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We Buy Estate Jewelry in Virginia Beach

People end up with estate jewelry for many reasons. You might have found a few interesting pieces at an estate sale for a really low price, or you might have ended up with vintage rings that were passed down to you by your family members. If you simply don't want any or all of your estate jewelry anymore and are wondering how you can get an immediate payment, visit us at Hilltop Pawn and Jewelry. We offer the best way for you to sell estate jewelry that you don't want anymore, whether it's a single diamond ring or a whole collection of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.


How to Sell Estate Jewelry in Virginia Beach?

Selling vintage diamonds and jewelry from all eras is easy in the Hampton Roads area. Whether you're selling a yellow gold wedding ring, a couple of white gold wedding bands, or a whole collection of Victorian or Art Deco jewelry, you do have options.


Of course, selling to a pawn and jewelry store like ours is not your only option. Some jewelry stores will allow you to sell estate jewelry on consignment. This isn't always ideal, though. For one thing, you don't get paid on the spot; instead, you will not get paid until someone buys your estate jewelry. This may take longer than you think. Many people don't visit regular jewelry stores in search of antique or vintage jewelry; instead, many customers at these stores are looking for new pieces. This means your piece might not sell as quickly as you had hoped. Also, don't forget that the jewelry store has more of an incentive to show their customers the pieces that they want to sell themselves, rather than your old gold or silver jewelry.


If selling your jewelry faster is your goal, selling to a pawn and jewelry store like Hilltop Pawn should be your number one choice. Although other pawn shops might be willing to pay you in cash for your estate jewelry today as well, our pawn and gold stores are the best places to get the best price. As a Hampton Roads diamond buyer and jewelry buyer, we have years of experience. We are knowledgeable about the value of everything from precious metals and loose diamonds to estate jewelry like yours. No matter what era your jewelry is from or what style it is, we will accurately value it.


The entire process of selling your unwanted gold and silver estate jewelry is very easy when you come here. Plus, we offer great customer service every step of the way. Walk into our inviting atmosphere; you'll see we're more like a high-end jewelry store than most of the pawn shops you've probably visited. Our staff all have ample experience in the jewelry industry, so hand them your jewelry to assess. It doesn't take as long as you probably think to get an offer. Once you've decided you do want to use us as your jewelry and gold buyer, let us know you accept our offer. You'll get the cash right then. It's all very easy, and all you have to bring is your estate jewelry and ID.


Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry Buys Estate Jewelry for Cash

If you love jewelry and live in the Virginia Beach area, you might have visited our pawn shop and jewelry store at some point or another. You might have come to us in search of the perfect engagement ring, or you may have bought a beautiful gift for someone in your life. Many people come to our full service jewelry store in search of great deals on gold and silver jewelry.


We aren't just the best premier jeweler when you're shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry. We even help with things like jewelry repair. If you have a small or large collection of jewelry that you want to sell for the highest cash value, you can count on us for that, too.


Hilltop Pawn and Jewelry has been providing excellent customer service, top dollar payments, and affordable jewelry at our Virginia Beach store front since 2010. If you're a jewelry enthusiast, you should check us out for anything and everything related to fine jewelry. We also welcome you to visit our original store, Greenbrier Pawn. Known as our sister store, Greenbrier Pawn is located in Chesapeake, Virginia, and it has been a part of the Hampton Roads community since 1996. We offer pawn and jewelry services there, too!


How Much is My Estate Jewelry Worth?

As you can probably imagine, the value of estate jewelry varies widely. Mass-produced pieces that don't feature valuable gemstones and that aren't in the best condition might not be worth a lot. On the other hand, rare Edwardian or Georgian pieces that are in excellent condition, or vintage diamond engagement rings with large, good-quality diamonds and gemstones, are often worth a whole lot of money. Most estate jewelry falls somewhere in the middle.


Rest assured, when you sell to Hilltop Pawn and Jewelry, you're selling to experts who can accurately determine the value of estate pieces from all different eras and in all different styles.

The era that your estate jewelry comes from does matter. Jewelry from some eras is more rare and valuable than others. For example, if you have Edwardian estate jewelry that is in good condition, it's often worth a lot. No matter what era your jewelry hails from, value is heavily impacted by the particular precious metals that it was made from, the valuable gemstones that it features, and much more.


You don't have to wonder for very long about how much you will be paid for your estate jewelry. All you have to do to get an answer is visit us with your pieces! You'll get knowledgeable service and a cash offer immediately.


What is Estate Jewelry?

Many people wonder what, exactly, estate jewelry is. To many, the term refers to jewelry that has been passed down for multiple generations. However, its actual true definition is jewelry that has had at least one previous owner.


Because of this, not all estate jewelry is necessarily very old at all. However, because most people don't purchase jewelry and then turn around and sell it right away, there's a big overlap between estate jewelry and vintage or antique pieces. We buy estate jewelry of all ages and types here, whether you have designer pieces that a friend gave you, or if you have antique pieces that have been passed down in your family for many years.


What is Antique Jewelry?

Antique items are items that are 100 years old or older. This is true for jewelry, too. As you can probably imagine, jewelry that is this old often has a long, rich history. Antique jewelry from different eras can vary quite a bit in design and style. For example, good-quality Georgian-era jewelry is incredibly rare to find nowadays, and it hails from 1714 to 1837. Pieces often had precious stones and nature details.


Victorian jewelry comes from the time when Queen Victoria reigned, and the pieces from that time period reflect her personal style and love for jewelry. Because the Victorian era was so long (it ranged from 1837 to 1901!), jewelry from this time is actually identified as being a part of one of three time periods: Early, Middle, and Late. Silver and gold, as well as valuable gemstones, were popular during this era. Nature-inspired designs that featured flowers and animals were very popular throughout this antique jewelry era.


If you have any kind of antique jewelry, we are interested in taking a look at it! People from all over the Hampton Roads area know to come to us to buy antique jewelry. We're always looking to add antique pieces to our inventory!


What is Vintage Jewelry?

The definition of vintage jewelry is simple: it's jewelry that is at least 20 years old. By this definition, all antique jewelry is vintage jewelry. However, all vintage jewelry is not antique jewelry. In fact, now, some jewelry that was made in the 2000s is actually considered vintage jewelry. Whether you have jewelry that is 75 years old, or if you have designer pieces from the early 2000s, we are happy to buy any and all fine estate jewelry that you are interested in selling.


Can I Get a Cash Loan on My Estate Jewelry?

Many of our customers know the secret to borrowing money quickly and easily: taking out one of the pawn loans at Hilltop Pawn and Jewelry. If you haven't taken advantage of this borrowing option yet, it's definitely something to consider next time you're short on cash. Basically, it allows you to use your estate jewelry to take out a loan, but you can actually get your jewelry back after repaying the loan, rather than selling it completely. If you decide you don't want your jewelry back, it's no big deal at all; just let us keep your collateral, and you won't have to worry about paying us anything back. There won't even be a ding on your credit report, nor will defaulting on your loan prevent you from taking out another loan from us in the future.


Because of the nature of our loans -- basically, because we reduce our risk by holding your estate jewelry until you repay -- we are able to streamline the loan process. Unlike almost every other type of lender out there, we don't require you to fill out an application. We never pull credit reports, ask about your job or income, or anything else. All we look at is the value of your estate jewelry, as well as your ID. As long as you're a legal adult who has a valid ID and ample collateral, you'll walk out with your loan today.


Stop dealing with predatory payday or title lenders, and avoid wasting time in loan offices, hoping to get an approval. Instead, come to us, where you're always approved for a loan, as long as you have estate jewelry (or other items of value) that you can use as collateral for your loan.


If you have questions about our loans, take a minute to call us or stop by our Virginia Beach location! We'd be more than happy to help you out. If you've already used your estate gold jewelry to take out one of our loans and need an extension, don't worry -- we can help. Just stop by, pay a modest fee, and you'll have even more time to pay your loan back. We're very flexible and easy to work with, and we'll do everything we can to give you a great experience any time that you take out a loan from our superior pawn and jewelry shop.


Visit Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry in Virginia Beach Today

If you're looking for the best place to buy and sell your unwanted estate pieces, there's no need to continue looking for estate jewelers. Instead, visit Hilltop Pawn and Jewelry, the premier stop for everything related to fine jewelry. Whether you're looking to sell vintage jewelry, or if you're on the market for vintage engagement rings or other estate diamond jewelry, we're your one-stop shop. You can enjoy a personalized experience and the best deals when you visit our convenient Virginia Beach location. Also, feel free to buy, sell, and take out loans on vintage and antique jewelry at our sister store, Greenbrier Pawn. It's located in Chesapeake and offers the same services and customer service that you've come to count on us for.


Selling Gold Jewelry in Chesapeake?
Stop in to our sister store Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry for the same great service.


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Work with us and you're working with family. Our Son Dane runs Hilltop Pawn and our Daughter Nina runs all three stores out of Greenbrier Pawn. We do well When you do well.

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