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Cheap Engagement Rings

Yes I said Cheap. But Cheap doesn't have to mean low quality we are simply referring to affordable engagement rings. If you're looking for the perfect affordable engagement ring for half the price of retail then Hilltop Pawn Shop is your store. Like you hear us say on TV.

Same Jewelry Half the Price


Cheap Engagement Rings = Affordable Engagement Rings

     I know I said cheap. Funny how retailers hate to use that word, when it is really the only word that truly defines what you want. Affordable rings is close but its kinda like beating around the bush. You want a great wedding ring at an affordable price, maybe even a flawless diamond but you still want it cheap. I purposely use the word cheap so you’ll understand that we are straight shooters. If you’re looking for a jewelry store that wines and dines you then you’ve come to the wrong place. What we do is provide whatever quality jewelry fits your budget along with exceptional service. You see, we are a family run business who live and work right here in Hampton Roads. You will likely be working with our Daughter Nina or Son Dane so rest assured we will provide you the best service and best pricing in town.


Affordable Engagement Rings. How?

     How do we sell Engagement and wedding rings for half the price of retail stores? It’s both easy and complicated but I’ll try to explain it the best I can right here. Retail Jewelry Stores buy ready to sell jewelry from manufactures and wholesalers. That is only the final hand to make money on a piece of jewelry. The manufacturer bought the parts that make up the ring from a findings manufacturer and that company bought raw material from a metals dealer who bought the metal from a mining company. By the time you buy a finished piece of jewelry from a traditional jewelry store you are the 6th or 7th person to pay a profit to someone. That’s part of the reason jewelry costs so much. Another reason is simply ROI (return on investment) a typical top line jewelry store has a million dollars tied up in inventory compared to say a Gap store that has $25k in inventory. The jewelry store must make more percentage wise to make the investment worthwhile. Now these are simplified so I only had to write for as long as I think you want to read, but you get the idea. 

     Now how do we sell for so much less? This is easy to explain. We don’t buy from those manufacturers and wholesalers. We buy form the general public right in our own stores. People trade up or just decide to sell a wedding band or a piece of antique jewelry. When we buy it all that fluff markup of the six different sellers comes out. As a result we are able to make a profit and still sell for half the price of retail. Yes I said we make a profit. Afterall, that is the point of a business. But our investment is smaller so we don’t come close to the 300% markup of a traditional jewelry store. 

Affordable Wedding Rings

     From a simple wedding band to the perfect wedding ring we can help. I love and hate saying “Perfect Engagement Ring” because there is no such thing. The perfect ring can only be perfect for just one person. If simple and cheap is what you want then we’re your store for sure. Also if something really custom and special is what you want we can help all the while using parts from things in our case and therefore making something custom for the same low price. When you speak of affordable wedding rings you think of Hilltop Pawn Shop.

Unique Engagement Rings

     If you want a unique wedding ring your best bet is to stay clear of traditional jewelry stores. Remember they purchase ready-made jewelry from manufacturers and wholesalers to resale to the public. Everything from bridal sets, halo settings, natural diamonds to synthetic gemstones. And guess what, all those stores buy from the same places so they all have the same things year after year. As jewelry trends change so does their inventory. Your local pawn shop, as you now know, gets its jewelry from people walking into the store. Which means it comes from all years and all over the world. What could possibly be more unique? Stop in and give us a look. You won’t be sorry.

Antique Engagement Rings

     Looking for a rose gold wedding ring? Or maybe a mine cut diamond to build your own ring. Whatever your purpose the only way to find that diamond, sapphire, ruby or emerald you’re looking for is to shop pawn shops. Oh you could go online and find some but here is a secret… those “Estate jewelers” online shop at pawn shops. Yep they comb the cities looking for pieces to acquire for cheap and then price them up and sell them online. I have no idea why people will buy from them but never even give us a look. So here’s you chance to beat them to the punch. Visit us to find your unique style of jewelry just waiting to be had for a song.


What you might find in our store on any given day

  • Fancy-Shaped Diamonds

  • Traditional Engagement Rings

  • Cheap Engagement Rings

  • Halo Setting Rings

  • Princess Cut, Cushion Cut, Round Brilliant Cut

  • Marquise Cut, and so on

  • Vintage Wedding Rings

  • Estate Wedding Rings and Jewelry

  • White and yellow gold rings

  • Fine Jewelry of Every Description

Affordable Diamond Engagement Rings = Cheap Engagement Rings

     So once again I said it. Cheap diamonds rings are all about the money you spend not the quality you get. If you want the perfect engagement ring then get what you want please. We hope you will have this for a long time. But paying high prices simply to shop at a particular place just doesn’t make sense to me. Now don’t get me wrong, We have some fine jewelers in Virginia Beach. Many of them are friends and we do Bench work for a number of them. In fact we do consignment with a few. So if you see an estate jewelry section in the store you’ve been shopping in, you might want to think did this come from a pawn shop and now it’s simply marked up? That beautiful Pave band, or those colorful gemstones may have come from one of our stores. Stop in today and let us show you a whole new world of jewelry.

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