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What is the 14K Gold Price Per Gram at a Pawn Shop in Virginia Beach?

What is the 14K gold price per gram? Specifically, how much will a pawn shop in Virginia Beach pay for your 14K gold necklace or other jewelry? Customers ask us all the time about the current gold price. After all, the current price of a precious metal heavily impacts how much we are able to offer our valued customers when they sell us their unwanted yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, and so on. Regardless of what the current gold prices are, selling to Hilltop Pawn is a popular choice if you're in Virginia Beach. We know the value of gold in general, and we keep close track of the daily price of gold. Gold is always in high demand around here, and we'd love to buy your fine jewelry and other items with gold content on the spot!

What is the 14K Gold Price Per Gram? | Hilltop Pawn

As you might already know, a karat system is used to designate the purity of gold. As any gold buyer or person who has experience with gold can tell you, the value of an item on the gold market depends quite a bit on the gold content in the item, whether it's a piece of fine jewelry or something else. 14K gold isn't as valuable as pure gold bars, after all, but it has higher gold pricing than 10K gold because it has a higher concentration of gold alloys.

What impacts the purchase price that we will pay for your gold as your local gold buyers? Well, it mostly boils down to the latest live gold prices. Exchange rates for gold alloy depends on a few things. US dollar gold value is based highly on market demand. Current market price depends on the stock market trends, geopolitical events, and a number of other things. We keep track of the current price of gold in real time, and we make offers on 14K gold engagement rings & other items accordingly.

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What Kinds of 14K Gold & Gold Items Can You Sell at a Pawn Shop?

Wondering what kinds of gold items you can sell at a pawn shop? That depends on the pawn shop you visit, but at Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry, we buy gold of all different types. Whether the purity of the gold is 10K or 24K, we buy. We buy different gold colors...yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. We buy necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, scrap gold, gold bars, gold bullion & more.

Why Sell 14K Gold & More at a Virginia Beach Pawn Shop?

Why sell your 14K gold wedding band or other 14K gold to a Virginia Beach pawn shop? Well, we always have up to date information about the value of gold, and we pay fairly. We pay on the spot, so there's no wait, and no risk of dealing with potentially shady online dealers. Plus, we pay for any diamonds or other valuable gemstones set in your gold jewelry, so you can get paid more for your gold items because of that, too.

Whether you have a 14K gold ring or other gold jewelry -- or even if you have scrap gold -- we understand the value of your gold here at Hilltop Pawn, even if it does change from day to day. We carefully follow the current United States gold price as local gold buyers & gold dealers, and knowing the worth of gold is our job. Plus, we've been in the gold and jewelry industry for a long time, so testing things like the purity of your gold is easy. If you're in a financial crisis and need cash now, or if you just want to sell your gold while gold prices are high, selling to Hilltop Pawn is an ideal choice.

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