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Gold Buyer | Virginia Beach

Many people find themselves looking for a reputable gold buyer in and around Virginia Beach. It's not uncommon to have old gold jewelry that isn't really your taste anymore, or gold coins that you inherited or collected but no longer want. Knowing how to get quick cash -- and top dollar -- is tough if you've never worked with a local gold buyer before. It really couldn't be easier to sell yellow gold, white gold, or other precious metals, as long as you sell to the best gold buyer in Virginia Beach: Hilltop Pawn and Jewelry. Between our years of experience, the fact that we buy all different types and amounts of gold, and the fact that we offer the best value, it's little wonder why our customers see us as the best place to sell gold items!

How to Sell Gold

Selling unwanted pieces of gold jewelry -- and other forms of gold, too -- for fast cash is actually so, so easy. At least, that's the case when you choose Hilltop Pawn as your gold buyer. After all, we do everything we can to make things smooth and easy for our valued customers. Give us a call if you're curious about the process; we'll be happy to tell you all about it. Unfortunately, we can't tell you the value of your scrap gold or gold jewelry over the phone, but we are happy to answer your questions. Once you come in, we'll walk you through the process of selling your gold for the best possible price, and we will certainly answer any questions that you might think of along the way.


Decide Which Gold Items to Sell

Even though we're widely known in Hampton Roads as being jewelry buyers, we actually buy much more than just gold jewelry. Pretty much any item that is made from gold has value when you bring it here. Many people are shocked by the different things we take. This list just gives examples. If you have something made from gold that isn't listed here, don't hesitate to bring it in so we can look at it! Chances are very good that not only will we buy it, but that we'll offer you a great price, based on the current spot price of gold!

  • Gold bullion

  • Gold antique jewelry

  • Dental gold

  • Scrap gold

  • Gold bars

  • Gold coins

  • Gold bracelet

  • Gold ring

  • Dental scrap

  • Gold engagement rings

  • Gold necklaces

  • Kilo gold bars

  • Gold nuggets

  • Gold dental fillings

  • Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold

Note that you don't have to pick just one or two items from this list. There's no limit to how much gold you can bring us and sell for cash! Bring a little or a lot, and we'll help you out!


Gather Other Precious Metals

You can get the best price for other precious metals at Hilltop Pawn as well. After all, in addition to being gold buyers, we appreciate and buy other valuable precious metals, too. No matter which precious metals you have, we pay the highest prices to keep our customers satisfied.

  • Silver jewelry

  • Platinum jewelry

  • Silver coins

  • Silver dollars

  • Junk silver scrap metals

  • Silver bullion

Because we buy any and all precious metals, we offer a good way to turn your unwanted precious metals into cold, hard cash.


Visit Hilltop Pawn and Jewelry

Once you've gathered your unwanted gold and precious metals, it's time to take the next step toward getting your extra cash! Take your items and ID to one of the best places to sell precious metals: Hilltop Pawn.


​When you get here, we think you'll be impressed by just how fast the process really is. Generally, it only takes about 15 minutes between you walking in the door with your gold and you walking out the door with your money. Of course, if you bring in a large collection of gold (which isn't a problem at all!), it might take a few more minutes. Regardless, though, we understand that your time is valuable, and we'll do what we can to get you in and out fast. Although, once you see our wide inventory of high-quality items at the lowest prices, you just might want to hang around for a long time to check out everything that we have in stock!


Get Paid in Cash!

Once your gold has been valued and you've accepted our offer, there's nothing else for you to do! You'll get the cash right away, all based on our assessment and the current market price of gold.


How Much Can I Get for My Gold?

Getting a higher price for gold is a top priority for most of our customers, which is something we can definitely understand. Everyone wants to get the best deal when they're selling something valuable. We understand this and want to make you happy. The value of your gold is something we'll have to determine when you come in, but paying the best gold price is something we're known for.


What Kind of Gold Items Do You Have?

People bring us all types of valuable items made from gold. The first, and perhaps most obvious, choice is gold jewelry. However, gold coins and gold bullion are just a couple of additional examples of gold items we buy.


Some people bring us what are commonly known as "melt items." These are items made from gold (or other precious metals) that aren't particularly useful in their current form. As you can probably imagine, the average person won't have much use for your old dental scrap! Broken jewelry, gold bars, and more are often considered for their melt value, too. We do offer great prices for meltable gold items, although they're often not as valuable as good-quality jewelry or rare gold coins, at least when you compare these items by weight.


How Much Gold Are You Looking to Sell?

​There is no minimum limit as to the amount of gold that you can sell at Hilltop Pawn. If you have just one or two rings, we'll buy them! If you have multiple gold items, including gold bullion, we'll buy it all. In fact, we'll buy as much pure gold as you're interested in selling. Naturally, taking the time to search through your jewelry box for all of your unwanted gold makes sense before you come in. Then, you can sell it all in one trip, and you'll walk out with even more money.


What is the Purity of Your Gold?

Purity of gold is definitely a big factor in the overall value of your gold. We pay competitive prices for gold of all gold contents, but naturally, the more pure your gold is, the more it's worth.


Pure gold is also known as 24K gold. You might have heard of 24K gold, but most jewelry -- especially daily wear jewelry, like a wedding band -- isn't made from pure gold. 18 karat gold is considered very high-quality gold for jewelry; it's not as soft as pure gold, so it's more durable, but it's still very shiny. Behind pure gold, it's one of the most valuable. Gold with another karat number, such as 10K or 14K gold, is also valuable here.


Many customers don't know the gold content of their items when they come in, but that's not a problem at all. As a reputable dealer of gold and precious metals, we have a way of testing gold for its gold content, so we'll figure it out for you. Professional gold buyers like us use various methods, such as an acid test, to determine gold purity on the spot.


How Much Does Your Gold Weigh?

Particularly when you're selling your gold for its melt value, the value of your item depends on its weight. If you bring in multiple heavy gold bars, you'll get higher prices than if you were just selling a couple of pieces of scrap dental gold. No matter how little or how much your gold item weighs, we'll pay you fairly based on current prices.


We have very precise digital scales that we keep perfectly calibrated. We'll weigh gold items with a different purity level separately to make sure you're getting paid what you deserve. Once we carefully determine the weight of your item (or items!), we'll be able to make you an offer for its melt value, based on the latest gold price information.


What is the Current Value of Your Precious Metals?

The price of gold -- as well as the price of platinum and silver items -- varies based on the market at the time that you sell. If you sell gold when the gold market is doing good, and when gold prices are at a high value, you'll get paid more. The going rate for gold is known as the "spot" price, and it's based on the troy measurement system (such as the troy ounce). You can check the current market prices for gold before you sell to us; we're happy to give you any and all information to help you make an informed sale. You can also find information about current gold prices online. Luckily for you (and us), gold has been quite valuable lately, without significant dips in value. Selling now is smart if you want to get a great price for your gold.


Best Place to Sell Gold

You're already sold on your piece of gold unwanted jewelry, or perhaps a gold bar or bullion. The question isn't whether you should sell your valuable metal, it's who you should sell it to. Getting the most money, getting paid fast, and enjoying friendly service are probably your top priorities. If those are all things you're looking for, you don't have to continue your search for reputable buyers any longer. Just visit Hilltop Pawn today!


​Sell Your Gold to a Local Gold Buyer

You may already know Hilltop Pawn as your local jeweler. Many people around Virginia Beach look at us as the best local jewelry store, even though we're technically a pawn shop. Let us also become your favorite professional gold buyer, and bring your unwanted gold to our local store today. Don't waste your time with online buyers; instead, get a higher offer -- and get your money a whole lot faster -- by working with us.


Enjoy the Best Customer Service

When you come in to get express gold cash, you can benefit from both our decades of experience and our top-notch customer service. In our time in the industry, we have assessed many different golden items for their value. We look at gold necklaces, bracelets, and rings every day. We have bought and sold many, many coins. In each and every instance, we have made it our top priority to provide a great experience for our valued customers.


Get Paid the Most for Your Gold

If you're selling a piece of jewelry that is made from gold, or if you have a significant weight of gold in gold bars or bullion, you'll get paid the most here. We pride ourselves on paying the highest price when compared to other pawn shops and gold buyers. Of course, this does depend on current market price -- as well as what you bring in -- but our payout prices are consistently higher than our competition.


Sell Other Unwanted Items

If you're gathering up unwanted gold because you're cleaning out your unnecessary clutter, handling a loved one's estate, or just looking for a great way to get some cash, bring us more than just your gold! For one thing, as a precious metals buyer, we buy other precious metals, including silver and platinum. We also buy other items, too, as a jewelry buyer and pawn shop:

  • Fine watches

  • Fine jewelry

  • Rare coins

  • Luxury watches

  • Diamond jewelry

  • Coin collection

Best Pawn Shop in Town

There are so many reasons why our repeat customers always refer to us as the best pawn shop in town! If you're looking for a pawnbroker for any reason -- whether to sell gold or take advantage of our other services -- we think you'll be pleased when you choose Hilltop Pawn. In addition to being the best gold buyers and silver buyers, we're overall the best pawn shop in town. Come enjoy our excellent customer service and excellent pricing today!


Helpful Tips and Tricks for Selling Your Gold

Selling Gold Jewelry

If you’ve decided that you are interested in selling your gold, you could be looking for advice. 

  • Avoid selling valuable gold jewelry by weight. Fine jewelry that is still in good condition can generally be sold for a higher price. If you have gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, engagement rings, wedding rings, gold bracelets, or other nice jewelry, bring them in to Hilltop Pawn Shop. Unlike an online gold buyer or coin dealer, we will pay you what your nice jewelry is worth, since we’re your local jeweler.

  • Check gold prices before you sell. The value of gold has been at historic highs recently, so this could be the best time for you to sell.

  • Bring along all of your unwanted gold. Remember, your gold doesn’t have to look good or be in good condition for you to sell it. Your local pawn shop will generally purchase different types of gold regardless of its condition.

  • Don’t be afraid to do your research. Compare offers from different gold buyers to make sure you get as much for your unwanted gold as possible.

  • Consider selling to a local store instead of working with online buyers. Although it might seem convenient to use an online gold buyer, you have to watch out for scams. You will also get paid more quickly if you use a local professional gold buyer, which is a good thing if you’re selling your gold because you’re short on cash.

  • Bring along other items of value. Many gold buyers will also purchase other types of precious metals, such as silver bullion, silver coins, or titanium. Plus, at our pawn shop, we will also purchase Rolex watches, jewelry, and various other items of value.

  • If you don’t want to sell your gold jewelry but would still like to put some cash in your pocket, you can visit a pawn shop like Hilltop Pawn Shop for a pawn loan. You can use your gold as collateral for one of our loans, and you’ll get your gold back when you repay the loan in full.


How Can You Avoid Getting Scammed When Selling Gold?

In any financial transaction, it’s important to avoid getting scammed or taken advantage of. This is true when you’re selling gold, too. One of the best ways to avoid getting scammed when selling gold is to work with a local gold buyer instead of one that operates online. If you visit a local shop that has a good reputation, you can help increase your chances of a smooth and trouble-free transaction. At Hilltop Pawn Shop, we have decades of experience and a solid reputation in the Virginia Beach area, so you can always count on us when selling gold, buying jewelry, taking out a pawn loan, and more.


Glenda Craddock or Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

Work with us and you're working with family. Our Son Dane runs Hilltop Pawn and our Daughter Nina runs all three stores out of Greenbrier Pawn. We do well When you do well.

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