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What kind of Jewelry do Pawn Shops sell?

Have you ever wondered about the jewelry you’ll find in a Pawn Shop? Well we can’t tell you about all pawn stores but we can tell you about what you’ll find in Hilltop Pawn Shop.

Jewelry Store Jewelry from a Pawn Shop

To get the big picture of what we have you first need to understand where our jewelry comes from. Everything from Engagement Rings to diamond studs to designer jewelry comes from the same place, other jewelry stores. That’s right, we make very little of what’s in our cases. We buy jewelry from the general public and they got it from a traditional jewelry store in most cases. In reality we sell the same jewelry. That’s where our slogan came from; Same Jewelry Half the Price.

Engagement Rings for Half the Price

We hate saying Cheap Engagement Rings but in reality that is the truth. Of course cheap refers to price not quality. Remember, these are the same engagement rings sold at fine jewelers all over town and in fact all over the world.

What Engagement Ring Style can you expect to fine here at Hilltop Pawn? Simple, anything you find anywhere in the world. Tiffany Style and in fact Tiffany & Co solitaires and more. Yes any designer jewelry you can think of. Cartier, David Yurman, Chopard, Bulgari and so on. To many to name.

Fine Jewelry of every description

When it comes to finding a lot of jewelry in one place if you live here then Hilltop Pawn Shop is the best Jewelry Store in North Virginia Beach. If you happen to live elsewhere just visit your local Pawn Shop for deals on jewelry. Jewelers Mutual Group wrote an article on shopping with a pawnbroker. 3 Tips for Buying Pawn Shop Jewelry. From Designer jewelry to rings, bracelets, silver jewelry, earrings and so on. Fine jewelry for less money can be found with a simple search in Virginia Beach of Glenda Craddock Jewelry Stores.

Glenda Craddock Jewelry Stores

A quick google search of Glenda Craddock Jewelry Stores with offer up both Hilltop Pawn and Greenbrier Pawn. Most people in our area have seen for over twenty years Jeff and Glenda Craddock on TV talking about the Best Jewelry Store in Virginia Beach and of course Chesapeake. Visit one of our stores today and see the difference for yourself.

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