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The Best Jewelry Store in North Virginia Beach

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Shopping for Jewelry in North Virginia Beach

There are some fine Jewelry Stores in North Virginia Beach and you’ll find many of them have an association with Hilltop Pawn Shop. What I mean by that is we offer consignment items to local Jewelers. If the jeweler you visit has a used jewelry case or a consignment case a little digging will show you that those items came from our store. That being said wouldn’t it be easier to simply shop with us to begin with? Please stop in sometime to see why so many of your friends and neighbors shop with us every holiday, birthday or anniversary.

What Kind of Jewelry Do Pawn Shops Sell?

When I’m out and about, the question I get the most is What Kind of Jewelry do Pawn Shops Sell? Well this is an easy question to answer. We sell the same jewelry you see in every jewelry store in town. Afterall, all our jewelry came from one of those jewelers. We buy it from the public, refurbish it, and sell it for half the price. Thus our slogan you’ve heard on TV many times. Same Jewelry Half the Price.

Engagement Rings in North Virginia Beach

We sell Engagement Rings of every description. Whatever you’re looking for we can help. Solitaires to designer jewelry and everything in between. For all the various styles that come and go we still sell more round Tiffany Solitaires than all the other styles put together. We often have designer solitaires in stock. We see Tiffany & Co, Hearts of Fire, Cartier and more.

Not a traditional Jewelry Store

Since we’re not a traditional Jewelry Store you have to keep in mind we don’t order jewelry and diamonds from a wholesaler in bulk. Meaning, if we sell something we can’t just replace that item with another of the same type. Every Piece of diamond or gold jewelry we sell is one of a kind. Please stop in to see what we have. Once you do you’ll realize you need to stop in often. See you soon.

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