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Who Pays the Most for My Gold? | Hilltop Pawn


If you have gold that you're looking to sell, you could be wondering....who pays the most for gold? It's only natural to want to get paid the best price when you're selling gold jewelry, scrap gold, and other gold items. You can get paid the best gold prices by selling to Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry. Not only do we pay the highest price, but we're considered one of the best places to sell gold for other reasons, too...for example, we have years of experience with gold buying and selling, and we always offer the best customer service. Gather up your gold bullion, gold coins, gold jewelry and more, and come see us at our Virginia Beach pawn shop and jewelry store. It doesn't take a long time at all to get extra cash for unwanted jewelry and other physical gold items.


Who Pays the Most for Gold in Virginia Beach?

When selling gold jewelry, dental gold, and other gold, you do have a few different options. Of course, you first have the option to deal with an online or by-mail gold have probably seen or heard about these gold buyers before, and you might have wondered if this is a good way to sell your gold. Although some people have had great experiences when selling their gold like this, there are a few reasons to reconsider it. For one thing, you have to be mindful of the many scams that are out there. This isn't to say that all online gold buyers are illegitimate...this is not the case at all. However, there are some not-so-legitimate online gold dealers, and sometimes, it's hard to tell the difference. Additionally, you have to worry about things like the risk of your gold getting lost in the mail along the way, and you may have to wait to get paid.


Instead, you may want to consider selling your gold to a local gold buyer. This allows you to get quick cash, since you can get paid on the spot if you choose the right local buyer. Additionally, you don't have to worry about potential mail issues, nor do you have to worry about scams if you choose a reputable, well-known local gold buyer.


​Of course, who is going to be the best local gold buyer depends on where you're located. If you're located in Virginia Beach, you can always count on Hilltop Pawn Shop. We are known for high payout prices and excellent customer service, and we've been in the community for a long time. Many customers have come to us to get express gold cash, and you can come see us to get paid for your gold today, too!


​How Much Will I Get for My Gold at Hilltop Pawn?

You may have heard that Hilltop Pawn makes the best offer on gold, but you could be curious about just how much that offer will be. Of course, the price range that you will be paid depends on the specific item that you bring in. Luckily, you don't have to keep wondering how much you will get paid for very long...we'll assess your pieces of jewelry and other gold items on the spot!


Get an Offer on Your Gold Today at Our Pawn & Jewelry Store

How much gold is worth depends on so many different things. The current price of gold, the specific gold items you bring in, and various other factors heavily impact your offer. Because we have to look at various different things when making an offer on gold, we can't make you an offer over the telephone. Instead, you'll need to bring your gold items to our store so we can look at them in person.


You don't have to have an appointment to get an offer, nor do you have to come in on a specific day or at a specific time. Our pawn and jewelry store is open six days a week, and you can come in any time that we are open. Just let one of our staff know that you are hoping to get an offer on your gold, and they'll help you out in no time. Generally, the process only takes about 10 or 15 minutes, so you'll have answers in no time.


Free, No Obligation Offers on Gold Jewelry & More

Are you unsure of whether you want to sell your gold necklaces or pure gold bars? We understand, and it's normal to want to know how much you'll get paid before you decide whether or not to sell. We assess all different types of gold on the spot for free, and there's never any obligation to sell just because we assess your gold. We'll make you an offer, and it's up to you whether or not you want to sell. Once you see just how much we offer for fine jewelry and other gold, we think you'll want to make the sale!


Why Does Hilltop Pawn Pay the Most for Gold?

​Are you wondering why we are the highest paying gold and diamond buyers? Well, for one thing, we are a pre-owned jewelry store. Customers come to us every day looking for everything from gold wedding bands to gold engagement rings to gold necklaces. In order for us to keep up the inventory that our customers have come to expect us to have, we have to buy gold jewelry regularly. Because of that, we will buy your gold estate jewelry, and we'll make you a competitive offer so you'll sell to us instead of our competitors.


Of course, it isn't just gold jewelry that we pay a lot for. We have a reputation for being a high paying gold buyer, and we want to maintain that reputation. This means we make great offers on scrap gold jewelry, gold nuggets, and more. If you want to sell your yellow gold or white gold for the highest price, sell to us, and you won't be disappointed.

What Type of Gold is Worth the Most Money?

If you're hoping to get the most fast cash, you could be wondering what type of gold is worth the most money. Naturally, some gold items are worth more than others. Rest assured, though, we will pay you the best possible price for any gold item that you bring to us. The best way to find out which items will net you as much money as possible is to bring your different items to us. We'd be happy to make you an offer on each individual piece.


Gold Jewelry, Gold Coins & Other Items of Value

The first thing you should understand about selling gold is that some items are worth the melt value, while others are worth more as an entire piece. For example, rare gold coins, fine gold watches, or good-quality gold jewelry might be worth more than their melt value. You will generally get paid the most for these items. Broken gold jewelry that is repairable may be worth more than the melt value, too, particularly if it features diamonds or gemstones. Irreparable jewelry or dental scrap will be purchased based on its melt value, which might be more than you think, particularly if it's heavy in weight and has a high concentration of gold.


Gold Purity: From 10K to 24K Gold

Most gold jewelry isn't actually pure gold, which is 24K gold. Pure gold is soft, making it impractical for wearing. Most gold jewelry is either 10K, 14K, or 18K gold. What does this mean? Basically, it refers to the percentage of gold vs. other alloys. 10K gold has the least amount of actual gold, while 18K gold is much closer to pure gold. As you can likely imagine, the more gold content that an item has, the more it's worth, when all other things are equal. Generally, the gold content is printed on the item. However, if you don't know the purity of your gold item, don't worry. We have ways of testing it, so we can figure it out when you bring it in.


How Gold Weight Impacts Price

We have very precise scales that we use to weigh out gold items when making an offer. Are you wondering why we weigh out gold items when making an offer? Well, when you sell your gold for its melt value, the two things that impact your offer are the weight of your items and the purity of your gold. 


​The Many Advantages of Selling Gold at Hilltop Pawn

We aren't the only gold buyers out there who can make you an offer for your gold. There are both online and local buyers you can work with. If you're in Virginia Beach or elsewhere around Hampton Roads, your best choice is to sell to Hilltop Pawn.


We Buy Gold as Your Trusted Local Gold Buyer

When selling gold, it's important to look for a reputable buyer that you can trust. You'll want to sell to a gold buyer who has years of experience and who can accurately assess the value of your gold items, no matter what you bring in. At Hilltop Pawn, we have been in the business for years, and our knowledgeable staff are all experienced in valuing gold. Additionally, our reputation is important to us, so we will do everything we can to make sure you are happy with the entire gold selling process. We are the local gold dealer you can count on to make you a fair deal, no matter what type of gold or how much gold you're selling!


Get Cash for Gold on the Spot Today

Not only do you probably want to get paid higher prices for your gold, but you're likely hoping to get paid for it as soon as you can, too. One reason why many people like to sell to us is because we pay on the spot. If you're in a bind and need cash right now, or if you're just hoping to get the transaction over with as quickly as possible, visit our pawn and jewelry store today. 


We are well-known in the community as the reputable gold buyer that pays on the spot. Since the process generally only takes about 10 or 15 minutes, you can have more money in your pocket in no time!


Get Paid the Most for Your Gold

There is no reason to sell items with gold content to a buyer who doesn't truly value it. Instead, visit Hilltop Pawn, where we'll pay you what you deserve based on the full market value of your gold. Because we are primarily a jewelry store, we value gold jewelry higher than the average gold buyer, since we know most gold jewelry is worth more than just its melt value alone. However, even if you have gold bullion bars or scrap gold, you can get paid more by selling to us. We offer competitive pricing on gold items of all different types.


Sell All of Your Precious Metals to Hilltop Pawn

Not only do we pay competitive prices for golden items, but we're involved in the precious metals market in other ways, too. When you bring us your unwanted gold, you can bring us other precious metals as well. We are also platinum and silver buyers, and we pay top prices. 


We buy silver jewelry, silver coins, silver bullion, and so on. We also buy loose diamonds and precious stones! Bring your items of value to us, and get paid more today!

Who Pays the Most for Gold? | Hilltop Pawn

When you're selling your jewelry or other valuables, it only makes sense to ask yourself, "Who pays the most for gold?." "Who pays the most for gold jewelry?," "Who pays the most for scrap gold?," and similar questions. We get it! Why sell your gold for less than you deserve? If you're looking for the highest paying gold buyers, visit us today. We are the pawn shop that pays the most for gold, so there's no reason to keep looking for the highest paying gold buyers. We are the ones you can count on when you're wondering who pays the most money for gold, so come see us so we can make a deal!!

Dental Gold Buyers Near Me in Virginia Beach

You probably know it isn't too difficult to find someone who will buy gold jewelry. If you're been looking up "Who pays the most for gold jewelry," you've probably gotten a lot of answers. If you have unconventional gold, on the other hand, you might be wondering who buys scrap gold near me or you could be looking for dental gold buyers near me. We have been dealing with gold for a long time, and we know that gold doesn't have to be pretty to be worth money. Bring us your scrap gold, broken gold jewelry, or dental gold. We'd love to make you an offer!


There are many services that you can take advantage of at pawn shops, including the option to sell your gold for cash. Bring us one single piece of jewelry or multiple gold bars...we'll buy all of it, on the spot. Plus, our payment method is always cash, so you never have to worry about cashing a check or waiting for the money to be deposited in your bank account. Come see us at Hilltop Pawn's a great way to get paid top dollar for old gold jewelry and much more.


Ask Us About a Pawn Loan Instead


If you would prefer not to lose your items, you can always ask us about a Pawn Loan. The process is similar to selling an item, but instead of keeping it, we’ll just hold it as collateral. Then, you’ll be able to retrieve your item when you come in and pay off your loan. This is a good option for those who need money now but who don’t want to sell their items permanently. If you later decide that you do not want your item back, however, you can simply leave it with us and forget about paying back the loan. There are no negative repercussions for doing so, and you can always come back in later to make another sale or take out another loan with no problems.

Contact Us with Questions

Please don't hesitate to hit the call now button to ask any questions you might have. Our son Dane runs this store and our daughter Nina runs Greenbrier and oversees all three and will gladly spend some time explaining how everything works. Call and ask for her right now.

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