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Bring Multiple Items for Bigger Pawn Loans in Virginia Beach

Pawn loans from pawn shops like Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry aren't based on a credit check, employment history, or anything like that. Instead, the amount of quick cash you'll get with a pawnshop loan will be based on the value of the item of value that you bring in. Because you probably already know this, you might be thinking about the different high-value items that you own, since you may want to bring in the most valuable item possible so you can take out the biggest loan from a pawn broker.

What you may not realize is that you can actually bring in multiple items when you take out a collateral loan! If you bring in multiple items of value, you can get a much bigger cash loan! We loan on many different valuable items, so you have lots of options if you want to fill your bank account with a bigger loan.

Green and diamond earrings

​Choose Your Loan Amount With Pawn Loans | $5 to $50,000

The average pawn shop loan is around $150, but if you need to borrow much more money than that without paying overly high fees, we can help! When you need extra money, the good thing about borrowing from us is the fact that you choose how much you want to borrow, and you'll get the cash today!

​Since your loan is based on your item's value, it's actually quite easy to choose your loan amount. One option is to really think about the type of item that you're bringing in. As you can likely imagine, you're going to get a much bigger loan on a Rolex watch or a nice diamond ring than you would get if you just brought in a few cheaper power tools.

Another way to get a bigger pawn shop personal loan -- regardless of credit history -- is to bring in more than one item of value for your pawn transaction. If you bring in multiple pieces of jewelry from your jewelry box, you'll generally be able to take out a much bigger loan. The banks and credit unions usually look at things like your credit report and income when determining how much you can borrow, but that's never the case with our loans! Even if you have bad credit, you can take out a loan of up to $50,000 if you have the collateral to secure it.

What We Take for Our Pawn Loans | We Accept Many Items of Value

Are you wondering which items you can use as collateral at our pawn store? At our local store, we accept a number of items of value for the typical pawn loan. Jewelry is obviously a big one here, since jewelry is the main thing we focus on here. We also take luxury watches, or you can get a loan on a firearm. You can also borrow extra cash on power tools, electronics, musical instruments, and much more. We want to make things easy and provide you with a loan that suits your financial needs, so bring your items of value for us to assess today.

Your credit score doesn't matter when you come to us for a pawn loan contract. All that matters is the value of the item(s) you bring in. Bring us your diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, Rolex watches, luxury watches, power tools, video games, video game consoles, and more. Bring one item or 10 for our collateral-based loans, and we'll carefully and quickly calculate the value of the stuff you bring in. If you bring in more items, give us just a little extra time to evaluate everything, but rest assured...we value your time and will get you in and out in a timely manner. We have decades of experience with providing an easy way for our customers to borrow basically any amount of money between $5 and $50,000, so whether you're interested in small loan amounts or a much bigger amount on a special item, we've got you covered!

$100 bills

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