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Best Place to Sell Gold Jewelry Near Me

If you've been going through your jewelry box and have found some gold jewelry that you don't really want, or if you just need money quickly, you might be looking into local jewelers and pawn shops that might pay top dollar for your pieces. Hilltop Pawn is basically a jewelry store and pawn shop, and we pay the highest prices for gold jewelry, based on current gold prices. Work with the gold buyers who have years of experience in Virginia Beach, and visit us today. Any time that you're looking for the best place to sell gold jewelry near me, Hilltop Pawn is the answer. It's in your best interest to do so, since we pay the most cash among gold buyers, jewelry stores, and pawn shops. We say we buy gold, and we do.


Sell Your Gold Jewelry in Virginia Beach Today

If you have jewelry or other unwanted gold items and want to sell them for cash, you can do it today! If you're in the Virginia Beach area, you don't have to bother with online buyers, nor do you have to find a private buyer. There's no reason to go anywhere else but Hilltop Pawn when selling gold. After all, we offer the best price for gold jewelry based on the current gold market. Plus, you'll have the chance to work with a local buyer, and you can get paid the highest price on the spot. There is a reason why we're known as some of the best among the local jewelry industry.


The process of selling your gold jewelry takes minutes here. Of course, it all depends on things like how busy the shop is when you come in, as well as how many gold items you bring. Typically, it only takes about 10 or 15 minutes to get a competitive offer for your gold jewelry. Then, give another couple of minutes for us to take down the information from your ID and count out your cash, and you'll be on your way. Although many people come to us for our competitive prices, the speed and convenience of making the sale is just one more reason why selling to Hilltop Pawn is a good option.


If you see something in our shop that you'd like to take home, one great way to make it yours is by trading in your gold jewelry. Instead of getting paid for your gold jewelry's value in cash, you can take it as a trade-in credit. Then, you can buy whatever jewelry or other item in our shop that you're interested in, and just pay the difference. In fact, if your gold jewelry is worth more than what you're trading in for, you can take home the item and a bit of cash, too. We are always interested in making deals and trades, and we'll offer you the best value every time. You can stop your search for potential buyers today; just visit your local store, Hilltop Pawn, today!


Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach Buys Gold Jewelry

We wear many hats at Hilltop Pawn and Jewelry. Naturally, we offer the various services that you have come to expect from any pawn shop. People come to us for pawn loans all the time, for example. Perhaps what we are best known for, though, is being a go-to jewelry store in Virginia Beach. After all, many people from the community have come to us to buy the perfect engagement ring without blowing their budget, or to treat themselves to a nice gold ring or gold necklace.


We do much more than just offer good jewelry for a good price, though. We buy it, too. We understand the intrinsic value of gold jewelry. Even if your jewelry isn't in good shape, we can buy it based on the spot price, since it still has value as melted gold. However, you can get the most value for old gold jewelry pieces that are in good shape. We want to pay the highest possible price for these pieces, since we strive to offer fine jewelry for our customers to choose from. By offering you the most money for unwanted jewelry that is in great shape, we can easily add to our inventory. This helps us keep up our good reputation for being a good place to shop for golden jewelry and diamond jewelry. Basically, not only do we want to help you out with great service and a much higher price for your gold jewelry, but you'll be helping us out if you choose us as your gold jewelry buyers, too!


How Much Can I Sell My Gold Jewelry For?

Perhaps the most important part of any gold sale, for most people, is getting paid as much as possible. Of course, you're probably hoping that the entire process of selling modern or estate jewelry will be easy, and we can help with that, too. Getting a greater value for your jewelry is probably even more important to you than having a good time. Not only do we offer a great experience, but we'll pay more based on the worth of gold jewelry that you bring to us.


We know that you might be hoping to get a quote over the phone, but unfortunately, the best way to get an accurate value for your gold is to bring it to us. After all, we look at a few things before determining the market price of your gold jewelry, and we're better able to do this in person. Luckily, we have a convenient location right here in Virginia Beach, and we have regular business hours six days a week. Visiting us is fast and easy, and we can let you know how much your gold jewelry is worth on the spot.


The overall condition of your gold jewelry is obviously something we will look at. Unlike gold stores that only pay the scrap value for gold jewelry, even if it's in good shape, we do things a little differently. If your jewelry is only worth its melt value due to excessive damage or wear and tear, we'll make you a cash offer for its scrap value. If it's an item that we can sell right now, or that we can repair relatively easily and affordably, we'll buy it and put it up for sale for our customers. In this case, we're able to pay more. After all, the resale prices for ready-to-sell jewelry is obviously higher.


Either way, we offer high values for gold jewelry in all conditions. We look at gold content, as well as the weight of your gold jewelry. If you bring in multiple pieces, 10K gold jewelry will be weighed with other 10K gold jewelry, and 18K gold jewelry will be weighed with other 18K jewelry, and so on. After all, these different gold concentrations have different values, and we want to make sure you're paid fairly, based on the troy ounce value of your jewelry.


Lastly, whether your gold jewelry is in ready-to-sell condition or not, we will assess other things that affect its value. For example, we won't ignore a nice, valuable diamond in your diamond ring, even if the ring itself is seriously damaged. Since we have ample experience with diamonds and other gemstones, we can accurately and quickly assess the value of both your gold and any accompanying gemstones.


How Will I Get Paid for My Gold Jewelry?

How and when you get paid for your gold jewelry is important, and it varies, depending on who you are selling to. If you've decided to sell to Hilltop Pawn, the answer is simple. You'll get paid today if you bring your gold jewelry in today, or you'll get paid tomorrow if you bring it in tomorrow. We always pay on the same day you bring your jewelry in! If you're worried about the how, you'll be happy to learn that we deal in cash. You will get a cash payment right away, as soon as you choose to sell your gold jewelry. This is just one reason why many people consider us to be the best option when you're looking for gold and diamond buyers, whether you're selling older pieces or modern, designer jewelry.


Sell Precious Metals in Virginia Beach

Many people think that we're only interested in gold jewelry here. After all, we are well-known among the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads area as being a great jewelry store. However, because of the price of gold and its melt value, we deal with gold outside of just gold jewelry. Gold bullion, gold coins, gold bars, dental gold, scrap gold, and more can all help you get some express gold cash. From pure gold bars and gold nuggets to simple jewelry items, you can enjoy a fast process and higher payout prices here.


Also, remember that gold isn't the only precious metal that's worth money. That's even true here! We know that silver jewelry and silver coins have value. We also appreciate the value of platinum (such as platinum jewelry) and other precious metals. We'll give you a free appraisal at your local jewelry store and pawn shop, so come to the right place to get paid higher prices for all of your precious metals.


Any time that you are interested in selling precious metals -- whether you want to sell a couple of rings, or if you have a significant collection -- we'll offer you a fair price. Let Hilltop Pawn be your go-to potential buyer for all silver, gold, and platinum. No matter what your specific items are, we'll give you a free estimate and a good deal, based on the current market price.


Get a Cash Loan on Your Gold Jewelry

Your gold ring or other gold jewelry can actually help you put money in your pocket in a couple of different ways. Obviously, there is the option to sell your gold, and we'll always make you the best offer, if that's something you're interested in. However, if you'd really like to keep your gold but need cash now, there is another option. Hilltop Pawn offers pawn loans on most items of value, including gold jewelry. You can get a loan right now, without even having to wait until the next day.

The process of getting a cash loan on your gold jewelry really couldn't be easier. Bring your gold jewelry to us, whether it's antique jewelry, modern jewelry, or even broken jewelry. We'll look at its value in the same way that we would if we were buying the gold from you. For example, we'll look at condition, gold weight, and gold content. This gives us an idea of the melt value or retail price of your jewelry, so we can determine how much it's worth as collateral. Also, don't forget to bring your ID with you, since we'll need to see it before we can actually complete the loan.


In minutes, we'll be able to make you a loan offer, based on the value of your piece of jewelry. If you want to borrow extra money, bring along multiple pieces of gold jewelry, or mix and match with other items of value. We'll take the value of all of your collateral into consideration, so if you bring in more stuff, we'll be able to loan you more money.


You'll receive your loan money in cash, with no worries about cashing a check or waiting for the money to be deposited and cleared in your bank account. Then, just forget about the loan until your repayment date. Return by your repayment date, hand over the repayment money, and get your gold jewelry back. If you find that you need a little more time to get your gold jewelry loan repaid, that isn't a problem, either. Just make sure you reach out to us before the repayment date (this is important, if you want to avoid losing your collateral), and we'll talk to you about an extension.


Visit Hilltop Pawn and Jewelry Today

Hilltop Pawn and Jewelry is the best place in Virginia Beach to visit if you're ready to get some extra cash. We allow you to sell unwanted gold jewelry, scrap gold, precious metals, and more, all while doing it the easy way. We're one of the best places to go if you want to purchase jewelry, too, since we offer nice-quality, pre-owned jewelry for the best deal. Jewelry repair, pawn loans, and more are offered here, too. Come to us for anything you'd want from a pawn shop or jewelry store, and we'll do our best to help you out.


Also, if Virginia Beach is out of the way for you, you can still sell your gold jewelry to us! We have a sister store in Chesapeake. In fact, it was opened first, in 1996. Visit Greenbrier Pawn to sell your gold jewelry in Chesapeake, and you can enjoy the same top dollar offers, friendly staff, and excellent customer service there, too! At either Hilltop Pawn or Greenbrier Pawn, we want to be your local jeweler.


Selling Gold Jewelry in Chesapeake?
Stop in to our sister store Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry for the same great service.


Glenda Craddock or Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

Work with us and you're working with family. Our Son Dane runs Hilltop Pawn and our Daughter Nina runs all three stores out of Greenbrier Pawn. We do well When you do well.

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