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Jewelry Repair Virginia Beach

Best Jewelry Repair Ring Resizing in Virginia Beach

Here at Hilltop Pawn Shop we have years of experience with Jewelry Repair and refurbishing. To some it might seem odd to use a pawn shop for refurbishment services but who has more experience than us? Remember we don’t buy new jewelry from manufacturers and resale it. We buy gold and diamond jewelry from the public and put it through our jewelry repair service. So the truth is we have far more experience than a traditional jewelry store. 

Jewelry Repair Service at Hilltop Pawn Shop

Jewelry Repair at Hilltop Pawn Shop is just the tip of the iceberg as it were. Our repair services include:

  • Ring Resizing

  • Chain Repair

  • Ring Soldering

  • Prong Re-tipping

  • Repair Bent Prongs

  • Stone Setting

  • Shank Repair

  • Bracelet Repair

  • Rhodium Plating

  • Diamond Replacement

  • Gem Stone Replacement

  • Professional Cleaning

  • All Other Jewelry Repair Needs

Ring Resizing How Long Does it Take

This is the number one question we get after how much does it cost. What I can tell you is we are faster than most everyone in town. In fact we often can give you a one day turnaround. Now remember it really depends on the piece of jewelry itself. A tiffany style engagement ring that needs to go down a size is a quick fix type item and can often be done while you wait. While something with bent prongs and a damaged shank that has a cluster top will take a few days for sure. Items like this first have to be soaked to be cleaned and then the work is done in stages. So you get the picture. Each piece of jewelry needs special attention to insure it gets the professional jewelry repair it needs. 

How Much Does Jewelry Repair Cost

Telling you how much jewelry repair costs is similar to how long jewelry repair takes. Meaning the item itself and the amount of work to be done is the main factor. Basic yellow gold wedding rings or tiffany style diamond engagement rings that go down in size are quick and easy. Therefor they are also the least expensive jewelry repair items. But going up in size means we have to add gold so yes it costs more. Additionally, it the ring is white gold it will need rhodium plating after the work is complete to return it to it’s like new condition. When it comes to stone setting or chain repair it all depends on the damage or just basic wear and tear on the item. The nice part is we can give you a price before we start the work so the decision is yours. 

Jewelry Repair Service Performed In-House

All of our Professional Jewelry repair is performed in-house here at Hilltop Pawn Shop. Why is this a big deal? If you check around you’ll find that most traditional jewelry stores send the work out to be performed. Chain Jewelers have repair centers where each store sends the work. This takes lots of time and you never get to explain what you want to the person doing the work. It can add 2 weeks to the actual repair time. It’s not unusual to hear a basic sizing will take three weeks. Many local stores don’t employ their own bench person so they farm it out. In fact our sister store Greenbrier Pawn performs repairs for a number of local jewelry stores. 


How Much is Jewelry Repair

The price of jewelry repair services depends on the extent of the work to be performed. Simple engagement ring sizings a cheap but broken jewelry can be quite involved. Stop in and get a price today


Jewelry Repair Ring Resizing

Much like price the amount of time it takes to repair an item depends on the work to be performed. We do some work while you wait and some may take up to a week to complete. Stop by and get a price and time today


Glenda Craddock Jewelry Store

You've seen us on TV for years and chances are your friends and neighbors are already our customers. Do yourself a favor and stop by one of our stores today. Just google Glenda Craddock Jewelry Stores

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