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Are There Layaway Options for an Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring is a big purchase. There's no reason to spend several months of your salary just to purchase a ring, since you can purchase the perfect diamond ring for the love of your life for much less than that at Hilltop Pawn. However, you may still need a little time to come up with the money to purchase a beautiful white gold engagement ring, or whatever other ring you might have in mind. As your local diamond experts, we can help make your purchase affordable in a couple of ways. Not only do we offer great deals on vintage engagement rings, three stone engagement rings, and other beautiful diamond rings, but we even offer layaway to make your purchase even easier! Just ask us about layaway, and we'll help you out!

Diamond engagement ring with diamond wedding band

​Visit Hilltop Pawn for Engagement Ring Layaway Today

Many jewelry stores and pawn shops do not offer layaway on jewelry...but we do! We understand coming up with all of the money for an engagement or wedding ring at one time can be tough...and the last thing we want is for you to be stressed during this milestone moment! We also don't want you to settle for anything less than the engagement ring of her dreams, either.

How does our jewelry store layaway work on an engagement ring? Well, first, come in and look for the type of engagement ring that you think suits your unique love story...we'll help you out! Once you've checked out a few engagement ring designs and picked the perfect unique engagement ring for the love of your life, let us know you're interested in putting the engagement ring or wedding band on layaway.

All you have to do is put down 30% of the cost of the ring. This is enough for us to hold the ring and get you set up with our layaway program. Then, you have 90 days to come in and finish paying for the ring. Come in and pay the remaining balance all at once, or make small payments each week until you get it paid's really up to you. If you have any questions about putting a yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold engagement ring on layaway, don't hesitate to ask!

​Don't Let the Perfect Ring Get Sold...Secure it With Layaway

Maybe you've already visited Hilltop Pawn and found the perfect engagement ring, such as from one of our new arrivals. Our inventory does change all the time, after all. You could be worried that this gorgeous ring will get snapped up by someone else before you can come up with the money to buy it. Now that you've found the perfect diamond engagement ring, don't let it slip away! Instead, put down a down payment, and let us hold on to the ring until you come back and pay for it. Once you see how easy it is to hold a piece of jewelry with engagement ring layaway, you may just consider it for your other future purchases of jewelry here.

​You can buy a beautiful ring with natural diamonds for less at Hilltop Pawn. Plus, in addition to helping you save money, we make it much easier for you to pay off the cost of the ring, too. Stop by and ask about our jewelry store layaway, and we'll help you out!

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