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Professional Cleaning Keeps Gold Jewelry Looking Great | Hilltop Pawn

Gold jewelry has been popular for many years for a reason. There's something truly special about the shine of a yellow gold chain, a pair of white gold hoop earrings, or rose gold rings. You might have everything from gold engagement rings to gold necklaces that you love, but you might have noticed that your gold pieces simply don't look as nice as they once did. Taking meticulous care of your gold jewelry will obviously help you keep it looking great, but you might need a little professional help, too. Professional cleaning keeps gold jewelry looking great, and at Hilltop Pawn, we offer the professional jewelry cleaning & repair services that you need. Let us help you make your statement ring and other items from your fine jewelry collection look their best!

Gold Jewelry Cleaning at Home: Essential Care for Your Fine Jewelry

To keep your jewelry in its best condition and elevate your everyday look, make an effort to clean and care for your gold jewelry at home. Cleaning it gently with warm water and gentle soap does the trick for basic, everyday grime. Just make sure you dry your pieces before wearing them or putting them away. Also, be careful about using abrasive cleaning agents or supplies; the last thing you want to do is accidentally scratch your fine jewelry pieces. Instead, use a soft cloth when cleaning items from your fine jewelry collections.

Gold emerald necklace

Professional Jewelry Cleaning in Virginia Beach | The Best Fine Jewelry Cleaner | Hilltop Pawn

Even though cleaning your gold bracelet and other gold jewelry regularly yourself will help it look nice, you might need a little professional help from time to time. If you really want your solid gold pieces, dainty pendants, and other fine jewelry to shine like they did when they were new, bring them in to us for professional jewelry cleaning services. We will carefully handle each piece and get it as clean as possible, all without causing damage. Professional jewelry cleaning services are the trick to ensure your jewelry always looks its best, even while withstanding the test of time.

Gold Jewelry Repairs in Virginia Beach | Fast, Affordable, Good Work

Have you noticed that your gold ring has bent prongs or that your gold bracelet has a faulty chain? We perform jewelry repairs in-house here at Hilltop Pawn. Bring us your pieces, and let us make you a free estimate. We always strive to do good work when working on gold jewelry, and we get the work done quickly and for a fair price. We repair more than just gold jewelry, too...bring us your sterling silver or platinum jewelry for repairs, too.

If you have noticed that your white gold, rose gold or yellow gold jewelry just doesn't look as beautiful as it once did, we'd love to help. As a jewelry store and precious metal dealer, we have a ton of experience with cleaning and caring for gold jewelry and more. Bring your jewelry to us for professional cleaning and jewelry repair services. There's no reason to go anywhere else to have work done on your jewelry!

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