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Use a Firearm for a Cash Loan from a Pawn Shop | Hilltop Pawn

Decided a cash loan is what will help with your current financial situation? Thinking about taking out a short-term loan from a pawn shop like Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry? If you want a loan on the spot, have credit difficulties, or just want to make sure the borrowing experience is as easy and pleasant as possible, pawn shop cash loans may just be a great option. Of course, with these financial products, you have to have collateral, since pawn loans are collateral loans.

If you've been thinking about visiting Hilltop Pawn for your loan, you might have thought about bringing some type of jewelry to use as collateral. However, we do accept other items of value for a fast cash loan here, including firearms. Although you might not typically think of us as a gun store, we would love to grant you one of our quick cash loan products on a firearm!

​Less Than Perfect Credit Never Matters on a Firearm Cash Loan

​Whether you're pawning your firearm in hopes of getting by until your next paycheck, covering unexpected medical bills, preventing overdraft fees, or for any other reason, we do not care about your less-than-perfect credit when you come to us. Pawning a firearm is a truly convenient way to get a fast and easy loan approval, regardless of your FICO score or credit report. In fact, we won't even perform a credit check at all when you come to us for your financial needs! Credit score literally never matters at Hilltop Pawn Shop...we also don't care if you have a bank account, a short employment history, or a low income.


We Will Make a Cash Loan on Many Firearms

We will offer you a cash loan on pretty much any firearm. Of course, you'll be eligible for higher loan amounts if you bring in more valuable firearms or if you bring in multiple firearms, so keep this in mind when you're checking your gun safe and looking for your top picks for your loan. We take handguns, shotguns and rifles from all of the major gun manufacturers, as well as more obscure models and brands. Smith & Wesson, GLOCK, Remington, Springfield Armory, and Sig Sauer are just a few examples of brands that we commonly work with. 

​We Buy Guns | Sell a Gun vs. Pawning to Get Cash

Maybe you aren't actually interested in entering into a loan agreement at all. Instead, you could be thinking about selling your gun. We buy guns, and you never have to worry about us paying the lowest rates. We know how much your gun is worth, and we'd love to make you a quick cash offer on it. Plus, when buying guns, we follow all local, state, and federal law. We'll need your ID to take down your personal information, perform an identity verification and to fill out the necessary paperwork, but selling a gun to us is truly fast and easy, and it's a great way to get some extra cash on the spot to put in your pocket or checking account. Visit and let our friendly customer service staff know that you're interested in selling a gun...we will help you get your gun sold in no time, all in accordance with federal and state regulations!

Need a little money to get by until your next payday? Hoping to use the loan proceeds for unexpected bills and expenses? There's no loan application, no credit decision, and no hassle when you use your firearm to take out a pawn loan at Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry. Skip the online lenders, payday loan options, installment loans, online loans, and title loans, and come see us for all of your personal loans. Even though you might not usually think about pawn shops when you think about financial institutions, our local family business will make a fast and easy lending decision and provide you with the best borrowing experience.

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