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Who Buys Jewelry on the Spot? | Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry

We buy jewelry in Virginia Beach. Not only do we buy older and new jewelry, but since we're a local buyer, you can work with us today. That means that you can get paid top dollar for your jewelry on the spot. For many people who want to sell a wedding ring or some other jewelry quickly in Virginia Beach, working with us is one of the best decisions you can make. Not only can you sell your jewelry fast, but you who-buys-jewelry-on-the-spot-hilltop-pawn-jewelrycan get the best value and resale price by selling to us, too!

How Can I Sell My Jewelry Fast in Virginia Beach?

Not only are you possibly looking for the easiest way to sell gold, silver, and platinum jewelry, but you're probably looking for an easy way to sell your jewelry fast. We get it. Maybe you're a little short on cash, and you're looking for local retailers who will pay you for your jewelry now so you can get the money you need. Maybe you're just in the process of cleaning out your jewelry box, and you'd like to make an immediate sale so you can get everything over with quickly.

If you're hoping to sell your jewelry fast, you should look for jewelry experts who will pay you cash for your jewelry on the spot: Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry. Generally, the entire process of selling us unwanted jewelry and other valuable items only takes a few minutes. Pawn shops and jewelry stores like ours buy and sell fine jewelry every day, so all of our staff are experienced at performing a fast and accurate on-the-spot jewelry appraisal. We offer free appraisals, and once you're made an offer, you'll get quick cash on the spot if you accept. Dealing with online retailers or looking for your own buyer can be a lot more time-consuming. Sell to us if you're in Virginia Beach and want to sell jewelry fast.

Diamond ring

Why is Hilltop Pawn Shop the Best Place to Sell Jewelry Fast?

Well, obviously, for many, the best thing about selling to us is the fact that you can sell jewelry fast. This is true whether you're selling a new piece of jewelry that you don't like as much as you thought you would, or if you're selling an antique piece that you've had for years. However, we have a lot more to offer than just the fact that we'll pay you for your jewelry fast. There are a number of other reasons why Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry is a great place to sell your jewelry!

We Buy All Types of Jewelry & Items of Value

Of course, because we're a jewelry store, we pay the highest prices for gold and diamond jewelry in great condition. However, we pay a more than fair price for other jewelry and items of value, too. These are just some of the items that we buy as your local premier jeweler and Hampton Roads diamond buyer:

  • Diamond rings

  • Precious metals

  • Wedding rings & wedding bands

  • Diamond engagement rings

  • Fine bridal jewelry

  • Silver coins & silver coinage

  • Gold bullion

  • Loose diamonds

  • Broken jewelry

We pay higher prices for all of these items and more! We're primarily focused on the jewelry business, but we are also your local gold buyers!

We Offer the Best Customer Service

You deserve excellent customer service when you're selling your jewelry. When you're wondering who buys jewelry, you have to look beyond who pays the best price and who will buy your jewelry quickly. We have years of experience in working with customers who want to sell old gold jewelry, and we have learned how to give our customers a great experience. Step into our inviting atmosphere, and chat with our friendly staff. It's our goal to always give great customer service here at our full service jewelry store!

If you want to sell your jewelry fast rather than dealing with an online marketplace or online auction site, we present the best option! You don't have to keep looking for jewelry and gold buyers in Virginia Beach or the Hampton Roads area. Instead, bring your sterling silver jewelry, antique jewelry, diamond necklace, white gold jewelry and more to us today for some quick cash. We pay the best jewelry and gold prices, and we pay in cash, right then. If you're hoping to sell jewelry in a hurry -- all while receiving competitive prices -- selling to us is a good option!

Are you located elsewhere in Hampton Roads? If you're in Chesapeake, you don't have to take the ride to Virginia Beach. Instead, visit our other local store front, Greenbrier Pawn Shop. We buy, sell, and make loans on high-end jewelry at both convenient locations in the Hampton Roads area, so the bottom line is, working with us just makes sense!

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