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3 Reasons to Sell a Gun to a Pawn Shop in Virginia Beach

Are you hoping to sell a gun sometime in the near future? Are you looking for a private individual who will buy your gun, or are you looking for a local gun store that will purchase your gun? As many gun owners in Hampton Roads know, you should consider dealing with a licensed dealer when you want to sell a firearm of pretty much any type. These are some of the reasons to consider visiting a trusted local place of business during normal business hours to sell your firearm for extra cash. Luckily, here at Hilltop Pawn, we're here six days a week and ready to help any potential customers will selling their firearms in the best way possible.

Glenda holding a handgun

1. Sell a Gun the Fast & Easy Way at Hilltop Pawn Shop

We buy guns in accordance with all of the applicable laws and regulations every day that we're open. Maybe you want to sell your gun as fast as possible, so you're looking for potential buyers who are looking to buy a gun right away, or you could be looking for the soonest upcoming local gun shows. We get it...sometimes, selling an unwanted gun is a good way to get cash when you need it the most. Private transactions can be time-consuming, and it may take a while before you find someone who wants to buy your gun. Why not sell to a local gun shop and pawn store that will buy your gun on the spot? At Hilltop Pawn, you'll have cash in your pocket in no time. We'll pay a fair price, follow all state and federal regulations, and get you paid as soon as possible. It's a super fast and super easy way to handle the sale of firearms of all different types.

2. Stay Safe & Follow the Law When Selling a Gun

It's important to take the transfer of a firearm very seriously. Following requirements related to selling a gun can be challenging, particularly if you don't usually sell or trade firearms and don't really know that much about local, state, and federal law. Trusted firearms dealers like Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry are well-aware of all of the necessary laws related to selling an older or like new firearm. We know about the gun show loophole and the issues that can go along with it. We know about the problems that can go along with selling a gun to a prohibited person, such as someone who can't pass a background check because of previous convictions or pending criminal charges. Why sell to a private buyer and take all of these legal risks? Plus, you have to keep yourself safe when selling a used firearm, and you definitely don't want to fall victim to some type of scam along the way. When dealing with pawn and gun shops like Hilltop Pawn, you can feel comfort in knowing you're selling to a trusted local business. Plus, you will know that you're following all federal and state laws when selling to a reputable federal firearms licensee like us, and there will be a proper bill of sale and record of the transaction. Transfer the ownership of the firearm that you no longer want in a manner you can feel comfortable with by selling to us.

3. Sell a Gun for More Money at the Right Pawn Shop

Believe it or not, with private sales, it's sometimes difficult to find someone who will pay you what you deserve for your gun. This is true whether you're selling a handgun or a couple of long guns. Basically, when you're operating as a private seller and handling your own private gun sales, you're hoping to find a buyer who is knowledgeable and appreciative about the quality of your gun and what your gun is worth. From older to like new guns, you can get paid what you deserve by selling to us at Hilltop Pawn! There's no reason to deal with close relatives who will try to low ball you or strangers who don't know what your gun is worth....come get paid what you deserve today, and put more money in your bank account!

​As you can see, for so many people, the best and easiest way to handle firearm sales is to sell to a trusted pawn shop that follows all firearm regulations at the state and federal level, rather than selling to a private citizen. At Hilltop Pawn, we might seem more like a jewelry store than anything (which isn't inaccurate, by the way!), but we have many years of experience dealing with firearms. We'd love to pay you top dollar for your gun on the spot!

Nina holding $500 in cash

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