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Five Reasons You Need Jewelry Repair | Virginia Beach VA

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Jewelry Repair Service

Jewelry Repair service can’t be found at every jewelry store. We have some fine jewelers in Virginia Beach and many of them have been around for years and have a fine reputation. However, when it comes to Jewelry Repair not all of them have an in-house goldsmith. It has become common for them to farm out the actual service work to other stores that do have an in-house repair service. Interestingly enough that’s us. Hilltop Pawn Shop offers fast Jewelry Repair in Virginia Beach. We are a full service jeweler who can resize or custom design wedding rings, engagement rings and fine jewelry or simply handle your jewelry cleaning. Here are some reasons you may need professional jewelry repair, professional cleaning or refurbishment services or maybe you just want to stop in and have someone inspect your jewelry

1. Make Sure Your Rings are Sized Properly

One of the most common jewelry repairs that people ask for is ring resizing and your engagement ring is the most common because typically it’s worn the longest. Wearing a ring of a proper size is important for a few reasons. First of all, a ring that fits on your finger properly will be more comfortable and flattering. You’ll be less likely to lose your ring, too. Our jewelry repair professionals can help you determine the appropriate size for your ring and can then resize it so it fits you perfectly.

2. Avoid Losing Your Jewelry

Improperly sized rings aren’t the only type of jewelry that you have to worry about

possibly losing. You also have to worry about losing necklaces and bracelets if your clasp or chain is damaged. Our expert jewelers (goldsmiths) can help with things like replacing damaged clasps or chains so you can wear your jewelry without worrying about losing important and valuable pieces. Missing a stone? No problem. We perform stone setting to shank repair as part of our repair services or part of our remounting and custom designs work.

3. Keep Pieces That Are Important to You

You might have jewelry that is important to you for some reason or another but that might be damaged. You might have inherited a lovely bracelet from a family member, or you might still have the first ring or necklace that your significant other ever gave you. You may not be able to wear these pieces because they might be damaged in some way; they could be missing a stone, or they might have a damaged or missing clasp. Once you have your favorite and most important pieces repaired by a jewelry repair professional in North Virginia Beach, you can begin wearing them again.

4. Avoid Having to Replace Expensive Jewelry

When dealing with damaged jewelry, some people assume that their best or only option is to completely replace the damaged piece. Depending on how much your necklace, bracelet, ring, or other piece cost, this could be very expensive. A full replacement often is not necessary, and jewelry repair is generally quite affordable. If you have your jewelry repaired at our jewelry store in Virginia Beach, VA, you might save quite a bit of money over the cost of a full replacement.

5. Jewelry Cleaning and Polishing

There is a reason your fine jewelry looks so good after it’s been in for repair. It’s also had a expert jewelers cleaning. When we clean jewelry we go beyond what you can do with a tooth brush. We check to ensure you don’t have a loose stone or bent prongs. If it’s a white gold ring we perform rhodium plating on it so it’s bright white again. Our years of experience working with broken and old jewelry shows when it comes back looking brand new. A simple jewelry cleaning often times ends up as a refurbishing. As a result your favorite piece of jewelry looks brand new.

Cost to Repair Jewelry

The number one question I hear from people is what does it cost to repair jewelry. Well that depends is all I can say. Polishing wedding bands, Ring Sizing, Chain repair, is it gold or silver, and so on. Some custom pieces that are incredibly elaborate will cost more for the same thing because of the time involved in protecting intricate craftsmanship. As you can imagine an eternity band ring sizing is way more involved than a basic tiffany engagement ring. One of the best ways for us to get you a price is simply see the jewelry piece. But don’t hesitate to call or email a pic.

In many scenarios, having your jewelry repaired makes a lot of sense. Luckily, at our pawn shop jewelry store in Virginia Beach, we can help with many different types of jewelry repairs. Contact us at Hilltop Pawn Shop today!

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