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Sell Your Oval Cut Engagement Ring in Virginia Beach

Oval engagement rings have become much more popular in recent years. After all, an oval solitaire engagement ring is a stunning choice. Since we're both a pawn shop and a jewelry store, we have people come in wanting to make a jewelry purchase of oval cut engagement rings all the time. Along with selling oval cut rings, we will also buy your piece of jewelry! Visit our full service pawn shop and jewelry store today if you're interested in selling your ring.

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Best Way to Sell Your Oval Cut Engagement Ring

You may think there is no best way to sell your oval cut engagement ring in Virginia Beach, but this simply isn't true. For most Virginia Beach residents, Hilltop Pawn and Jewelry offers the best option for selling your jewelry. Anytime you're looking to sell an engagement ring with an oval shape diamond -- or any other piece of fine jewelry -- we are happy to help. You can get top dollar when you sell to us. Once you see just how easy it is to sell a ring to us, we think you'll return to us time and time again for all of your jewelry-related needs.


Enjoy an Easy, Stress-Free Experience

When selling to online buyers, you have to worry about things like taking pictures of your ring, sharing details about your ring, and more. Then, if you do happen to find a buyer, you have to send your ring in the mail, which might require a trip to the post office. If you sell to a private buyer, you have to worry about the hassle of finding someone to buy your ring, meeting up with them, and hoping that they actually buy the ring instead of wasting your time. They may try to talk you down in price, too, especially if they don't know much about engagement rings or if they're just hoping to pay as little as possible.


​Finding potential buyers for your ring doesn't have to be a hassle, and there are diamond buyers out there who will make it as easy and painless as possible to sell your old engagement ring, no matter what type of diamond it has. If you want to sell your engagement ring in the easiest way possible, Hilltop Pawn is simply the best place to do it in the Virginia Beach area.

Get Paid in Cash Today!

Once we determine the value of the diamond ring that you bring in, you will be given a cash offer on the spot. You don't have to wait to get paid the highest price for your ring. Instead, based on its market value, Hilltop Pawn will give you cash on the spot for your ring. If you have specific reasons why you need to be paid as quickly as possible for your oval cut engagement ring, we present what will probably be the fastest option for you to get paid.


Sell Other Jewelry

You may have more than just your oval-cut engagement ring that you want to sell. You might want to sell your wedding band at the same time, or you may have fine estate jewelry or luxury timepieces that you want to get rid of. There's no reason to put multiple listings on an online marketplace or to search for separate buyers. Stop by Hilltop Pawn and sell all of your unwanted jewelry at one time. It's an easy and lucrative way to get rid of the items in your jewelry box that you just don't want to wear anymore.


Get Paid More for Your Oval Cut Engagement Ring in VA Beach

When selling white gold engagement rings, vintage rings, solitaire diamond jewelry, or oval-cut engagement rings, it only makes sense to want to be paid a fair price for it. Rings with oval diamonds can be quite valuable, depending on where you sell your ring, what the carat weight of your diamond is, and a few other factors. The first step to getting paid more is to visit Hilltop Pawn.


What We Look at When Valuing Your Oval Cut Engagement Ring

If you are someone who isn't really familiar with jewelry and diamond prices, you might be very curious about how diamond buyers like Hilltop Pawn determine the value of jewelry. We have a simple, fast, and accurate process that allows us to make you an immediate cash offer without long wait times. We'll look at the ring itself, such as the precious metal that was used when your ring was made. We'll then look at your diamond. We'll also figure out if your ring is resellable as is, or if it's an old ring that isn't in great condition, if we should be evaluating it based on the sum of its parts (essentially, any stones in the ring, as well as the gold's melt value).


We look at the 4 C's of diamonds when we value any diamond engagement ring. The first is cut; oval cut diamonds aren't as valuable as some other diamond cuts (such as round cut diamonds), but they are still valuable. Clarity is another thing we look at; this refers to whether or not the diamond in your ring has imperfections. We also pay attention to color, since diamonds that are as close to clear as possible are more valuable. Last, but certainly not least, is the carat weight. As any reputable diamond buyer will tell you, the value of your ring is heavily impacted by the size of your diamond.


Once we make you an offer, we are more than happy to tell you a little more about why your ring is worth what it's worth, if you're curious. We have helpful and intelligent staff to help you with every step when we purchase diamond wedding bands or engagement rings. If you're truly curious about the value of your ring, there's no reason not to stop by your local jewelry store and pawn shop, Hilltop Pawn. You don't have anything to lose, since there's no obligation, and the entire process doesn't take long at all. When you see the high price that we pay for previously-owned diamond rings, you're sure to see that selling to us is your best bet.


Don't forget, we buy more than just oval cut diamond rings at Hilltop Pawn! If you have a wedding band, loose diamond, precious metals, brilliant cut diamonds, or other items of value, we're happy to make you an offer today! Whatever you choose to sell to us, we can assure you, we'll pay you a high value for it.


Hilltop Pawn and Jewelry Will Buy Your Oval Cut Engagement Ring

The oval cut diamond is still one of the newer diamond cuts out there. As compared to the traditional round-cut diamond, which first originated in the 17th century (but didn't become quite as popular until about 100 years ago), the oval cut diamond was invented in the 1960s. It has become even more popular in the past few years. After all, there are many benefits of buying an engagement ring with an oval center stone.


One reason why round-cut diamonds are so popular is because they really sparkle and shine. Because oval cuts are similar, they are also great for people who are looking for a ring with a lot of "bling." Yet, they're more affordable than round-cut stones, which are actually the most expensive diamonds on the market. If you've always liked the look of a round diamond, an oval diamond can be an even better choice, since it's more affordable but also often looks bigger than its carat weight. They're also similar to round-cut rings in the fact that their rounded edges make them far less likely to get caught on something during daily wear.


If you're interested in a diamond ring that will have a slimming effect on your finger, an oval diamond can do the trick. Emerald-cut diamonds are also great for this purpose. The elongated nature of these diamonds can help you enjoy a more flattering look, which is another reason why oval-cut diamond rings are so popular as everyday engagement rings.


Of course, you might know all of these great things about oval-cut diamond rings; in fact, these same advantages might be why you chose this type of diamond for your ring. Now, though, you might have an even better question: how can I get the absolute best cash return on my ring, now that I'm ready to sell it? If you're hoping for an immediate cash offer, and if you want to get as much money for your ring as possible, Hilltop Pawn is sure to be the right buyer for you to work with. We have years of experience, and we want to buy your ring!


Visit Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach for Everything Jewelry

If you want to sell an oval solitaire ring, or any other engagement ring that features an oval cut diamond, you've probably already learned that Hilltop Pawn is the place to go. However, we are the go-to place anytime you're looking for an amazing experience with anything related to jewelry.


If you're looking to buy the jewelry of your dreams, check out the timeless designs and jewelry with feminine appeal that you can enjoy right here at Hilltop Pawn. You can buy an engagement ring or any other piece of jewelry for the best price by working with us, rather than some of the other local jewelers. Because we offer a pre-owned selection, we're able to sell nice jewelry for a great price. There's no reason to pay a higher price than necessary when you can shop with us instead of the mall jewelry stores. We offer all types of bridal jewelry from leading bridal jewelry brands, as well as antique jewelry, designer jewelry, and more.


Buying and selling jewelry isn't the only thing we do, either. Since we aren't just jewelry buyers but also offer a full-service pawn shop, we also offer pawn loans. You can use other items of value to take out one of our no credit check loans, but the easiest way to borrow the most money is often to use your engagement ring. After all, then, you don't have to worry about lugging in a big and heavy item, and because your engagement ring might have a higher resale value than some of your other belongings. We'll make you a fast cash loan based on the value of your oval cut engagement ring, or any other jewelry that you bring in.


Lastly, along with being engagement ring buyers and offering other services, we even help with jewelry repair! We do everything from ring re-sizing to prong re-tipping and more, so bring us your oval-cut engagement ring today so we can get it back in great shape.

There's really no reason to visit a mall jewelry store ever again when you can visit Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach. Unlike other local pawn shops that you might have worked with in the past, you can count on us to be your diamond specialist.


Stop By Hilltop Pawn Today

If you want to sell your oval-cut diamond engagement ring, or if you want to browse one of a kind jewelry items in a comfortable environment, we invite you to visit Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach. If you're interested in buying or selling the perfect ring in the Chesapeake area, don't forget about our sister store, Greenbrier Pawn. We're looking forward to helping you at either location!

Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry in Chesapeake

If you happen to be in Chesapeake and need to sell your engagement ring or get a loan on your engagement ring please visit our Sister store Greenbrier Pawn Shop. You'll get the same great service there as you would get from us. 


Glenda Craddock or Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

Work with us and you're working with family. Our Son Dane runs Hilltop Pawn and our Daughter Nina runs all three stores out of Greenbrier Pawn. We do well When you do well.

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