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Caring for Gold Jewelry at Home: A Few Tips | Hilltop Pawn

​Gold jewelry can last for a very long time, but taking good care of it is important. If you have rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold jewelry and want to keep it looking its best for as long as possible, these tips can help. We are here to help you with buying and taking good care of your fine jewelry pieces, whether you have just one or two special pieces or if you have a full jewelry box full of timeless styles & modern trends.

Buy Real Gold Jewelry | Real Gold Jewelry Lasts for Years

The first trick is buying good-quality jewelry in the first place. Yes, some costume jewelry that is made from a cheaper precious metal looks good when you first buy it. However, no matter how hard you try to take good care of cheap jewelry, you have to worry about tarnishing, general wear and tear, and other issues. Plus, you might notice that you have skin sensitivities to your cheaper jewelry.

If you are in the market for jewelry right now, come check out the fine jewelry collections that we have here at Hilltop Pawn. We have beautiful, real gold jewelry for half the price of our competition. We also offer great customer service, and we'd love to help with style recommendations to help you find the perfect statement ring or other piece of jewelry for yourself, all without blowing your budget. Why buy fake when you can buy the real thing for a great price? Whether you're shopping for yourself or are looking for the perfect gift for someone you love, we want to help!

Multiple gold emerald rings displayed in a row

Proper Handling & Storing of Gold Jewelry

First of all, handling and storing your gold jewelry properly makes a big difference! We recommend that you take your jewelry off before showering, bathing, swimming or cleaning! When storing your jewelry, make sure it's completely dry before putting it away, then put it in its original box, a cloth bag, or somewhere else safe. Ideally, jewelry should be stored separately so it doesn't get tangled up.

Tips for Cleaning Your Gold Jewelry

Cleaning gold jewelry is easy and is key to keeping it looking great. However, you should always be careful so you don't damage your jewelry. Gold jewelry can be cleaned with warm water and a gentle soap...a few drops of dish soap in a bowl of warm water should work well. You can use a soft toothbrush to gently clean your jewelry, but be careful. Also, make sure that your jewelry is completely rinsed of soap residue and dried thoroughly before you put it away or wear it. While cleaning, it's a good idea to check your jewelry for damage or imperfections...then, you can take your piece to Hilltop Pawn for affordable jewelry repair, if needed, so we can make your piece look great again.

Professional Gold Jewelry Cleaning & Jewelry Repair

Yes, following the tips above will help you keep your gold hoop earrings, yellow gold chain, solid gold necklace, or other items in good shape. However, there will likely be times when you need a little help from a professional. Luckily, here at Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry, we are Virginia Beach jewelers you can count on for jewelry cleaning and repair. We will clean your gold jewelry so it shines like it did the day you bought it, or we can perform gold jewelry repairs to get old, broken, or worn-out jewelry back in good shape.

If you need a little help with taking care of your gold necklaces, engagement rings, gold rings, dainty pendants, or other pieces, we would love to help! Are you in the market for new-to-you gold jewelry that suits your personal style and everyday look? We take meticulous care when helping all of our customers with their jewelry-related needs, whether you're buying gold jewelry, using our jewelry repair services, or coming to us for anything else jewelry-related.

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