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5 Tips for Caring for Gold Jewelry | Hilltop Pawn

Gold jewelry has been wildly popular for many years now, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. Whether you prefer contemporary designs or vintage gold jewelry, you probably want to take meticulous care of your pieces so they will look their best and last for as long as possible. Taking good care of your fine jewelry pieces is an everyday essential, and we can also help you with caring for your gold jewelry. Stop by or give us a call at 757-769-7254 for more information, whether you're shopping for the perfect gift or need a little professional help with taking care of your own fine jewelry collections.

1. Buy Good-Quality Gold Jewelry (for Less!) at Hilltop Pawn

First of all, you can set yourself up for success by buying good-quality, authentic gold jewelry. Jewelry that isn't made from gold is sometimes prone to tarnishing, depending on what it's made from. This can lead to your fingers and skin turning green or black when you wear your jewelry, and it can cause your jewelry to look old, tarnished and worn-out very quickly. Even gold-plated jewelry generally isn't a good idea...once the gold plating starts to chip off, the surface underneath is exposed and can become tarnished, since the metal underneath is typically a cheaper metal.

​One good idea to shop for your gold jewelry from a pre-owned jewelry store like Hilltop Pawn. Here, we sell real gold jewelry for much less than the mall jewelry stores. Instead of buying fake jewelry, you can buy real gold hoop earrings, engagement rings, a solid gold necklace, or other jewelry for a great price by shopping with us. We always make sure our pieces look great and are ready to be sold before we put them out, too. Buy good-quality jewelry that will last for many years by shopping with don't even have to bust your budget, and our knowledgeable staff would love to help with style recommendations, too.

White gold diamond ring

2. Caring for Gold Jewelry at Home: A Few Tips

Of course, taking good care of your gold jewelry starts at home. Remove your jewelry before taking a shower or cleaning to help prevent soap residue and other things from making your jewelry look dull, and it can help prevent your gold from being scratched or broken down. Cleaning your jewelry regularly with water, detergent-free soap and gold polish can help you keep it looking great. When you aren't wearing it, consider storing it in its original box or in a small cloth bag. Also, make sure it's always nice and dry when you put it away for storage. Following a few simple tips will help you keep your gold looking great at home.

3. Professional Cleaning Keeps Gold Jewelry Looking Great

Although taking care of your gold jewelry at home is smart, you might need a little help every now and then. Having your gold jewelry cleaned by a professional every now and then is a great way to make sure it looks its best. At Hilltop Pawn, we offer professional jewelry cleaning services, and we can make your jewelry look its best...whether you bring us just one or two pieces from your jewelry box, or if you'd like to have your entire collection cleaned.

4. Use Hilltop Pawn for Gold Jewelry Repair in Virginia Beach

​Whether you have a yellow gold chain, a ring, or some other piece of gold jewelry, it doesn't look its best if it needs to be repaired. Luckily, at Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry, we offer gold jewelry repair services. Here, we offer affordable repairs with fast turnarounds. 

5. Trade Unwanted Gold Jewelry for Something New-to-You

​Maybe you have jewelry lying around that doesn't really suit your style nowadays. Why keep these items tucked in your jewelry box, never to be worn, when you can trade them in for jewelry that suits your personal style a lot more? Bring your unwanted gold jewelry to us at Hilltop Pawn, and we'll buy it for cash or give you trade-in value toward our inventory. We're sure you'll find something that you will fall in love with once you start looking through our jewelry cases!

From white gold and yellow gold jewelry to rose gold jewelry, dealing with gold is what we do here at Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry. We also care about jewelry made from another precious metal, such as sterling silver or platinum. We would love to help you purchase the gold bracelet or gold necklaces of your dreams, or we can help you with taking care of gold rings & other gold jewelry. At Hilltop Pawn, we are your local jewelry experts here in Virginia Beach, and we'd love to offer you the customer service that you deserve. Come see us for anything and everything related to jewelry!

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