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Gold Buyer Near me 
Virginia Beach

When selling a gold necklace, your old wedding rings, or any other gold that you no longer want, it's normal to want immediate cash payments and the highest offer possible. Selling gold is a great way to get quick cash, but you'll need to sell to a reputable gold buyer if you're hoping for great service and a better price. Luckily, if you're in the Virginia Beach area, you don't have to go far to find a great local gold buyer. Hilltop Pawn is here to purchase all of your jewelry pieces and other unwanted gold. Visit our Virginia Beach location today to be paid competitive prices by a gold buyer who has many years experience in the industry!

Best Gold Buyer in Virginia Beach

There are various gold buyers and coin dealers both online and in the area who will buy your gold. You shouldn't sell your gold to just anyone, though. Instead, sell to the best gold buyer in Virginia Beach: Hilltop Pawn.


We Make Top Offers on Gold

We understand the true value of your item, and we want to make sure you're paid a fair price. As a precious metal dealer, we make top offers for your valuable items made from gold, silver, and platinum. If getting paid as much as possible for your gold or other precious metals is your top priority, the best place to go is Hilltop Pawn.


We Buy Gold in All Forms and Conditions

You might assume your dental gold or scrap gold is worth something, but you might not be sure of who would be interested in buying it. Naturally, we buy fine jewelry and Rolex watches, but your gold doesn't have to be in perfect condition for us to purchase it. Even scrap or damaged gold has value here at Hilltop Pawn. Bring us any gold or precious metals that you have, and we'll be happy to make you an offer today.


Sell Other Precious Metals and Items of Value

We talk a lot about buying gold, since people commonly bring it to us. However, we buy other precious metals as well, such as silver and platinum. Silver coins, silver bullion, sterling silverware, silver dollars, and more all have value here. We are experienced precious metal dealers, and we know how much these items are worth! You can sell all of your precious metals in one convenient spot when you work with us.


Get Paid in Cash Today!

During times of uncertainty, being able to sell your gold right away can be a big relief. Even if you aren't really pressed for cash, you might be hoping to clean out your jewelry box and sell your jewelry as fast as possible. Let us pay you in cash today for your unwanted gold!


Enjoy a Fast, Easy, and Painless Experience

There's no hassle, and you don't have to do any of the work. Let the experienced staff at Hilltop Pawn take care of everything for you. Just bring your gold to us, and we'll provide you with a fast, easy, and painless experience.


Work With a Trusted Local Business

There are some reputable online gold buyers out there, and some people have a great experience with them. If you're someone who prefers the customer service and personal experience of working with a local business, though, you should check out Hilltop Pawn instead. You can feel good in knowing that you're working with a reputable buyer, and you'll be able to work with locals face-to-face, rather than total strangers who are based in other states.


How Does Selling My Gold Work?

Whether you're selling individual pieces of jewelry or a larger quantity of gold, you're probably curious about what the experience of selling your gold is like. After all, you might have bought gold in the past, but you may have never sold it. The process of selling your gold is pretty similar from place to place, although there are some differences, depending on the route you take. We're happy to tell you more about how selling your gold works at Hilltop Pawn, and we think you'll be impressed with just how simple the whole process is.


Bring Your Gold

Naturally, your first step to selling your gold is bringing it to us. Hilltop Pawn buys gold every day that we're open, which is six days a week. You don't have to worry about cleaning your gold before you bring it. Just bring it, as-is, so we can take a look at it! We'll check the purity of gold items you bring in, weigh them, determine the value of any stones in jewelry, and otherwise assess your items. This allows us to give you the best deal!


Show Your ID

We are unable to buy gold or precious metals without your ID, so make sure you bring it along when you come in. This is a state law that we have to follow as pawnbrokers in Virginia.


Receive Your Cash Offer

After we have looked over your gold items and carefully determined their value, we'll make you an offer. If you have questions about why we're offering what we're offering, we're happy to give you answers. If you don't like our offer, you are under no obligation to sell to us! We won't charge you a dime for looking at your items. Since we always strive to offer fair amounts for the items our customers come in, though, we think you'll probably be quite pleased with our offer!


Leave With Cash in Your Pocket!

If you decide you do want to sell your gold to us, just let us know! Once you've accepted our offer, the rest of the process goes very quickly. We'll hand you your cash right then, so you can leave with money in your pocket.


How Much Can I Get for My Gold?

It's natural to be curious about how much you will be paid for your gold. We make obligation-free offers, so you'll know exactly how much you're getting before you decide to sell your gold to us. We unfortunately are not able to make you an offer on your gold unless you come in. However, anytime that you're ready to get an offer, just come to us with your gold so we can help.


Melt Value vs. Resale Value

We are gold dealers, but we are also in the pawn and jewelry business. This means that we buy gold for a couple of different reasons. Of course, gold is always worth something because of its melt value. Even damaged or scrap gold can be melted down and used for other purposes. Because of this, we'll buy damaged or scrap gold for top dollar.


However, we buy gold for other reasons, too. We sell a lot of gold and diamond jewelry, fine watches, and even gold coins. Our customers come to us every day looking for these things. In fact, a lot of people in the community come to us instead of other pawn shops because of the high quality of our items and the nice selection that we offer. Many consider us more of a jewelry store than a pawn shop, in fact.


Because of this, we sometimes purchase gold jewelry (as well as silver jewelry and other items of value) for its resale value rather than its melt value. Basically, if you bring in gold or platinum jewelry that's in good condition -- or that our jewelry repair specialists can repair for a reasonable price -- we will be able to offer you more for those items.


Gold Content

Pure gold -- which is 24K gold -- is not mixed with any other alloys or metals. It's the most valuable, since it's the most pure. However, there's a good chance that your gold items aren't actually made from pure gold.

Gold is commonly mixed with other alloys for a couple of reasons. For one thing, because pure gold is so expensive, gold items would be out of reach for many people if they were all made strictly from gold. Another reason why gold is commonly mixed with other alloys is because doing so makes it more durable. You see, pure gold is actually quite soft, making it impractical for rings or other items that will sustain regular wear and tear.


Because of this, gold jewelry is often made from 10K, 14K, or 18K gold. Each of these have varying amounts of other alloys mixed in with the gold. 18K gold is more pure than 10K gold, making it more valuable (but also slightly less durable). To be sure we're giving you the best price for your gold, we'll determine its gold content before we ever make you an offer.



When you're selling gold for its melt value, its weight is very important. In fact, we -- and other gold buyers -- pay based on how much your gold weighs. Don't worry if you don't know how much your old rings and gold bullion weigh, though. We have accurate scales that we will use to carefully weigh your gold so we can pay you a fair price.


Current Value of Gold

When selling your gold items, one thing you should keep in mind is that gold values -- like the value of any other metal -- do vary from day to day. Unlike some other metals, gold does tend to hold its value pretty well, and you can usually make quite a bit from it, no matter when you choose to sell. Plus, in recent years, gold prices have been quite high. Still, it is important to note that how much you'll be offered can vary from day to day, based on the spot price of gold.


If you're only selling a couple of pieces, the difference in gold prices from day to day shouldn't have too big of an impact on how much you'll receive. If you're selling large amounts of gold, on the other hand -- such as if you have multiple gold bars that you want to sell -- it may be worth it to keep an eye on current gold prices. When gold is selling at its highest price per troy ounce, it may be the best time to sell. You can always count on Hilltop Pawn to pay you the most for your gold, though, based on current values. If you're curious about the current price of gold, we are more than happy to give you this information.


Sell to the Best Gold Buyer in Virginia Beach Today: Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

If you've been thinking about selling your white gold or yellow gold but haven't gotten around to it yet, there is no reason to wait! Visit your local pawn shop and jewelry store, Hilltop Pawn, for a great experience and a great cash offer. We'll buy your unwanted items, including unwanted jewelry, rare coins, scrap gold, and more. Let us be your gold and jewelry buyer, and we'll do everything we can to give you the best experience possible!

Silver and Gold Buyers Near Me in Virginia Beach

If you're looking for silver and gold buyers near me in Virginia Beach, Hilltop Pawn is here to help. You can get paid the best gold price near me by selling to us. We pay cash for gold every day that we're open. You don't have to call ahead. Just visit the best jewelry buyer near me, Hilltop Pawn. We are your cash for gold pawn shop here in Virginia Beach. We buy gold and silver jewelry, of course...we are a pre-owned jewelry store, after all. We are also dental gold buyers near me...we will buy your dental gold, scrap gold, gold bullion, and more. Sell gold near me's so fast and easy, you have nothing to lose!

Sell Gold Near Me | Cash for Gold Pawn Shop in VA Beach

If you want to get cash for gold on the spot, we can help! We make it so easy for you to sell gold near me! Hilltop Pawn is a cash for gold pawn shop in Virginia Beach. We are the best gold and silver buyers near me. As a jewelry buyer near me, we buy unwanted engagement rings, wedding rings, gold chains, and so much more. As a cash for gold pawn shop, we are also dental gold buyers near me and just overall gold buyers. We will give you cash for gold of all types, on the spot!


Even if you don't want to take the short drive to Virginia Beach from the Chesapeake area, we've got you covered. Our years of experience began with Greenbrier Pawn, which is located in the Greenbrier Station area of Chesapeake. Therefore, if you're looking for gold and coin buyers in that area, visit our other location! We pay the most cash for valuable metal and jewelry at either store!


Selling Gold Jewelry in Chesapeake?
Stop in to our sister store Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry for the same great service.


Glenda Craddock or Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

Work with us and you're working with family. Our Son Dane runs Hilltop Pawn and our Daughter Nina runs all three stores out of Greenbrier Pawn. We do well When you do well.

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