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Virginia Beach Diamond Buyer

If you've found yourself looking for a professional diamond buyer, chances are good that you're looking for a buyer who offers immediate payment and who pays the highest prices. Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach checks off both of these boxes, and we offer so much more. Unwanted diamonds get higher prices when you use us as your local jeweler. We are a family-owned company based right here in Hampton Roads, and we have so much experience in the diamond industry. Get the best deal and great service when you pick us as your diamond buyer.

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How to Sell Diamond Jewelry

The entire process of selling diamond jewelry depends largely on the particular jewelry buyer that you choose. Every buyer does things a little differently, after all. Because of our experience with both buying and selling diamond jewelry, we have our entire process pretty much down to a science. Getting a final offer and getting paid for unwanted gold and diamond jewelry couldn't be much simpler.


First, bring your diamond ring or other diamond jewelry in, and let us know that you're looking for a potential buyer for your pieces. We'll take it from there. Our knowledgeable staff know how to perform a free appraisal on the spot. This is how they determine the approximate resale value of your diamond jewelry, which makes it easier for us to make you an offer.


How Much Can I Get for My Diamond?

Naturally, when selling to a pawn and jewelry store, getting the best price for your diamond jewelry pieces is something to be serious about. Right now, you're probably incredibly curious about the value of your diamond jewelry and just how much cash you can leave our store with. We will make you the best offer, but precisely how much your piece of jewelry is worth is something we'll have to determine after we see your piece. After all, when buying pre-owned jewelry or diamonds, there are a few things we have to assess before we can offer you top dollar.


Loose Diamonds vs. Diamond Jewelry

People typically visit a diamond dealer like us in hopes of selling diamond jewelry. This might be a diamond engagement ring or a pair of diamond earrings. When you bring in diamond jewelry, there are assorted things we consider before making our highest offer.


We may look at the particular style of your diamond jewelry, as well as the designer who made it. We'll consider its condition, such as whether or not it can be resold as-is, or if some repairs might need to be done. We'll also look at any other precious gemstones that might be set in the piece.


For example, many diamond rings have valuable accompanying stones in the setting, whether those stones are smaller diamonds or different gemstones entirely. Designer jewelry or jewelry that is really popular and in high demand right now is often more valuable. However, the same is true for fine estate jewelry from vintage or antique time periods, particularly if diamond jewelry from that time period is rare to find nowadays.


When looking through your jewelry box for diamond jewelry to sell, you might have come across a couple of loose diamonds. Bring each unwanted loose diamond with you, too! We offer the best way to sell a loose diamond that isn't set in a piece of jewelry, and we buy other valuable loose gemstones, too. Loose diamonds have value on their own, since they can be placed in a new setting, such as a custom engagement ring or an engagement ring that's missing a stone. Of course, when you're selling loose diamonds, there aren't any precious metals or designer brands to pay attention to. However, since the diamond itself is frequently by far the most valuable part of a piece of jewelry, you can get paid a handsome amount for loose diamonds alone.


​Natural vs. Man-Made Diamonds

There are some jewelers who strongly believe in the value of lab-created diamonds, or man-made diamonds. It's true that they have come a long way over the years, and some lab-grown diamonds sparkle and shine quite nicely. Nowadays, there are many nice lab created diamond engagement rings on the market, and those who don't have a lot of experience with jewelry might not really be able to tell the difference.


As experienced jewelry buyers will tell you, though, they still simply aren't as hard or special as natural diamonds, nor are they as valuable. You can bring in jewelry featuring man-made diamonds for us to valuate, but be aware that jewelry with similarly sized natural diamonds will pretty much always be worth more.


​The 4Cs and Their Impact on Diamond Value

If you aren't terribly familiar with the process of buying and selling diamonds, you may not have heard of "the 4Cs." However, the 4Cs are the four primary things that are looked at when valuing a diamond. This is an industry standard, and once you understand it, you'll see why it's commonly used for determining just how much a diamond is worth.


Basically, the 4Cs are used to compare higher quality diamonds to diamonds that aren't quite as valuable. Of course, don't forget that natural diamonds are valuable, even if they aren't of the highest quality. However, when determining a fair and reasonable quote for your diamonds, quality is naturally something we'll need to look at. The 4Cs system refers to four main things we look at: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.


The first thing we'll identify is your diamond's cut. This is one of the easiest diamond characteristics to identify when you have experience. Diamond cuts are also known as diamond shapes. The most popular -- and most valuable -- diamond shape is the round cut. However, there are other popular (and not as popular) diamond cuts, too, like the princess cut, emerald cut, and marquise cut.


If you're wondering why different diamond shapes vary in value, there are some pretty simple answers. When diamond cutters cut a diamond into the appropriate shape, there is usually waste. How much waste depends on the specific cut. With a round cut, for example, there is the most waste. This is one big reason why round diamonds are more valuable. Demand for a specific cut makes a difference, too.


The second thing we'll look at is the color of your diamond. You might think this is easy; either you have a colorless diamond or a colored diamond (such as yellow, pink, or black), right? Well, it's actually not that simple. Even if you can't easily tell it with the naked eye, there are a lot of color variations among clear or colorless diamonds. The most valuable and coveted are almost completely colorless. Lower-quality diamonds, on the other hand, actually have a slight yellow tint. Most diamonds fall somewhere in the middle, as does their value. We have the right tools to determine an accurate color grade for your diamond, which allows us to better determine the actual value.


Clarity looks specifically for imperfections. These imperfections might be found inside or outside of the diamond. An inclusion on the inside of the diamond, or an imperfection on its exterior surface, will impact its clarity rating (and therefore its value).


The last C is probably one that you're at least a little bit familiar with: carat weight. When shopping for diamond jewelry in the past, you likely noticed that carat weight has a huge impact on how much a piece of diamond jewelry costs. A diamond engagement ring with a 3 carat diamond is going to be exponentially more expensive than a ring with a half carat diamond. The same is true when you're selling loose diamonds or diamond jewelry. When quality is the same or similar, a bigger diamond is going to fetch you a higher payout every time.


It may seem like it will take a long time for us to look at all of these things when we're valuing your jewelry, but don't worry about that. Because we've assessed so many loose diamonds and pieces of diamond jewelry over our years in the jewelry industry, we're highly experienced at what we do. We can accurately come up with a diamond price for your old engagement ring, diamond wedding ring, or other diamond jewelry in no time. We'll handle your diamond appraisal and make an offer based on the fair market value, and you can make the sale in minutes if you want to.


Best Place to Sell Diamond Jewelry

​Of course, it's wise to want to pick the best option when selling diamond jewelry. This helps you get a higher price, and choosing the right buyer makes the selling process easier and more pleasant, too.


In many cases, selling an unwanted diamond jewelry piece to a local pawn shop is the way to go. You shouldn't just go to the first pawn shop you think of or see, though. Instead, when you're doing something as important as selling diamond jewelry, you'll want to look for a real diamond specialist that knows and understands diamond prices.


The best place to get the most money for diamond bracelets and other diamond jewelry honestly depends on where you live. If you're looking for a local jewelry store that will buy your diamond jewelry, and if you live in Virginia Beach, visit us at Hilltop Pawn. You can sell diamonds and enjoy peace of mind when you work with us.


Another reason to consider us is because we offer pawn loans on diamond jewelry, too. While in a rough spot and looking for a way to get some money, you might have settled on selling your used diamond ring so you can get the money you need. If you are only doing it because you need the cash, there is another option, and there's a good chance it will work for you: a pawn loan.


Most diamond and jewelry buyers don't offer loans. Instead, if you decide to sell your diamond jewelry to them, that's it; you're paid for the diamond, but you'll never see it again. If you don't want the diamond jewelry anymore, this isn't a problem. If you have an emotional attachment to it, on the other hand, it might be something you dread.


Instead of selling, let us assess the fair value of your diamond, then we'll make you a loan offer. Since your diamond jewelry will secure the loan and therefore reduce our risk, we don't require things like applications or credit checks. You'll borrow the money, in cash, and you'll be given a repayment date and amount. This may be the best solution for you. The best part is, if you decide you don't want to repay your loan, just let us keep your jewelry, and everything is settled. There's no ding on your credit score for you to worry about!


Best Pawn Shop in Town

If you're looking for the best pawn shop in town, the shop that has years of experience and that always offers excellent customer service, the answer is clear: Hilltop Pawn and Jewelry in Virginia Beach. Whether you're looking for the best diamond buyers in Hampton Roads, if you're shopping for fine jewelry, or if you're hoping to take out a pawn loan, we have a solution for you.


Visit our family business, and let us know what you need help with. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing to us. No matter what type of jewelry-related issue or problem you're facing, we want to help. We invite you to visit us today; we think you'll have a good time, and you may just get a good deal on estate jewelry that you've been wanting, or you'll learn why we're known as a reputable diamond buyer in the community.


Selling Gold Jewelry in Chesapeake?
Stop in to our sister store Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry for the same great service.


Glenda Craddock or Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

Work with us and you're working with family. Our Son Dane runs Hilltop Pawn and our Daughter Nina runs all three stores out of Greenbrier Pawn. We do well When you do well.

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