the diamond. 25 years ago we sold every Marquise diamond we could get. They are hard to give a way now. Same with Princess cut diamonds. Very popular to right now only fairly popular. What you see your mother and aunts wearing is probably the last thing a young girl wants. The round brilliant diamond is the most popular each year and that has never changed.

Are Engagement Ring Styles Trendy?

Again yes. Like the round diamond though the Tiffany Style Solitaire ring is the most popular each year and continues to be so. Having said that years ago the by-pass style and the engagement diamond wrap were very popular. The past few years the Halo Style ring in all shape and size center diamond has really become very popular.

Do Engagement Rings Come With Matching Wedding Bands?

Yes, some do if you purchase it that way. Many manufactures offer the matching wedding band to go along with the engagement ring. Normally you don’t have to buy them together but I always suggest it, just to make your life easier later on.

Engagement Rings with Sapphires or Colored Gem Stones

Often you see the side stones in an engagement ring comprised of colored gem stones. This can be for a number of reasons. Some use their birth stone or some use one of the three precious gem stones, ruby, emerald, and sapphire. Other stones are also used but these are the main gems used. You even see the center stone as a colored stone as well, once in a while.

Engagement Rings or Wedding Rings to Wear at Work or Play

We sell quite a few plain gold bands to ladies who work with their hands or play hard, so to speak. Maybe you go to the beach a lot and your hands tend to shrink when you’re in the water. This is a good reason to not wear your engagement diamond and simply slip on a plain gold band. 

Where Can I Sell an Old Engagement Ring?

Hilltop Pawn shop buys engagement rings and wedding rings of every description. Stop in today with your ring and in about 5 mins we can give you a price and fill out the paperwork for you. We also offer pawn loans on gold and diamond jewelry regardless of condition.

Where Can I find and Buy Cheap Engagement Rings?

Your local Pawn Shop like Hilltop Pawn Shop sells cheap engagement rings. Stop in and have a look. You’ll be amazed.

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Should I take My Girlfriend Shopping for her Engagement Ring?

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Glenda Craddock

Hilltop Pawn Shop is one of three stores owned by Glenda and Jeff Craddock. Their Son Dane is the manager of Hilltop and is waiting to help you find the perfect Engagement Ring.

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