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  • Buy Diamonds

    Buy Diamonds

    A pawn shop is one of the best places to buy diamond jewelry. Before reality television started shedding a different light on pawn shops, people had many misconceptions about how exactly pawn shops work.

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  • Watches


    Hilltop Pawn offers many different products to its customers, and has been doing so since its doors opened in 2010. In addition to being able to provide top-dollar loans and jewelry in varying sizes and shapes.

  • Buy and Sell Jewelry

    Buy and Sell Jewelry

    Hilltop is happy to be one of the best places to buy and sell gold jewelry in Virginia Beach. There are plenty of other pawn shops and jewelry stores that will claim to offer similar services, however, Hilltop stands apart from the rest because we specialize in gold jewelry.

    Buy and Sell Jewelry
  • We Buy Gold

    We Buy Gold

    The recession has made it very hard for some people to get bank loans without damaging their credit in the long run. Payday loans online seem like a good option on the surface, but aren’t the best thing to do.

    We Buy Gold
  • Loans


    When it comes to looking for a loan and settling your heart on a pawn shop as the avenue for your funding, you’ll probably make a search for the top loan lenders in Virginia Beach. But there are many pawn shops in the area that would tout themselves as one of the top loan lenders in Virginia Beach.


Welcome to Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry Store

How a Pawn Shop Works

Get a Pawn Shop Loan

            So you need a short term loan. Lending cash is what Hilltop Pawn Shop does, and we do it every day all day long. Getting a cash loan is easier and faster than you think. The process is simple: Bring your quality merchandise in and we’ll appraise it based on a number of factors and in short order we will make you an offer. If you like that offer, then we will begin the pawn loan process. You get your money right then if the loan is under $2500. If the loan is over you get the part over $2500 in a check, per federal law. At the end of the 30 day pawn or personal loan period you have three options. You may return any time and pay off the loan contract and redeem your merchandise. Next you can renew the loan by paying the renewal fee if you want to keep your item but don’t currently have the cash needed for redemption. Lastly, you don’t have to return at all. We will take ownership of the merchandise and offer it for sale to replace the cash we lent on the item. Defaulting on an item does not damage your credit with our store in any way. We are plenty willing to extend loans in the future regardless of previous lending activities. People who do business with us continue to do so. Why? Because we care about every person that walks in our door and will strive to solve your problem. That's why we are the Best Pawn Shop in Virginia Beach.


Watch Henry set a 1.5 ct Diamond Engagement Ring

Personal Loans  

  A loan can take many forms. A personal loan is simply a loan to you based on your credit. However, the world has changed and even personal loans use collateral. As a result, the reality is a Pawn Loan is a personal loan. Come by or call us today to talk about getting yours.

Loans for Bad Credit

            Here at Hilltop Pawn Shop or any of our three area stores we don’t use your credit to decide if you are loan worthy. Instead your collateral is your credit. This is how we offer loans for bad credit. Even if you fail to return for a loan we do not report to credit agencies or use your history for future lending activity. We are a non-recourse lender by definition. So take the headache out of bad credit loans.


Watch Liz Create a Pair of 1.5 ct Diamond Stud Earrings

Rolex Watches

            Hilltop Pawn has long been one of the largest lenders of cash on Rolex Watches. Regardless of the age or condition we are happy to make offers on all Rolex’s. Rolex, Cartier, Omega, and many others are an item that warrant large loans as a result we see them quite often.

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Engagement Ring Loans

            Diamond engagement rings bring larger amounts of money on loans and as a result we see lots of them. The size and quality of of the diamond will determine how large of a loan you can get. Like anything else higher quality goods are worth more money. Additionally, we often give a premium loan on antique or vintage engagement rings.

Gold and Platinum Jewelry

            We take all items made of precious metals. We buy gold jewelry, platinum jewelry and Silver flatware. Remember, like our commercials say Gold is Gold old or broken its still worth money and a lot of it in some cases.

Electronics and Musical Instruments

            We have a saying: We take any item of value five to fifty thousand dollars, Diamonds to Dozers. Basically we take anything you can bring in that has a sellable value. Come by today or call and see what you can turn to cash.

Sell Your Valuables

            Remember we not only loan money on valuable merchandise but will will also buy those items outright from you. It’s an easy process. Stop in with your item and we will put a number on it. Easy as can be.

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Diamond Wedding & Engagement Rings

We lend cash on and buy engagement rings, promise and wedding rings of every description. Round, Princess, emerald, cushion, even Marquise cut wedding rings to antique, vintage or platinum rings. What ever you have gold or platinum we are happy to help you turn in into cash or maybe upgrade what you already have. Were not just a pawn store we're a goldsmith, jeweler and jewelry store

Scrap Gold | We Buy Gold

            Hilltop Pawn has always been in the gold and jewelry business. As a store it got its start as a gold exchange. As it grew it became a Pawn Shop in 2010. It is the largest buyer of precious metals in Virginia Beach.

Sterling Flatware

            For years we have been buying Silver Flatware in Virginia Beach. During the precious metals craze we saw lots of it. As a result, lots of the flatware in circulation has been scrapped. Now we are seeing a resurgence of the value. Simple supply and demand has taken over. Stop in today and see what your might be worth.

Same Jewelry Half the Price

            This is our tag line in most of our jewelry store tv commercials, and it’s true. You might ask how we can sell jewelry for half price and still make money? Simple we are the pre-owned car market of the jewelry world. Yep a diamond doesn’t change over time, with the exception of a girdle chip maybe, and gold or platinum are simply metals and can be re-made. When you buy a piece of jewelry from us it has been refurbished and rebuilt. Ready to go and covered by a warranty.

Engagement Rings

            Hilltop Pawn Shop buys engagement rings of every size, shape and condition. There aren’t any gold or platinum diamond bands or rings we won’t make an offer on. When deciding just how much that offer will be there are a number of factors as you can imagine. Quality of the center stone is first and foremost then carat weight and like every commercial says the four C’s of the diamond and the weight of the gold or platinum mounting. White, chocolate, green, or yellow gold plays no part in the offer, all 14k gold will have 58.3% gold. 10k is 41% and 18k is 75%. Other jewelers in Virginia Beach will want to put your ring on consignment, we pay up front right now.

Wedding Rings

Men’s wedding rings as a norm are heavier and therefore worth more if you are talking about a plain gold band. Comfort-fit bands are also thicker so they are even heavier. If diamonds are in the band, we evaluate those in the same manner described above. All wedding bands of gold or platinum have a pawn loan or buying value. Give us a call or come in anytime.

Promise Rings

            When you decide the time is right and you start shopping for a promise ring for your girl or guy please think of Hilltop Pawn. We have hundreds of rings to choose from at amazing prices. You won’t find a better deal anywhere in town, ok maybe one of our other stores like greenbrier or Chesapeake Pawn.

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Vintage Engagement Rings

            So you want something with history. We have more vintage jewelry than a traditional jewelry store simply because we don’t buy wholesale and then resale that item. We acquire vintage and antique rings from people all over the world as they pass through. As a result, we have a wide variety of inventory you won’t find anywhere else. Most jewelers order from the same companies, as a result you see the same things in every store.

Antique Wedding Rings

            Whap your finger in a piece of history, even if you don’t know the history there is one. When it comes to antique wedding rings versus reproductions, pawn stores are not the only place but we are one of the few places to find them. Estate sales offer antique engagement rings but you have to be in the right place at the right time, and remember antique jewelry can’t be found in jewelry stores. They sell new and designer jewelry, we sell pre-owned or as I call them, Used, oh and that same designer jewelry because we buy it also. Stop in and be amazed sometime at the amount of antique and new styled jewelry we have to offer.

Jewelry Repair

            Hilltop Pawn Shop is a Full service jewelry store with jewelry repair on site. From ring sizing to custom work there isn’t a job to big or to small. All jewelry repair is completed here in house. We have a full time bench jeweler on staff. Our Greenbrier location also has a full jewelry repair room on site. Ring sizing, chain soldering, jewelry cleaning, remounting, diamond setting, Prong re-tipping, all done right here and performed fast. Come in today.

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Hilltop Pawn Shop

At Hilltop Pawn Shop, we sell a variety of items, including different styles, colors, and sizes of jewelry, watches, and diamonds.

Hilltop Pawn Shop also offers high-dollar loans for your unwanted valuables. We test everything from general merchandise to different forms of gold, and hold those items to the highest standards. Our loan forms are quick and easy, and you can leave with your money within minutes.

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Engagement Rings | Personal loans

Jewelry Store in Virginia Beach

We’re one of the best pawn shops in Virginia Beach that offers a myriad of things, so that we can tout ourselves as one of the only one-stop pawn shops in Virginia Beach. One customer might come in to pawn his gun to pay to pay a hefty bill until his next pay check, while another might come in to work with our on-site jewelry expert to get a family heirloom repaired.

One of Hilltop’s primary missions and goals as one of the go-to pawn shops in Virginia Beach is to make sure we change the way a customer views pawn shops when they walk out of the door. If we’ve done our job right, we have a strong feeling that you’ll be coming back again.


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