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We Buy Rolex Datejust Watches in Virginia Beach

Rolex's Datejust watch was first released in 18k yellow gold in 1945. The Rolex Datejust features the distinctive face of a Rolex watch, but it has some notable features, too. As the very first model of wristwatch to ever show the date on the dial, the Rolex Datejust was released in celebration of Rolex's 40-year anniversary. Since its release, the Rolex Datejust -- and later, the Rolex Datejust II -- have been considered to be prominent pillars of the Oyster collection. Each Rolex Datejust features a genuine Rolex signature feature, the Oyster case that is well known for making these watches waterproof. If you own a Rolex Datejust and have been thinking about putting it up for sale, you might be wondering what your next steps should be or how you can get the most money for it. You can sell your Rolex Datejust watch to Hilltop Pawn if you're located in or around Virginia Beach, and we'll make it well worth your while.


Sell Your Rolex Datejust in Virginia Beach

As the proud owner of a Rolex Datejust, you probably know better than anyone that the elegant design and the Datejust name is important. Because of this, if you're planning to sell your Rolex Datejust watch in Virginia Beach, you're probably hoping to get paid top dollar for it. At Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach, we offer great options for those who want to sell their watches. As someone who wants to be paid fairly and handsomely for your valuable watch, you have come to the right place.

We Buy Used and New Rolex Watches

We will buy your classic model or new model of the Rolex Datejust. Perhaps you are ready to invest in a different watch but need to sell your Rolex first. Maybe you're running a little short on cash and know that your Rolex Datejust is one of the most valuable things that you have and can sell. The reason why you're selling your Rolex Datejust really doesn't matter. We'll help you sell it easily and quickly.


If you're curious about why you should sell to us instead of a private buyer, there are a few things to think about. Finding a private buyer for your Rolex Datejust might take a while. If you advertise online, you have to worry about being the victim of a scammer. Also, you might not really know the value of your Rolex Datejust, so you might not know how to price it on the private market. After all, your watch might be worth more or less than you paid for it, depending on the specific model that you have, what condition your watch is in, and more. You could end up selling it for less than what you deserve if you lack this knowledge.

You don't have to worry about figuring out the value or price of your Rolex Datejust yourself when you work with someone who has experience with these watches. You also don't have to worry about being paid less than what you deserve when you sell to us. At Hilltop Pawn, we have years of experience with Rolex watches and other watches from top luxury brands. We'll look over your watch carefully, check its reference number, and make note of its condition. We'll also consider whether or not you have your original box and paperwork. After we have done all of this, we'll make you an offer right then. We think you might be impressed and a little surprised by how much we will pay for your watch! 


Also, you can get paid for your Rolex today, unlike if you have to wait to make a deal with a private buyer. We can literally get you paid in no time, and the payment will be in cash! This is simply the easiest and best way to sell a Rolex Datejust.

We'll Accept Your Rolex Datejust as a Trade

If you're hoping to trade your Rolex for something else, we can help! Many customers bring their Rolex watches and other valuable items in with this in mind. You might want to trade your Rolex Datejust for another luxury watch that we have in stock. Perhaps you are hoping to propose to your partner soon and need a little help with buying an engagement ring. We have a wide selection of engagement rings, bridal sets, and wedding rings at Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach. Bring us your watch, and use its value as a trade toward whatever you want to purchase. We're sure you will find something that you want when you check out our inventory! You can also check out the inventory at our sister store that is located in Chesapeake, Greenbrier Pawn. We also have a great selection of luxury watches and fine jewelry at this location. If there's something in particular that you want to trade your Rolex Datejust for, just ask, and we'll do our best to help you!


What is the History of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust?

The history of this true Rolex signature watch is quite interesting. It is best known for being the world's first watch to feature the date on the dial. Even though it was the first watch to feature this, Rolex started a trend that is still popular today. The waterproofness of the watch is something else that is notable about the Rolex Datejust, as well as the other high quality watches from this iconic brand.


The rich history of the Rolex Datejust began in 1945, but different sizes and versions of this iconic watch are still made today. The original came with a metal bracelet made of 18K yellow gold and was known as the Jubilee bracelet. It featured fluting of the Oyster bezel and a deeply domed back.


Now, in addition to being able to purchase these luxury watches with a Jubilee bracelet, like the original model, you also have the option of an Oyster bracelet. Even though the original version of this watch was only released with a 36mm case, you can now purchase this watch in both smaller and larger case sizes. There are both mid-sized and ladies' new versions of the Datejust.


In 2009, Rolex released the Rolex Datejust II, which features a bigger case size than the original, at 41mm. In 2016, Rolex released yet another version of its iconic Rolex Datejust, which was named the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41. With this new Datejust model, you have the option to purchase in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold (which is known as Everose gold), stainless steel, or two-tone stainless steel.


Each Rolex Datejust features a fluted bezel, a date window, and a classic Rolex dial. However, you have many options to choose from. You can buy a Rolex Datejust with a black dial or white dial, or if you want a splash of colour on your wrist, you can choose a blue dial. There are even floral-motif dials! Basically, there is a Rolex Datejust for anyone and everyone.

How Much Will I Get Paid for My Rolex Datejust in Virginia Beach?

Whether you have one of the newer or older models of the Rolex Datejust, the biggest question you might have right now is about how much you will get paid. It's natural to be curious about how much you will get paid for your Rolex Datejust watch, and we get calls about this type of thing all the time. Unfortunately, we aren't able to make you a cash offer for your watch over the phone. There are just too many variables that impact the value of a watch. Different reference numbers and models of a pre owned Rolex Datejust have different values. The specific design of the Datejust watch that you have does matter. Naturally, we have to look at the condition of your watch, too. After all, if we have to spend time and money on having the watch repaired before we can resell it, we won't be able to offer quite as much for it.


We are more than happy to make you a cash offer for your watch, though. All you have to do is bring it in. Rest assured, we pay top dollar for Datejust watches. You can always feel confident in knowing that you will be paid top dollar for your Rolex watch when you sell to us. Also, not only do we pay cash money for Rolex Datejust watches, but we'll also make you an offer on your Rolex Day-Date, Rolex Submariner, or other Rolex watch. On top of that, we also pay cash for other watches from brands with iconic status, including Omega, Cartier, and more.

Tips for Selling Your Rolex Datejust

If today's the day that you want to sell your Rolex Datejust watch, we can help make things easy! Keep these pointers in mind for a fast and hassle-free experience.


Bring Your Watch to Hilltop Pawn

There's no reason to head to a jewelry store or one of the official Rolex jewelers to sell your watch. There's also no reason to look for your own buyer or to use an online watch buyer's services. If you're local to the Virginia Beach area, we think you'll find Hilltop Pawn is your best bet for selling your watch.


Because we hold ourselves to the highest standards and regularly buy, sell, and make loans on Rolex Datejust watches, we can accurately appraise your watch. You never have to worry about not being well-paid for your watch or other items of value when you sell to us.

Bring Accompanying Papers and Accessories

If you have the original box or paperwork for your Rolex Datejust, remember to bring them with you when we make you an offer. This can help you get even more for your watch. If you don't have these things, though, don't worry! We will still buy your watch!

Bring Your ID

As pawnbrokers in Virginia, we are required by law to ask for ID from any customer who comes to us to sell something or take out a pawn loan. We can accept any unexpired, valid, government-issued ID, such as your Virginia driver's license. Make sure you don't forget it when you bring us your watch.

Consider a Loan Instead

You could be thinking about selling your watch because you really need the money, but you might be a bit disappointed in giving up your watch. There is an alternative option, if you're interested in it. Instead of selling it, you can bring it to us as collateral for a pawn loan. There are many reasons to consider a pawn loan instead of selling your watch:


  • Get your watch back when you repay your loan, instead of getting rid of it forever.

  • Borrow money without a credit check, application process, job or income verification, or other hassles.

  • Take out a sizable loan, based on the value of your Rolex Datejust.

  • Avoid predatory interest rates from payday loan companies, title loan companies, and more. Our pawn loans are state-regulated, and we charge fair and reasonable interest rates.

Visit Hilltop Pawn and Jewelry to Sell Your Rolex Datejust

Whether you have a 40th anniversary year Rolex Datejust in the original design, or if you have one of the later Rolex models of this watch, Hilltop Pawn will buy it. We buy all Rolex Datejust models of all reference numbers. All you have to do is stop by Hilltop Pawn so we can take a look at your watch and make you a cash offer. If you have any questions, just give us a call, and one of our friendly and experienced associates will be more than happy to answer your questions and help you out.

Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry in Chesapeake

If you happen to be in Chesapeake and need to sell a Rolex or get a loan on a Rolex please visit our Sister store Greenbrier Pawn Shop. You'll get the same great service there as you would get from us. 


Glenda Craddock or Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

Work with us and you're working with family. Our Son Dane runs Hilltop Pawn and our Daughter Nina runs all three stores out of Greenbrier Pawn. We do well When you do well.

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