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Do Jewelry Stores Buy Jewelry? | Jewelry Buyer Virginia Beach

The best jewelry buyer in Virginia Beach is Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry, so if you're looking for jewelry stores that buy jewelry, you're in the right place. You might have heard about the option to sell your unwanted jewelry to a pawn shop, but you could be wondering if you should sell to a jewelry store instead. You can enjoy the best of both worlds at Hilltop Pawn Shop. Yes, we offer the various services you would expect at any pawn shop...we'll buy your gun or make you a cash pawn loan, for example. However, we are actually so much more than that. Jewelry is our specialty, and jewelry buying is what we do. There's no reason to look for another jewelry store to sell to, when you can get paid higher prices and get the best personal service by coming to us. We are the best jewelry buyers in Virginia Beach!

Do Most Jewelry Stores Buy Jewelry?

Most jewelry stores are focused on selling jewelry, not buying it. You may be able to find a jewelry store that will buy your jewelry or allow you to put it on consignment, but this isn't really the focus of most of these stores. Since we're both a pawn shop and jewelry store, we're a little different. We're always interested in buying jewelry. Whether you have gold jewelry, designer jewelry, diamond jewelry, silver jewelry, or any other fine jewelry, we'd love to take a look at it and offer you a fair price today.

Who is a Good Jewelry Buyer in Virginia Beach?

Are you wondering about who is the best jewelry buyer in Virginia Beach? Well, the answer is simple: Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry. We have years of expertise as direct buyers of all different types of jewelry. These are just some reasons to consider selling to us:

  • We are a local, family-owned business!

  • We give on-the-spot free verbal appraisals.

  • You'll get paid in cash!

  • We pay more for jewelry than our competition

  • We offer a variety of other useful services. Come here to buy or sell jewelry, take out a pawn loan, and more!


How Much Do Jewelry Stores Pay for Jewelry?

As estate jewelry buyers, we always make great cash offers for various jewelry items. Just how much does our jewelry store pay for jewelry? Well, naturally, that depends on just what kind of jewelry we're talking about. Of course, an 18K gold diamond engagement ring with a 3 carat diamond is going to be worth more than a simpler piece of jewelry. We look at the precious metals and precious stones when making cash offers on diamond engagement rings and other jewelry. Getting an offer is an easy process, and regardless of your piece, we'll pay the most money.

Are you looking for jewelry and diamond buyers? Are you hoping to get an immediate payment? Are you looking to get paid great prices based on the true value of your jewelry? Come take advantage of the high payments and professional service at Hilltop Pawn Shop. You've seen us on TV. You might have shopped for a diamond ring or other jewelry pieces here, or you may have taken advantage of one our pawn shop loans. Now, you can take advantage of another of our specialties: buying antique jewelry, designer jewelry, and more. We are the local jewelry and gold buyer that pays the highest prices! The entire process is fast and easy, so come get paid top dollar today!

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