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5 Commonly Asked Questions About Engagement Ring Shopping

Engagement ring shopping is such an exciting thing to do. This might be the first time you've ever shopped for the perfect ring for the love of your life, and you probably want to buy the perfect engagement ring if possible. Many of the customers we help aren't exactly diamond experts...they may or may not own a piece or two of diamond jewelry, but many have little to no experience or knowledge about engagement ring shopping. Luckily, you don't have to for an engagement ring or wedding ring is easy if you have a little help. We'd love to answer your questions and help you find a gorgeous ring that fits in your price range. Hopefully, we have answered some of your questions about shopping for the perfect diamond engagement ring here, but we can also help you in person if you come and visit us!

1. Is a Pawn Shop a Good Place to Buy an Engagement Ring?

Maybe you've gotten good deals on rose gold or yellow gold jewelry from a pawn shop like Hilltop Pawn. Perhaps you were so happy with your purchase that you decided to keep us in mind for your future purchases of jewelry. Now that you're shopping for the perfect diamond ring, however, you could be wondering if a pawn shop is actually a good place to buy a white gold engagement ring. depends. In many cases, buying from a pawn shop just makes sense. If you shop at a pawn shop that has a nice variety of engagement ring settings, you might find that purchasing the engagement ring of her dreams is easier than you thought it would be. Plus, if you buy just about any type of engagement ring from a pawn shop with affordable pricing -- like Hilltop Pawn -- you can truly save a lot of money. The most important thing to consider is which pawn shop you're shopping at. Choose one that's more of a pre-owned fine jewelry store -- like our Virginia Beach store -- and you can have a great experience. Why shop at an overpriced chain jewelry store when you can save money and have a better experience at our family-owned business instead?

2. Why is an Engagement Ring So Expensive?

When looking at engagement ring designs, you might have noticed that many diamond collections are very expensive. There are various things that make rings expensive. Many are made from 18K gold or platinum, which increases the price. Diamonds can also be expensive, depending on things like size, quality, and cut. Although it's absolutely possible to spend several months of your salary on an engagement ring, it's not necessary. Come buy a more affordable engagement ring that speaks to your unique love story by shopping at Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry in Virginia Beach.

Diamond engagement ring

3. What's the Best Way to Save on an Engagement Ring?

Wondering about the best way to save on three stone engagement rings, vintage engagement rings, or other diamond rings? Shopping at a good pawn and jewelry store is the answer. You've probably seen our commercials on TV, and as we always say...we have the same jewelry for half the price. When buying important (and often expensive) jewelry like an engagement ring or wedding band, it just makes can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by shopping with us, and you can still end up with natural diamonds, rather than the cheaper lab-grown diamond engagement rings that you might be trying to avoid.

4. What Can I Do to Make Engagement Ring Shopping Easier?

Feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed out? We make engagement ring shopping easy. Set your budget beforehand, and think about things like ring size and what you're looking for. Then, visit Hilltop Pawn, where we'll assist you with each step of buying a ring.

5. Are There Layaway Options for an Engagement Ring?

Need to break up the cost of an engagement ring over a few weeks? We can help with that! We offer a layaway option here at Hilltop Pawn. Just let us know you're hoping to put the ring on layaway, and pay a down payment. Then, make payments. It's an affordable and stress-free way to buy an engagement ring!

​Hopefully, we have answered your questions about engagement ring shopping. We also have a wealth of information here on our website for you to check out. Plus, we'd love to chat with you and answer your questions. Give us a call at 757-769-7254 or stop by our Virginia Beach location, and someone will be more than happy to help you!

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