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Best Place to Sell My Gold Jewelry

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

When selling gold jewelry, it matters who you sell to. It can be hard to decide the best place to sell your gold jewelry when there are so many options, from online buyers to local jewelry stores and pawn shops. We think you’ll find that Hilltop Pawn is the number one place to sell gold jewelry Virginia Beach, so bring your pieces and visit us today!

Visit Hilltop Pawn to Sell Your Gold Jewelry

Hilltop Pawn offers a variety of services for Virginia Beach residents. We offer easy, no credit check loans, and we sell dazzling used jewelry for rock bottom prices. We also buy gold.

To maintain a constant nice selection of jewelry for our pawn shop and jewelry store customers, we regularly purchase jewelry from Virginia Beach residents like you. We purchase jewelry six days a week.

Get Cash for Your Jewelry Today

Some people choose to sell their jewelry to get out of a bad financial spot. In this scenario, getting paid as soon as possible is ideal. If you put your jewelry on consignment at a jewelry store, it might be months before your piece sells, which probably won’t help with your current situation. If you sell to an online buyer, it might be days or weeks before you get paid. If you try to find your own buyer, it will take time for you to find someone who wants to buy your piece.

All of these wait times can be frustrating when you need money now, but Hilltop Pawn offers the perfect solution. We pay in cash, and we pay the same day that you bring in your jewelry and accept our offer. Anytime you’re in a pinch and need to get money quickly, we can help. We also offer collateral loans on gold jewelry and other items of value, if that’s something you might be more interested in!

Sell Jewelry in Any Condition

If your jewelry is in great condition, you might not be terribly worried about finding a buyer for it. If you have broken jewelry or scrap jewelry, on the other hand, you might be worried that no one will want to purchase your pieces. Luckily, this is not the truth at all! Even though you might

not get quite as much for each piece, you can still get a great cash offer for jewelry that is broken or unwearable.

Sell Other Types of Jewelry

If you have gold jewelry you don’t want anymore, there’s a chance there might be other pieces you want to sell, too. Luckily, we buy jewelry made from other precious metals here, too. Bring us your silver jewelry, platinum jewelry, and more.

Although you do have quite a few options for selling your gold jewelry, you’re sure to find that working with Hilltop Pawn is the best and easiest way to do it. Stop by our location on Laskin Road six days a week, and you can get an instant offer and quick cash for all of your gold jewelry.

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