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Rings & Fine Jewelry

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1965 Laskin rd. Virginia Beach VA 23454

Best Virginia Beach Pawn Shop Jewelry Store

Pawn Shops Near Me | Virginia Beach

            Pawn Shop Loans, Collateral Loans and all your financial needs wrapped up in one great place, Hilltop Pawn. All these types of lending are in fact Pawn Loans and have an easy background process from this iconic pawnshop. Here’s how it works:

  • Bring something in of value

  • Have it evaluated and accept the offer

  • Provide your State issued Identification

  • No credit check or reporting to a credit bureau

  • Leave in 5 or 10 mins with cash in hand

Here’s more info on the details of a Pawn Loan. 

            If you don’t want to get a loan you have another option. We also buy items. Any item you can get a loan on we are happy to purchase from you as well. The majority of items we buy are gold and diamond jewelry and high quality watches like Rolex.

  • Gold Jewelry

  • Diamond Jewelry

  • Silver Jewelry

  • Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, and tanzanite Jewelry

  • Gold Chains

  • Rolex, Cartier, Omega watches and more

Stop in or give us a call today to talk about getting a Personal Loan or Pawn Loan from the Premier Pawn Shop in Virginia Beach.


Jewelry Store | Gold Dealer | Diamond Dealer

            Fine Jewelry to Engagement rings and the best deals on both right here in Virginia Beach. If you happen to be looking for wedding rings or maybe the perfect gift for someone you’ll want to stop in and have a look at what we have to offer. 

            There’s one thing no other Virginia Beach Jewelry Store can offer like a pawn shop can. Vintage and estate jewelry. After all, we specialize in fine quality pre-owned items. And when it comes to engagement rings from a pawn shop or a jewelry store there is no comparison. Please stop in and see for yourself why your friends and neighbors are already our customer. Our professional services bright brand new store will win you over and make you a customer for life. Our son Dane is the manager here and will make sure you leave a happy customer.


Why buy your Engagement Ring from a

Pawn Shop Virginia Beach

            Cheap Engagement Rings is a phrase you’re not supposed to say. Instead I’m supposed to call it Affordable Engagement rings. Call it what you want but the reality is the perfect engagement ring fits your budget as well as your finger. We have a saying you’ve heard me say on TV most likely; Same Jewelry Half the Price. It’s true to this day. We didn’t make our jewelry. It was sold by a jewelry store and now it’s here in our store for half the retail price. Stop in and see for yourself. Remember you can’t get these from just any Jeweler.

  • Antique Engagement Rings

  • Vintage Engagement Rings

  • Estate Rings and Jewelry

  • Victorian Era Wedding rings

  • Edwardian Era Jewelry

  • Art Deco Wedding Rings

  • Mine Cut Diamonds

  • Rose cut Diamonds

This is just the top of the list of Reasons to shop Engagement Rings at Pawn Shops. Besides all this we are a full service jeweler and have one of the largest selections of fine jewelry in Virginia Beach. We have years of experience helping you get what you want at the right price. Please remember if you have ever been cautious or apprehensive about buying Pawn Shop Jewelry please just stop in today and see for yourself. You'll discover a High End Pawn Shop in Virginia Beach.

Bad Credit Loans & No Credit Check Loans

If you need a loan but for whatever reason have bad or no credit then Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry is your store. We offer Pawn Loans which are simply cash loans against your collateral, not your credit. We don't use, pull, check or report your credit. Stop in today for an instant cash loan. Bad Credit Loans no problem here.

Jewelry Repair Service

Hilltop Pawn Shop is a full service Jewelry Store offering In-house Jewelry Repair in Virginia Beach

            When it comes to Jewelry Repair Services we have some fine jewelry stores in Virginia Beach. But most of the time what you will find at the Chain Stores is they send all repair work out to an outside repair house. That’s why you will normally hear 3 weeks to get something repaired or a ring sized or re-sized. How long does it take to re-size and Engagement Ring at Hilltop Pawn? 2 to 5 days or quicker. Here’s just a drop in the bucket of work we do:

  • Ring Re-sizing

  • Gold Chain repair

  • Ring Soldering

  • Shank repair

  • Antique Jewelry Refurbishing

  • Rhodium Plating

  • Stone Setting

  • Laser Welding

  • Prong Retipping

  • Diamond Setting

Stop in or give us a call today for all your Jewelry Repair needs. 


We Buy Gold and Diamonds | Gold Dealer | Diamond Dealer

            Gold Buyers Near me is the number one google search to find a We Buy Gold store. In Virginia Beach that search will likely bring you to Hilltop Pawn Shop on Laskin Rd. Our stores have been the number one Gold Buyer since it was even a thing. You’ve seen us on TV for years with our saying. Gold is Gold old or broken it’s still worth money and a lot of it in some cases. Stop in with your old or broken gold anytime. No appointment needed.

            Although most people realized we Buy Gold not many know we are also one of the largest diamond dealers in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads. Between us and our sister store Greenbrier Pawn we have a location near you ready to serve and get you the cash you want. 

Best Pawn Shop Virginia Beach for Loans Against Rings and Gold

            You want Pawn Shop Jewelry but you don’t know where to start looking. A quick google search of Best Pawn Shop for Jewelry will lead you to Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry. We take great pride in being the number one Pawn Store in Virginia Beach. Our inventory is in constant change so your always able to find that perfect piece for any occasion. Please do yourself a favor and stop by to see, not only a huge inventory, but our amazing prices as well. When it comes to Affordable Engagement Rings, or cheap as we like to say, no other jewelry store or Jewelry Pawn Shop can compare.


You Want to Sell Jewelry and We Buy Gold 

            You need a Local Pawn Shop that will buy your jewelry, gold or silver or maybe you want to Pawn Jewelry. You have come to the right place. We Buy Gold and Silver Jewelry as well as Platinum or Designer Jewelry for cash on the spot. Not only do we buy gold but we are happy to offer Pawn Shop Loans on all diamond and gold jewelry. 


Stores that Buy Jewelry | Virginia Beach Pawn Shops

            Every Pawnbroker in the city will buy your precious metals unlike the average Diamond Shop or Jewelry Store. But when you look for Stores that Buy Jewelry you want to deal with someone known for making the best deals and being the most knowledgeable. Here in Hampton Roads the is only one family that has this reputation. Craddock Pawn Shops are known as the biggest and best gold buyers maybe because they were doing it long before gold shot way up in price. You’ve seen them on TV for 20 years. Craddock Pawn Shops is the name you can trust to sell gold and diamond jewelry.

Sell Your Rolex Watch in Virginia Beach


            You want to sell a Rolex or other luxury watch but where do you go? Who can you trust to tell you what its worth? What name can you trust to shoot straight with you. Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry is a Glenda Craddock Pawn Shop and the name you can trust. For nearly 30 years we have been serving the citizens of Hampton Roads. 


Selling Your Rolex Watch

            Selling a luxury watch like Rolex, Omega, Cartier, is easy and straight forward. Simply bring your watch in so we can see the condition of not only the watch and face but the band as well. With-in a few minutes we will put a price on your quality timepiece and discuss your options. You have another option instead of selling it…


Cash Loans on Rolex Watches

            You have the option of getting a Pawn Loan on your Rolex or other quality time-piece. The loan will follow the same process of evaluating and valuing the watch. The difference is with a pawn loan you can get your watch back. The choice is yours, we are happy to buy it outright or make you a loan. Just give us a call today to discuss your options.


A few of the Rolex Models we are happy to buy or lend against.

·    Rolex Daytona

·    Rolex Submariner

·    Rolex Air King

·    Rolex Oyster Perpetual

·    Rolex Sea-Dweller

·    Rolex Yacht Master

·    Rolex GMT Master II

·    Rolex Datejust

·    Rolex Day-Date (Presidential)

·    Rolex Milgauss

·    Rolex Explorer

Google Search Pawn Shop Virginia Beach and find Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

Our Sister Store in Chesapeake

If you happen to be in Chesapeake you can find the same great service at our sister store Greenbrier Pawn Shop & Jewelry. Just like us they make pawn shop loans on anything of value. They sell Engagement rings and fine jewelry and will buy your gold and the best price, just like us. 

The Hilltop Pawn Story


A Pawn Shop Near Me Offers Loans Against Rings

Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry is happy to offer loans against rings of all types, Gold, Diamond, Silver, Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings. Getting a Pawn Loan is a Simple Process. The majority of loans take just five or ten minutes. When the loan is finished you walk out with cash in hand. The amount of the loan depends on your ring or whatever it is that bring in. Remember we take all jewelry, regardless of condition. If you so choose you can simply sell your jewelry instead of getting a pawnshop loan. No matter which way you prefer give us a call and we will walk you through the process. 


Hilltop Pawn Shop knows anyone can have a short-term cash flow issue and offering a solution is what we do. The loan or selling process is short, simple, private, and secure. Most loans take about five minutes to leave with the cash you need today.

For over 20 years Hilltop Pawn Shop has been the high-end lender of choice in

Hampton Roads specializing in collateral loans against Gold and Platinum Jewelry, Diamond and gemstone jewelry, and high-end watches like Rolex, Cartier, Omega, and Patik Phillip as well as any other high-quality electronics, instruments, or goods. Hilltop Pawn also sells jewelry and watches at “half retail prices” to the public from our store located at 1965 laskin rd. Virginia Beach VA 23454

Gold Jewelry Set

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Please don't hesitate to hit the call now button to ask any questions you might have. Our daughter Nina runs not only this store but all three and will gladly spend some time explaining how everything works. Call and ask for her right now.

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