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Who Buys Jewelry Near Me in Virginia Beach?

The best jewelry buyer in Virginia Beach is Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry. If you're in Virginia Beach and have been wondering, "Who buys jewelry near me?," you don't have to keep searching for an answer. There are various fine jewelers in the Hampton Roads area, but if you're looking for the best way to sell your jewelry, come see us. You can take advantage of our years of expertise in the industry and get paid the most money, all while enjoying a fast and efficient process when selling pre-owned diamonds, gold, and more.

So, Who Buys Jewelry Near Me?

If you don't have much experience with selling a diamond ring or any other type of jewelry, the process of finding the best jewelry buyers can be a bit daunting. Naturally, you'll want to work with industry experts that you can trust, and you probably want to get paid as much as possible. This is true whether you're selling just one piece of jewelry or an entire collection of unwanted pieces.

There are various estate jewelry buyers out there, but they aren't all created equally. Some expect you to send your jewelry through the mail, which can be time consuming and risky when compared to selling to a local buyer. Some don't pay what they should for jewelry items, and there's no reason to sell your jewelry for less than you deserve when there are jewelry buying professionals out there who understand what your pieces are worth.

If you're in Virginia Beach, the answer of who to sell your jewelry to is clear: Hilltop Pawn Shop. You've seen us on TV, and you might have come in to get a pawn loan from us before. We have years experience in the industry. We offer the best way to sell jewelry in Virginia Beach!

Diamond earrings

Selling Jewelry is Easy With Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

The entire process of selling gold jewelry with us is incredibly easy. It's just one of many reasons why we're the right place to go to sell your jewelry. You can always count on us for professional service, the highest prices, and the easiest experience. Using us as your gold and diamond buyers really couldn't be any easier!

Bring your antique or designer jewelry -- or any piece of jewelry, really -- to our pawn and jewelry store. One of our in-store experts will take a few minutes to determine the true value of your piece. Then, you'll be given cash offers on the spot for each of your pieces, and you'll get an immediate payment on the spot.

The process only takes minutes. You'll get a great offer, but there's no pressure and no risk. If you don't accept our top dollar offer, that's okay! Because we pay higher prices than our competition for yellow gold, white gold, and platinum jewelry, though, we think you'll be thrilled by the good price that we offer. Get paid in cash for your yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold jewelry today. From diamond engagement rings to necklaces to luxury watches and beyond, we offer a fast, lucrative, and easy process for selling your jewelry.

We offer verbal appraisals every day that we're open! We are truly the best place to sell antique jewelry, diamond jewelry, and any other type of fine jewelry. Gather up your unwanted jewelry pieces, and come get paid a fair price today. Our convenient Virginia Beach location is here to help you!

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