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Sell Your Gold Jewelry

Looking for the Best Place to Sell Gold, Silver or Platinum jewelry Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry is the go to place in Virginia Beach. Feel free to give us a call or simply stop in with the items you wish to sell.

Best Place to Sell Gold Jewelry in Virginia Beach

            Selling gold or diamond jewelry you own can be a simple process or a somewhat involved process. There are lots of factors involved. So let’s start with what are the options when selling gold jewelry.

How to Sell My jewelry


Online Marketplace - Over the last few years there have been a number of gold buyers pop up online. Some online dealers have shown themselves to be “not the best” place to do business. There have been a number of states attorneys general who brought charges against the bad players. I would assume the ones that still exist are honest and doing a legit business. The only real benefit to using an online buyer I can come up with is the fact that you don’t have to go the place in person. If it bothers you to be in a jewelry store or pawn shop then maybe this is the way for you to go. The cons are numerous. You don’t have any idea who you are dealing with or what their credentials are. You have to mail off your jewelry and trust the delivery service won’t lose your package. The process takes up to two weeks with shipping. I could continue on but you get the idea, there is a trust factor you have to assume with no actual knowledge of the gold buyers trustworthiness. 


Local Jewelry Stores – Here in Virginia Beach we have some great jewelry stores. Although they are our competition we would be wrong to not include the good along with the bad. When it comes to basic scrap or broken jewelry you will get a fair offer from most of the larger and older stores in the area. The only thing I would say is when it comes to a sellable piece of jewelry like an engagement ring or a piece of designer jewelry often they will want to do a consignment on the piece. The reason is you may get more for it by waiting for a buyer, this makes sense at first. The problem is really simple. They already have something in the showcase just like yours and what they really want is to sell the one they have money tied up in. so you see your piece will often sit for an extended period. They can have yours on consignment and no money tied up in the piece to help sell the higher dollar pieces. If they will offer your cash up front you will usually do better to accept that. Remember, they want to be known for selling “new jewelry” not used pieces. Having said that There are some trustworthy local jewelers in Virginia Beach.

Best Place to sell Gold Jewelry


Sell Gold Jewelry to Pawn Shops – Just like Jewelry Stores, Pawn Shops in Virginia Beach and any city have a range of good to not-so-good. Now one thing that differentiates pawn shops from the other places to sell is government regulation. The pawn industry is one of the most regulated businesses in the city. Every aspect of our business form lending money to selling jewelry and yes buying precious metals is regulated by the state of Virginia and City of Virginia Beach. When it comes to buying fine jewelry there is a simple way to pick the pawn shop or jewelry store you deal with. Look for the one who spends lots of money advertising to get more customers. Not only does this mean they want to grow larger but they clearly don’t want to waste the money they spend by doing customers wrong. The pros to selling your gold jewelry at a pawn store. First you get the money right then. The process can take as little as five minutes to get a price on precious metals or diamond jewelry. After writing up the sale you get cash right then. You can trust that you are getting a fair price when dealing with a store like Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry, after all we spend more to gain new customers than any other local jeweler or pawn shop. We and our sister store are the largest in the region and want to provide the best customer service so you become a customer for life. In and out in five minutes with the cash you want.


Ebay – I know it’s really tempting to sell jewelry online. I know because for years I kept trying to sell everything from loose diamonds to estate jewelry to diamond engagement rings and even platinum jewelry on Ebay. What I can tell you is it doesn’t work. If it did Hilltop Pawn wouldn’t have any jewelry for sale in it. All we get are low-ballers and attempted scams. I recommend staying clear of online auction house sites for jewelry. Having said that it’s a great place for selling product type stuff.

Selling My Gold Jewelry | How Much Can I Get

            If your jewelry is made of precious metals, diamonds and or colored gemstones it has value. Now as to how much you can get for it depends on a number of factors. First and for most the size of diamonds and Gemstones and the amount, or weight of the precious metals. Now after that we get into what the item actually is. Meaning is it an engagement ring, or wedding ring, or simply gold jewelry. After that we get into how desirable or how popular the item is. Is it designer jewelry or handmade jewelry and how saleable is the piece as a whole. 

            Precious Metals – regardless of the metal type, gold, platinum or silver the metals have a market price and therefor a base value. No from that point we get into how popular or how much value in the workmanship there is. When it comes to broken pieces, kinked chains, damaged beyond repair jewelry you still have the base price of the metal. We often have people ask about the wight of the item. The only calculation involved is calculating the gold content of the piece. 

10k gold is 41.7% gold

14k gold is 58.3% gold

18k gold is 75% gold

24k gold is 100% gold

            Diamond value is based on a number of factors. Here are a what we use to determine the price we offer.

The Four C’s

  • Cut - Cut refers to first the shape of the diamond as in Emerald Cut or Round Brilliant Cut diamond. Second it refers to the cut grade or quality of the cut itself. Each diamond cut has an ideal set of measurements and only a few stones are cut to these exact angles. So the cut grade adds or takes away from the overall quality of the diamond. 

  • Color - The color of a diamond is measured on a scale from D to Z. D being colorless and Z being light yellow to brown. The whiter, or closer to D, the diamond is the higher the quality and thus the value. There are other values beyond D to Z that note fancy yellow or other high quality colors. 

  • Clarity – Clarity refers to the flaws or lack thereof inside the diamond. The scale ranges from I to IF. I means you can see a flaw with the naked eye. SI stands for slightly included and by the standard you would need a loop to find the flaw or flaws. VS is Very Slightly included and by the standard would take a trained eye with a loop to find the flaw. VVSI, very, very slightly included means smaller inclusions and finally IF means Internally Flawless. If stones are pretty rare and as such their value is very high. 

  • Carat Weight – Finally we are at the weight or size of the diamond. Diamonds are measured in Carats. Carat refers to the weight not the size. Of all the aspects effecting price the carat weight has the greatest affect. Now having said that even a large diamond that is very low quality in all other aspects will suffer in value. 


What Type of Gold Jewelry Sells Best

            Jewelry items that bring the highest price could be anything from a tiffany style solitaire diamond ring to unique pieces like antique jewelry. Remember, professional jewelry buyers are interested in buying jewelry so they want to find a way to get to a win, win settlement for both parties. 

            Most used jewelry shows some wear and that’s where the process begins. If your jewelry shows so much wear that it cannot be repaired or refurbished then it will be valued as the sum of its parts. How much is the gold or metal worth and how much are the diamonds or gemstones worth.

            However, if your jewelry is in good shape or can be repaired to be in good shape then it will be priced as a saleable piece of jewelry. There really isn’t a best type of jewelry other than adding a designer label to it. Meaning if you have a Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Harry Winston, Vera Wang, Van Cleef & Arpels, David Yurman and so on. Any Designer jewelry will bring a premium. 


Factors that Make Your Gold Jewelry more Valuable

  • Style of your Jewelry – this is really the measure of is your jewelry saleable? It is popular or trendy. Styles that are in style right now may not be in the future. Or on a proper timeline, it was popular when you bought it but it may or may not be now. Don’t get me wrong it still has value but it may not be a premium value if it’s not as popular now. 

  • The Diamonds and Gemstones – As mentioned above the four C’s play a huge roll in how we evaluate and appraise your jewelry. Carat, Cut, Clarity and Color are the gold standard to valuating a diamond. 

  • State of Repair – The condition of and wearability of the piece of jewelry is really the starting point. Is it in good or refurbish able condition? If it is then the value isn’t affected. 

  • Special Jewelry – There are pieces that are era related or maybe items like older designer jewelry that have a value different than the norm. Vintage Jewelry, Estate Jewelry, Unique pieces, and Antique necklaces, bracelets, and rings. These pieces carry a value based on what the jewelry buyer can resale them for. Meaning, these pieces are beyond the normal calculations so make sure you deal with the largest and best buyer in your area.


Best Place to Sell Silver Jewelry in Virginia Beach

            Turns out your local pawn shop Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry buys silver jewelry, silver flatware and silver housewares. Same as gold or any jewelry you simply bring it in and we will evaluate your valuables and make you an offer on the spot. Rest assured Hilltop Pawn is the best place in Virginia Beach to sell silver jewelry, sterling silver, and any other silver jewelry pieces you might have. Just like gold you’ll be in and out with your cash offer in minutes. We hear time and time again we offered the most money in the fastest way so they came back to us. Please stop in today for a better price and a better atmosphere.

Where is the Best Place to Sell Jewelry Near Me in Virginia Beach?

If you want to sell gold jewelry, you might be wondering about the best places to sell gold or where can I sell gold jewelry near me? If you're wondering how to get cash for jewelry near me, you've come to the right place. Whether you want to sell a gold ring or sell gold and diamonds near me, Hilltop Pawn can help. When you're looking for jewelry stores that buy jewelry near me, think outside of the box, and visit our pawn shop. We're more of a jewelry store than the average pawn shop, but we offer the services that you would expect from a pawn shop...for example, we will buy your jewelry or make you a pawn loan on your jewelry.

Sell My Gold Jewelry | Sell a Gold Ring & More

Lots of people come to us and say..."I want to sell a gold ring" or "I want to sell my gold jewelry." That's what we're here for! When you're looking for jewelry stores that buy jewelry near me, we think you'll find that Hilltop Pawn is the best option. So many people consider us to be the best place to sell jewelry because we make it easy and pay the most money. Once you work with us once, we think you'll see why everyone considers us to be the best place to sell jewelry near me!

Selling Gold Jewelry How it Works

            Here is the entire process of Visiting a gold buyer to sell your valuable jewelry or your unwanted jewelry and getting a great price in the process. 

  • After deciding where to go simply head in with your item you want to sell. Here at Hilltop Pawn we will great you and then begin the process of evaluating your item. 

  • After going through our process we will make you an offer. The offer is good for a loan or to sell the item. If you have a price in mind please by all means go ahead and tell us, or you can wait for us to offer.

  • Once we agree on a sales price we will fill out the purchase agreement for you to sign.

  • Once signed we will give you the cash and our transaction is complete.


We Buy Gold We Buy Silver and We Buy Platinum 

            Here is a short list of Specific jewelry items we purchase. 

  • Gold Jewelry

  • Platinum Jewelry

  • Silver Jewelry

  • Diamond Jewelry

  • Engagement Rings

  • Wedding Rings

  • Diamond or Gold necklaces

  • Diamond or Gold Bracelets

  • Gold Coins

  • Silver coins

  • Silver flatware

  • Class Rings

  • Dental Gold

  • Antique Jewelry

  • Vintage Jewelry

  • Estate Jewelry

  • Broken Jewelry

  • Gold Watches

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We Buy Gold Glenda Craddock jewelry Store

When you want to sell your jewelry Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry is your go to jewelry store. One list and you'll see why so many other swear by us.

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