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Jewelry Store vs. Pawn Shop to Buy Engagement Rings

Updated: Apr 3

We have some wonderful jewelry stores here in Virginia Beach. There are in fact several that we refer people to when we don’t have what they want. I think because we refer people to a jewelry store for a wedding ring they are taken back sometimes and then the questions start being asked. You see, these are people who already are pawn shop customers so they ask things like don’t all jewelers carry the same jewelry as each other? Or do they have antique and thus unique engagement rings. And the biggest question is “Will I get the same deal from a Jewelry store as a pawn shop”. There are a few more things to consider as well so let’s talk Diamond Engagement Rings for a min.

Are Engagement Rings Cheaper at Pawn Shops or Jewelry Stores

Answer: Yes, Engagement Rings are Cheaper at Pawn Shops

Now having said that there are lots of factors at play here and there are still some reasons to go to your local jewelry Store for certain items. You might check out a piece called 3 Reasons to Shop Engagement Rings at Pawn Shops

In most cases Price Matters. Knowing that price is a factor then the pawn shop is by far your best bet. You see jewelry stores buy from wholesalers like Stuller Inc, the largest Jewelry store supplier in the world. Having an account myself I can assure you there are no pawn deals there. Similar to when I hear someone say they buy diamonds in New York “where it’s cheap”. Wow, yea the home of the $25 hamburger is offering deals on diamonds.

On the other hand your local Pawnbroker buys from the people in your city. As as result he pays less than wholesale. How does the pawnbroker pay less? Well why would anyone pay wholesale when they could buy new at wholesale. Think your local car dealer. Buying and selling new and used cars. He would never pay his invoice price for a used car when it’s no longer new and he can buy at invoice to re-sale anytime he wants.

You might also consider overhead. In general the daily operating expenses are less for a pawn shop than a jewelry store. Why? Well number one the staff doesn’t have to be over the top dressed and the store doesn’t have to meet some made up standard of decorating to match large chain stores. Here at Hilltop Pawn we meet those standards and even go a bit further by decorating with personal antique items that belong to us personally. I decorated the stores and love the way they look and feel.

Another reason to keep in mind is the difference in the business model. A jewelry store buys engagement ring settings and loose gem stones as well as colorful gemstones and other wedding jewelry only in the quantity they can sell in a reasonable time. A Pawn Shop has no control over the amounts of fine jewelry walking in the door. On a daily bases they can see a variety of diamond rings and jewelry coming in.

· White Gold Engagement Rings

· Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

· Rose Gold Engagement Rings

· Custom Engagement Rings

· Round Emerald Pear Marquis Cushion cut Diamonds

· Antique Vintage and Estate Engagement Rings

And this just touches on wedding jewelry for the most part. There are still custom rings, rings with every diamond shape, color and clarity. Every part of the 4 C’s. The Pawn Shop has to sell it or they will get buried with the volume.

Unique Engagement Rings | A Pawn Shops Signature Collection

The perfect Engagement Ring can be found, it just take a bit of looking. Another difference in Jewelry Stores and Pawn shops is the inventory they stock.

Jewelry Stores, as we talked about, carry wholesale purchased jewelry. As a result you often find the identical engagement ring style in different stores. Turns out they all buy from the same large manufacturers. This applies to chain stores and local retailers. Just go have a look at any stores that don’t do custom jewelry work. As I mentioned earlier a good reason to see a local trusted jeweler is for a custom engagement ring. Only a few do wax carving any more. Custom is not ordering from a catalog and mounting your stone for you.

Pawn Shops have unique Jewelry because there is really no telling where some of it has been. Diamonds have been cut for hundreds of years. I talk about it in a piece I wrote on Mine Cut Diamonds make unique Engagement Rings. Your idea of the perfect ring might be an alternative engagement ring or simply matching wedding bands. Whatever it is to find high quality one of a kind jewelry to estate and Vintage diamond jewelry you need to visit your local pawn shop.

Pawn Shop Jewelry Came from Jewelry Stores

This headline stands on it own. The pawn shop didn’t make or craft the precious metals. We didn’t chose the stone shape or carat weight. All the design elements from the loose diamonds to Engagement ring metal where chosen and crafted by a jewelry stores. We simple are the reseller of their goods in the secondary market. Their custom to classic design, cluster to solitaire engagement ring and everything in between.

Same Jewelry, Half the Price

In-house Jewelry Repair

An overlooked item is the jewelry repair service. More than often Jewelry Stores ship out jewelry for repair or ring re-sizing. You should always look for a jeweler that has an in-house goldsmith. Nearly all Chain stores ship items out to repair mills. While half of the locally owned stores will have someone at least part-time in the store doing repair work. Just make sure you look for a bench jeweler to be in the store. When it comes to getting the work done in a timely manner you really don’t want to wait 3 weeks to get your ring back. Afterall, How Long Does it Take to Resize and Engagement Ring. At Hilltop Pawn we have an in-house fulltime goldsmith ready to serve your Jewelry Repair in Virginia Beach needs.

Ugly Jewelry

Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. It’s true we see different styles of solitaire rings, stackable rings, alternative engagement rings and wayyyyy more that were based on someone’s personal preferences. Putting a beautiful diamond in a ugly ring,,,, well anyway you see where I’m going. There’s good news here at the Pawn Shop. What kind of Jewelry do Pawn Shops sell? All of it. We didn’t make it so we are happy to remove the beautiful diamond from the ugly duckling and sell you just that portion. Again we are here to move the jewelry we take in and offer you the Best Price in Town

Pawn Shop Diamond Rings: A Great Deal

Pawn shop engagement rings and pawn shop wedding rings are the real deal, for half the price. You can get pawn shop rings in all of the trendiest styles, or you can look for a unique antique or vintage piece. Want to sell or pawn an engagement ring instead of buying? You can get the best 14K gold price per gram at a pawn shop like Hilltop Pawn Shop.

Pawn Shop Diamond Rings for Less

Pawn shop engagement rings are some of the best engagement ring deals out there. Come check out our pawn shop diamond rings. We're sure you'll find something you like for a great deal! Of course, engagement rings aren't the only pawn shop rings we offer. You can also get great deals on pawn shop wedding rings, too! Additionally, if you're wondering do jewelry stores buy rings, yes we do! Sell your ring to us for top dollar. You can get paid in cash today!

Pawn Shop Engagement Rings Near Me in Virginia Beach

Are you sold on the idea of buying pawn shop rings? It's truly the best idea if you want to buy an engagement ring near me for half the price. Second hand engagement rings can be a great moneysaver when you want to buy a nice ring but save some cash in your budget for the wedding, too. For pawn shop engagement rings near me in Virginia Beach, visit Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry. You can also buy a pawn wedding ring here, too!

Do Jewelry Stores Buy Rings?

Perhaps you don't want to buy an engagement ring near me. Instead, you could be interested in selling one! If you're looking for a jewelry store that will buy your engagement ring, check out Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry. We buy and sell pawn shop rings. In addition to buying pawn shop diamond rings, we make pawn loans on jewelry, too! You can pawn an engagement ring or pawn a wedding ring for a no credit check loan today!

Pawn Shop Wedding Rings Near Me

Just as pawn shop engagement rings are a better deal, pawn shop wedding rings are usually a much better deal, too. You can buy both men's and women's wedding bands at Hilltop Pawn. Basically, in general, buying rings at pawn shops is almost always the better idea. Plus, if you're already buying an engagement ring from a pawn shop in Virginia Beach, why not go ahead and check out our bridal sets and wedding bands. Find the best pawn shop rings for sale at our pawn and jewelry store...we'd love to help you!

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