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What is the Scrap Gold Price at a Pawn Shop Today? | Hilltop Pawn

Scrap gold price varies, just like all precious metals values vary from day to day. If you are curious about the value of your scrap gold, you can definitely check out this post and some of the other information on our website. We even have a live gold price tracker that you can check out if you'd like to know the current live gold price. If you specifically want to know the value of your gold, visit us, your local jewelers and scrap gold dealers...we'll pay you the best price on the spot, without hidden fees or surprises. We buy scrap gold jewelry and so much more as your local gold buyers, and we always pay the best possible price based on current Troy ounce gold prices, the weight of your item, purity level, and so on. Visit or call for an instant buy price on your item!

What is the Scrap Gold Price at a Pawn Shop in Virginia Beach?

We can't tell you off the bat what the scrap gold price is, since there are many variables. We can tell you that we understand gold value and always strive to pay the highest price. The first thing that impacts scrap gold value is the current gold rate, which varies daily based on market conditions, demand, and more. Next, we look at gold purity...pure gold scrap is worth more than 10K gold scrap, although both have value. The amount of gold and weight of gold that you bring in matters, too. We will check the purity of your gold, pay attention to the current spot price of gold, and weigh your gold when you come in. We'll also look for diamonds and other items of value in your piece that might help you get more money. If you want to know the scrap gold price that you'll be paid, come see us, and you can get answers in no time.

A pile of gold jewelry alongside a stack of US currency

Why Sell Scrap Gold to Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry?

Perhaps you've noticed that the live market price for pure gold and items with gold content are high. If so, you may have decided now is time for you to sell your scrap metals, such as gold fillings or broken gold necklaces and bracelets. If you're wondering where to sell, visit Hilltop Pawn. We pay fast, there are never any hidden charges, and you can deal face-to-face with a local who has been in the business for a long time. Plus, you can get an offer with no hassle or obligation. There's no reason not to come see us today!

There's no reason to keep scrap broken jewelry in your jewelry box any longer. If you have an irreparable gold ring, dental scrap and dental gold, or other scrap gold items that you want to sell, Hilltop Pawn is truly the best place to sell. Unlike some of the other pawn shops out there, we always offer great prices based on the current gold market price. Plus, we consider things like the value of any diamonds or valuable stones set in your piece, too. Don't just take us at face value...bring your dental fillings, gold nuggets, and scrap gold jewelry by when it's convenient for you. You'll see we're a reputable dealer you can trust when you walk away with cash in your pocket for your junk silver and gold.

White gold, three-stone diamond engagement ring

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