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Unique Engagement Rings

     The Unique Engagement Ring is all in the eyes of the beholder. What’s unique and interesting to one person isn’t necessarily all that to the next. When you start looking for the perfect engagement or wedding ring just remember you will be wearing this everyday with every other piece of jewelry and clothing style you have. So this is the time to make sure you get eactly what will make you happy. Below is a long read about the ins and outs or picking one but to sum it all up… Unique is about you and what you want and how to go about getting the most and best for what you can afford. That’s where Hilltop Pawn comes in. A Glenda Craddock jewelry store, a name you can trust. We’ve been around for 27 years along with Greenbrier Pawn. Stop in and see why your friends and neighbors are already our customers.

Where to Find Unique Engagement Ring Styles

     When it comes to finding truly Unique Engagement Rings look for a Jewelry Store that doesn’t carry the same jewelry as everyone else. Unfortunately that’s not so easy to find for one simple reason. Chain Jewelry Stores and Local Jewelers alike have one thing in common. They buy pre-made jewelry and diamond engagement rings and resale them to the public. It turns out that most of the jewelry in the country is produced or imported by about ten different manufactures. Your local jeweler buys from the same ten companies. Now there are certainly some fine jewelry retail stores here in Virginia Beach that carry and make custom rings and carry loose diamonds so you can build your own perfect ring. One of those stores happens to be Hilltop Pawn Shop and Jewelry. 

            At Hilltop Pawn you’ll find a huge inventory of unique engagement ring styles and most importantly we offer a wide price range of wedding rings. It’s easier to just list some of what you’ll expect to find on any given day.

  • White Gold Engagement Rings

  • Yellow Gold Rings and Bands

  • Rose Gold Engagement Rings

  • Engagement Ring Settings

  • Platinum Engagement Rings

  • Antique, Vintage, Estate Jewelry

  • Fine Jewelry of every Description

What makes a Unique Engagement Ring

     Unique engagement rings don’t have to be a “never seen before” style or look. They may simply be a variation of a modern style. A great example of that is the color-accent Engagement Ring style below. By adding colored Gem-stones the look and even style can be changed dramatically. Sapphire, emerald and ruby are the main three stones used in wedding rings, but any gem adds a unique look to rings of all descriptions. Another possibility is simply shopping at your local pawn shops. Remember, pawn shops don’t buy from wholesalers and manufactures and then resale to you. They buy from the general public. As a result, the jewelry Pawn Shops have is rarely the same as the mall jewelers or your local jeweler. In our stores you’ll find a mix of antique to modern and everything in between. The classic diamond ring to the custom made ring and every color gemstone and every price range of rings, chains, bracelets and earrings.


Antique Engagement Rings

What could make a unique engagement ring better than an antique, a piece of history wrapped around your finger. There are lots of names for era jewelry. Antique, Vintage, Art Deco, Victorian, Edwardian, Estate jewelry and so on. All these names refer to time periods. Some short lived and some like antique refer to anything not currently produced. Many antique engagement rings are actually parts of several rings reassembled. For instance, diamond shape has a lot to do with age identification. An old mine cut diamond or a rose cut diamond make a perfect engagement ring when placed in an era appropriate ring. A classic design mounting may simply need a new diamond added to reflect your personal style. You may find an old mounting that can handle different carat weights of center stone. You may find you love the look of certain diamonds but want them mounted in a simple Tiffany style ring. This is a great example of why old mine cut diamonds make unique engagement rings. 

Rose Gold, Yellow Gold and White Gold Rings

Elaborate Vintage Rings to the most basic wedding band. The classic bride wants her ring finger to reflect her personal style. From picking setting styles, white diamonds to the color of the gold the bride has ideas for her own ring. The color of the gold is usually one of the first things she besides on because the style of all her jewelry was established long before her engagement. However what we often see if she wants a truly unique ring then the color of the gold may be dictated by the era or vintage style of the ring. I tell everyone who is looking for a truly unique engagement ring to keep an open mind. Afterall, if the ring is intact and not just a loose diamond then the color of the gold is already determined if that’s the ring you fall in love with. Unlike making a custom ring you don’t always get to decide.

Modern Unique Engagement Rings Styles

When we speak of modern engagement ring designs we tend to forget that modern is simply the current most trendy styles or most popular engagement ring styles. Over the years we’ve seen them come and go. Twenty six years ago when I opened my first store we sold every marquise diamond wedding ring we could get our hands on. It’s hard to give one away now. Over time the Oval cut diamond, the Cushion cut, the Asher cut, Princess cut diamonds, three-stone engagement rings, black diamond engagement rings and the current is still the Halo setting. We’ve seen every shape diamond including baguette diamonds have their fifteen minutes of fame. The only advise I offer to the wedding ring shopper is the round diamond and in particular the round Tiffany style solitaire rings have always been the overall best seller and if you look at engagement rings through the lens of history you’ll find the round solitaire diamond has always been the most popular. If you’ve found true love and you are at the point of a marriage proposal by all means get what you really want. But if there is a question as to which shape? You can never go wrong with a round brilliant diamond or its Antique counterpart the Mine cut diamond.


Black Diamond Accent Halo Engagement Ring


Just a few of the Halo Engagement Rings


Glenda Craddock of Hilltop Pawn Shop and Jewelry and Greenbrier Pawn


We are a full service Jewelry Store


Solitaire Engagement Rings of every shape


The round brilliant solitaire in every price and size

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