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Can You Use Collateral Loans for Your Business? | Hilltop Pawn

Collateral loans are collateral-backed personal loans from lenders like Hilltop Pawn. When you visit us, you can take out pawn loans for anything and everything you might need them for. A lot of people come to us because they are dealing with personal financial issues and need fast money, such as if they've come across some unexpected expenses or otherwise need emergency cash in their personal lives. We are more than happy to help these customers with their immediate cash needs! If you are a business owner who is looking to borrow some fast cash for business-related purposes, we can help, no matter what the amount of money you need to borrow. Our loan options are incredibly flexible and work for just about anyone!

Use Collateral Loans from Hilltop Pawn for Anything You Want

Many financial institutions -- like banks and credit unions -- ask a lot of questions about what you intend to use the loan proceeds for. This is a normal part of the application process in many cases, along with a credit check and so on. Since our customers don't have to fill out a loan application process at all, this means you don't even have to tell us what you're using the money for. We won't even ask.

There are other reasons why our loans are great when you need quick cash for your business. Unlike your bank or credit union, we don't ask for proof of income or bank account records to see how your business is doing. Your credit history doesn't matter, either on a personal or business level. Final approval for a short-term loan from us is based on the value of the collateral you bring in, and that's it. Loan terms are the same for everyone, regardless of financial situation or what you're going to be using the money for. There's also really no minimum loan amount or maximum loan amount...we make loans from $5 to $50,000 without a problem, just depending on the value of your collateral and your own financial needs and loan preferences.

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Self-Employed, Unemployed, Business Owner....We Grant Loans

​Anyone who is at least 18 years of age and who has a valid ID can get financial assistance from one of our financial products. A pawn loan is an option for business owners, self-employed individuals (such as independent contractors and freelancers), even unemployed well as those who receive government benefits or have a full or part-time job. Your job and income aren't our business, and we'll ask for as little personal information as possible throughout the entire process.

Our Collateral Loans | A Better Choice for Borrowing

No matter why you are interested in a collateral loan, rest assured that this type of loan is often a better choice than the assorted types of loans offered by the average financial institution. Consider one of our bad credit loans instead of any of these other options, many of which come with more challenging repayment terms, higher interest rates, and other issues.

  • Unsecured loans from traditional banks

  • Home equity loans

  • Auto loans & car title loans

  • Online title loans

  • Second mortgage

  • Auto-secured loan

Instead, bring your item of value to us. You might be surprised by how collateral works with our loan type. Poor credit doesn't matter, and we accept all different types of collateral. Skip the formal application, skip the shady loan agreement offered by many lenders, and pay better interest rates while borrowing higher loan amounts. With our pawn shop loans, you can achieve your financial goals, whether you're making financial decisions for your business or yourself. Less-than-perfect credit is never an issue, and you never have to worry about taking risks with online lenders that you don't really know anything about, either! Hilltop Pawn is a good option for just about anyone who wants to borrow money the fast and easy way, all without worrying about what the credit bureaus have to say about their pasts.

Are you a business owner who is looking for a fast and easy cash loan to help you cover emergency expenses for your company? Are you worried about credit decisions, since you haven't established a business credit score yet and have a low credit score yourself, making you unable to get approved for a business loan? If you are looking for a reputable lender who will make the loan process easy for you, no matter if it's your first time taking out a loan or if you have borrowed before for personal reasons, we'd love to help. We won't even ask about what you'll use the money for....just bring acceptable property to secure the loan, let us know how much cash you're hoping to borrow, and let us know you'd like to take out a loan. Our helpful staff will assist you with each step of the process, and we charge competitive interest rates in accordance with Virginia state pawn laws, whether you're borrowing a smaller or larger loan amount, or something in-between.

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