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Who Buys Loose Diamonds Near Me in Virginia Beach?

Who buys diamonds is a common question, but many people who ask are actually selling diamond estate jewelry, such as diamond engagement rings or diamond wedding rings. We do offer the best place to sell an unwanted piece of jewelry, but did you know that as top diamond buyers, we also buy loose diamonds for a higher price? There's no reason to look at online buyers when you can deal with your favorite local diamond buyers & diamond sellers here at Hilltop Pawn. Paying top dollar and offering you the best possible customer service is what we do here!

Have Loose Diamonds You Want to Sell? Visit Hilltop Pawn

You might know that we pay the maximum value for all types of diamond and gold jewelry, as well as luxury brand watches. You might have cleaned out unwanted, old jewelry from your jewelry box to sell to us before, and you likely know that we pay the best fair market value for all types of jewelry and luxury watches that you want to sell!

If you don't have experience with selling loose diamonds to us, stop by! In addition to buying your estate diamond jewelry, we will also pay you a more than fair price for any loose diamonds that you have and want to get rid of. Whether you have a petite diamond, a larger diamond, or something in-between, we have years of experience in paying the top diamond prices, and we truly offer the best way to sell your loose diamonds!

Loose diamond in tweezers

How Are Loose Diamonds Valued at a Pawn & Jewelry Store? | Who Buys Diamonds

When we buy diamond jewelry, we look at a variety of different things. For example, sometimes, we're able to pay higher prices for high-demand designer pieces. We look at the precious metals that make up the jewelry, as well as other factors. Of course, all of this is in addition to the value of the diamond.

When we're buying loose diamonds, obviously, all we look at is the diamond's value. This isn't necessarily a bad thing...after all, with a lot of diamond jewelry, the majority of the value of the jewelry is based on the diamond (or diamonds) that are set in the piece.

So, what do we do to determine the value of a diamond? For one thing, believe it or not, we look at the shape of the diamond. This is because different diamond cuts have different values. Round diamonds are more expensive to cut and are also the most popular diamonds on the planet, so naturally, they are worth more money.

Of course, diamond shape isn't the only thing we look at. Another thing we look at is the carat size of the diamond. Carat weight heavily impacts how much a diamond is worth. Larger diamonds are obviously worth more money than smaller diamonds in most cases. However, don't assume you won't get paid much for your smaller diamonds...even small diamonds can have a high retail value, and we always offer competitive prices on diamonds of all sizes.

Color is another thing we consider when we're valuing diamonds. You might assume all colorless diamonds are the same. This is not true. Diamonds that are of a higher quality are much more clear. Lower-quality diamonds are tinted more of a yellow color.

Lastly, we consider clarity. If you aren't familiar with a jewelry industry, you might not know what this means. Basically, it refers to how many (or how few) inclusions or imperfections on the inside or outside of the diamond. Some of these imperfections aren't easily seen with the naked eye. However, they do impact the value of a diamond.

We will take care of everything when you bring your diamond to us for appraisal. We will perform your diamond or jewelry appraisal on the spot!

Not only will we buy your diamond ring or diamond earrings, but we will also buy your loose stones! Visit our fine jewelry store and pawn shop, and let us pay you the best price today! We buy diamonds of all shapes and sizes as your local reputable diamond buyers here in Virginia Beach!

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