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Cash Loans Quick and Easy in Virginia Beach

Cash Loans for Bad Credit, What Exactly are They?

     Cash loans can have several variations of definition depending on the loan terms, your financial needs, and the type of loan you get from any number of lenders available. In short, Cash Loans are generally short-term personal loans offered by a direct lender. Now lots of factors play into getting a fast cash loan, but even these depend on the type of lender you chose. It you go to a bank or traditional financial institution your credit score plays a huge role. If you have bad credit then this route is a non-starter. The loan application would be a waste of time. If you go to a Payday lender then you run the risk of having this reported to the credit bureau and damaging or adding to your bad credit. More about that in a bit. Auto title loan lenders are also available in some states. Be very careful with your auto title. Most likely that car is your means of getting back and forth to your place of employment. These loans have been banned in many states, like payday loans, so use extreme caution. Your local Pawn Shop might be the financial solution to an unexpected bill or the financial situation you find yourself in. 

Why are Pawn Loans the Safest Type of Loan

     When it comes to Quick Cash Loans for Bad Credit, Pawn Shops are the safest type of loan available on the market today for barrowers with less-than-perfect-credit. In some cases Pawn Shops are the best place to borrow cash with good credit, because they don’t report the lending activity to anyone. Here is a why Pawn Shops thrive when other lenders like payday lenders, title loans, and next paycheck loans are banned by states all over the country.

          Easy Loan Application

     In the most basic sense the pawn loan application doesn’t actually exist. What I mean is the application process is done verbally with no actual loan application to fill out. The borrower simply uses their Driver’s License or other government issued ID to request the loan based on the collateral they present to the pawnbroker. So to apply for a pawn loan you simply come to the store with the item you want to use as collateral. In most cases you can also call ahead to insure the item you are thinking of is an acceptable item for the size of loan you want to receive.

          How Much Can I Borrow From a Pawn Shop

     The amount you can borrow is based on collateral not your credit history or credit worthiness. Here at Hilltop Pawn Shop we lend $5 to $50,000 based strictly on the value of your collateral. So let’s say you need to barrow $2000. You might have a Diamond Engagement Ring or maybe a Rolex Watch or any number of other items. The loan can be based on the value of one item or a number of different items. As you well know, some items are worth more than other items so the property brought in will be appraised for resale value and the amount allowed toward a loan will be established from that. There is no definitive list of items we take. As we say on TV we take anything of value. 

  • Diamond and Gold Jewelry

  • Gemstone Jewelry

  • Engagement Rings

  • Vintage Jewelry

  • Antique Engagement Rings

  • Estate Jewelry

  • Rolex Watches

  • Omega Watches

  • High Quality Watches

  • Designer Jewelry

  • Computers, Electronics

  • Instruments

  • We Take Anything of Value

If you need $200, $2000 or $20,000 just give us a call or stop in with your collateral. Hilltop Pawn Shop in Virginia Beach or our Sister Store Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake can make the loan you need today.

          Loan Terms Set By Borrower and State

     The pawn loan terms, such as length of loan and amount of loan are set by the borrower. Meaning regardless of anything else the borrower may return and redeem his or her loan at anytime from next day to years later. The only stipulation is that a monthly renewal fee must be paid monthly to keep the loan in good standing. When the renewal fee is paid it automatically extends the loan for another month. This can be done as many times as the borrower wishes. During that time the loan terms never change from the original agreed upon loan contract. The renewal fee simply adds a month to the due date of the loan. The amount of the renewal fee is set by state code here in Virginia as is the effective annual interest rate percentage. State code outlines exactly what Pawn Shops can charge and the time periods of the loans and the defaulting of those loans for non-payment. Here in the state of Virginia you’ll discover all pawn shops charge the same rates but the difference is how much high end stores will lend you on your item. 

          No Credit Check Required

     A Pawn Shop Loan is a No Credit Check Loan. In the pawn business as I spoke of above we are a collateral lender. This means we not only don’t check you credit we really don’t care how good or bad your credit might be. You see if you default on a loan instead of taking you to court and damaging your credit we simply keep your collateral and sell it to recoup the cash we lent you and make a profit on the loan. In fact we would rather not have your goods and prefer you to keep making monthly payments to make a profit. But in the end we are not upset if you let your loan default. In fact, even a default on your part doesn’t hurt your ability to receive another loan from us. We are happy to extend credit to everyone.

          No Credit Reporting

     As I stated above since we don’t use your credit to decide loan worthiness we have no reason or ability to report a defaulted loan or late payment to any credit agency. Any credit decision on our part is related to your loan collateral and nothing else. 

          Payday Loans vrs Pawn Shop Loans

     There is an entire page dedicated to Payday loans vrs Pawn Shop Loans so I won’t repeat the entire article here. However, the basics are quite simple:

                        Pawn Shop Loans

  • No Credit Checks

  • No Credit Reporting

  • Based on Collateral

  • Rates Set by the State

  • Been Around for a Thousand Years

  • Will NOT Affect your Future at All


                        Payday Loans

  • No Credit Check

  • Must have Job

  • Takes your Check so has Bank Account Info

  • Banned in 22 States as Predatory Lending

  • Reports to Credit Bureaus

  • Can Ruin Credit and Thus Your Future

Quick Cash Loans for Bad Credit

When it comes to short-term loans credit cards are probably the quickest. However, many people find they can’t use their card for various reasons or they simply don’t have a card to use. You might find an online lender, but be warned online loans like next payday loans carry higher interest rates and typically only offer small cash advance loans. A small loan of a few hundred dollars is a high price for a quick loan that can completely ruin your future credit worthiness. If you’ve had credit difficulties or financial problems from an unexpected bill like medical bills, car troubles, household appliance issues or whatever has caused you to need and emergency loan Hilltop Pawn can Help. Our short-term pawn loans are the safest and most private way to get the Cash loan you need today. Give us a call today!

Quick Cash Loans Bad Credit No Problem

You can take out quick cash loans today. We offer cash loans for bad credit. In fact, you can take out quick cash loans today without us ever running your credit score! There's no reason to look for online loans in Virginia. The fact is, many online loan sites are scams, or at the very least, they are predatory. Why risk it when you can get a quick cash loan from a trusted local business instead? There's really no easier way for a person who has poor credit to take out a loan. Plus, if you need more time to pay your loan back, that's not a problem either...we grant extensions. Do you have questions about our cash loans? We are here and ready to answer your questions!

You Can Get Cash Loans Now! We Offer Quick Loans Today!

You don't have to wait to take out a quick cash loan. We are even faster than the companies that advertise online loans in Virginia. We grant cash loans on the spot, and we're open 6 days a week. When you need quick cash loans, we are the solution. It only takes a few minutes for us to assess the value of your collateral, and we'll hand you cash on the spot.


Jewelry Loans

Here at Hilltop Pawn Shop we make loans on anything of value but most people use Gold and Diamond Jewelry to get the most money. Any gold, diamond, platinum or silver jewelry.


Quick Cash Loans Bad Credit

When you discover you need a cash loan it's normally because something happened right now. You may need a loan today. No Problem. Most loans take about 5 mins. Call us today


Best Pawn Shop VA Beach

When you need a pawn shop there is one family that comes to mind. The Craddock's of Greenbrier Pawn and Hilltop Pawn. With our kids now running the show you'll get the same great service as ever.

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