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Why is an Engagement Ring So Expensive?

Maybe you've started engagement ring shopping and have found that many of the engagement ring designs that caught your eye were quite pricey. Perhaps you've always heard that you should spend three months of your salary on a ring. Now, you might be really worried that you will have to spend thousands of dollars to buy the engagement ring of her dreams, which simply might not really be in your budget. Don't worry -- no matter the type of engagement ring you're interested in buying, it's entirely possible to get a good deal during this important milestone just have to know where to shop! In fact, perhaps the most important thing that impacts pricing is where you shop. Come see us at Hilltop Pawn, and we'll show you our natural diamond collections and unique rings. Soon, you'll see it's entirely possible to buy the perfect ring for your unique love story without overspending!

Diamond ring displayed with two wedding bands

​A Designer Engagement Ring Can Be Expensive...But it Doesn't Have to Be!

Maybe your idea of the perfect engagement ring is a designer ring. You might have a favorite designer whose pieces you buy whenever possible, or maybe you've just seen a certain designer ring that you like and want as your engagement ring.

​As you might have noticed when looking at designer engagement ring settings, they can be expensive. This goes for all designer jewelry, in fact. Luckily, it's possible to buy the perfect diamond ring from a well-known and well-respected designer without spending an excessive amount of money. We have all types of designer jewelry for half the price of the mall jewelry stores!

Natural Diamonds: An Affordable Choice at Hilltop Pawn

Nowadays, some people are considering and buying lab-grown diamond engagement rings as a means of saving money. Maybe you believe that natural diamonds are too expensive, too. Of course, there is nothing wrong with people buying these rings if they want them, but if your idea of a perfect diamond engagement ring involves one or more mined diamonds, you don't have to give up on what you really want. Instead, come to Hilltop Pawn, where a natural diamond is a more affordable choice, regardless of the diamond shape. You can buy jewelry with real colorful gemstones, too...for example, maybe you're looking for a ring that has a diamond as a center stone and colorful diamonds as accepts. We offer these options for affordable prices at Hilltop Pawn!

If you're ready to start shopping for a ring for the love of your life but are hoping to save a little money, we can help. Whether you're looking for a timeless design or something a little more trendy, you can find the perfect unique engagement ring here. Stop by, give us any necessary information about your wish list and budget, and let us show you some of your options. We think you'll find that buying a gorgeous ring is a lot more affordable than you thought it would be, as long as you shop for an engagement ring at Hilltop Pawn, the best Virginia Beach pawn and jewelry store.

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