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How Much is an 18K Gold Necklace Worth at a Pawn Shop in Virginia Beach?

How much is an 18K gold necklace worth at a pawn shop? You might be wondering about an 18K gold necklace cost if you have an unwanted necklace that you'd love to sell. We would love to take a look at your gold jewellery and make you an offer based on current market prices, and we deal with gold on a daily basis! Come find out the worth of your gold, and walk away with cash in your pocket today.

How Much is 18K Gold Worth? What Impacts Gold Price?

So, how much is 18K gold worth? First, you must understand what the term "18K gold" really means. Basically, it means your item is made from 75% gold and 25% other alloys. This is a more valuable gold type than 10K or 14K gold, which are both commonly used for jewelry (and also still valuable). However, it's not quite as valuable as pure gold, which is 100% gold and is commonly known as 24K gold.

The purity of your gold is not the only thing that impacts its value. Is it only worth its melt value (also known as scrap value), or does your necklace have a pretty diamond, ruby, or other valuable gemstone? Is it in good condition, or is it broken? Is it from a popular designer, and is it an in-demand type of jewellery item? If you're curious about resale prices for your gold, it's a good idea to visit Hilltop Pawn, a popular choice among Virginia Beach residents. We know the importance of gold and the value of gold, and we'll pay you as much as possible!

Gold necklaces and jewelry

How Much is an 18K Gold Necklace Worth at a Pawn Shop?

The value of your gold necklace at a pawn shop depends on all of the factors above, as well as one big thing -- which pawn shop are you selling to? Some pawn shops are more like jewelry stores and understand the value of popular brands like Tiffany & Co., popular and trendy styles, and pieces that have gemstones. Others don't focus on this type of thing and only pay attention to the purity of gold and weight of gold, without looking at anything else. We look at various factors here and have a great reputation for paying the most for gold necklaces and more, so come see us!

Sell All Types of Gold Jewelry & More

If you don't have an 18K gold necklace to sell, don't's still entirely possible to take advantage of today's gold prices and put some money in your pocket. As the foremost authority on gold & precious metals here in Virginia Beach, we should be the only potential buyers you consider when selling all different types of gold items. We offer highly competitive pricing on 18K gold necklaces and so much more, including:

  • Gold bracelets

  • Gold rings

  • Gold engagement rings

  • Real gold chain

  • Yellow gold, rose gold, yellow gold

...and so much more! From a yellow gold princess cut engagement ring to pretty much any piece of jewelry that is made from gold, we'd love to make you an offer.

Also, remember that we pay better prices for other items made from gold, too! In addition to buying pretty much any form of jewelry made from gold, we buy gold bars, pure gold bullion, scrap gold, and much more. The value of your gold depends on your particular piece, of course, so gather up any type of jewelry or gold, and come see us. We will make you the best deal on your gold piece today!

Hilltop Pawn is a trusted gold buyer right here in Virginia Beach. From 18 karat gold jewelry pieces to solid gold bars & more, we buy it all! You can get a free, zero-obligation offer, so you have nothing to lose by visiting us here. We have a great reputation in the gold and diamond trade, and we'd love to make you yet another happy customer!



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