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We Buy Gold at Our Virginia Beach Pawn Store

​A pawn store in Virginia Beach will buy your gold. If you're looking for an elite pawn shop that has friendly staff and that will pay you top dollar for your gold, Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry is the place to visit. If it's your first time working with us, we think you'll be thrilled by how fast and easy it is to get quick cash for gold. There are a number of pawn shops around Hampton Roads, but if you're looking for a pawn business that offers great customer service and the best deal, come see us today.

Gold bars

Why Sell Your Gold to a Pawn Store in Virginia Beach?

So, why sell your gold to a pawn store in Virginia Beach? There are a few reasons. Yes, there are online gold buyers, but you won't get paid the same day if you work with one of these. You also have to worry about the possibility of your gold getting lost in the mail, which could be a disaster. When you work with local stores, you don't have to worry about your gold items of value getting lost along the way, and you can get paid on the spot. Plus, you can work with local, professional staff while getting amazing deals on your unwanted gold.

What Kind of Gold Can You Sell?

​At our pawn store, we pay fair prices for gold items of all different types! Bring us your white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold...we buy it all! 10K, 14K, 18K, or 24K gold...bring it to us!

These are some of the various gold items that we buy:

  • Fine jewelry

  • Broken gold jewelry

  • Gold coins

  • Dental gold

  • Scrap gold

  • Old gold bars

  • Gold bullion

  • Gold antique jewelry

We also buy other items of value! We are precious metals and silver buyers!

  • Silver jewelry

  • Diamond jewelry

  • Silver coins

  • Luxury watches

  • Designer jewelry

  • Fine watches

  • Estate jewelry

  • Rare coins

Come to your local pawn shop for friendly service and to be paid top dollar based on the value of your item!

How Much Will I Get When I Sell My Gold to a Pawn Store?

The great thing about selling gold to Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry is that we offer a great way to get paid more. How much will you get when you sell your gold to our pawn store? We give verbal appraisals on the spot, so come see us if you want to sell your valuable metal to reputable buyers for the best price! These are some of the things that impact the great price that you'll be offered for your piece of gold.

  • What is the current spot price of gold?

  • What is the gold purity of your unwanted pieces?

  • How much do your gold items weigh?

  • What is the condition of your piece of jewelry?

  • Do your valuable items have diamonds or other valuable stones?


You can get a great deal on a variety of pre-owned items if you work with the best pawn shops in Hampton Roads, like Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry here in Virginia Beach, or our sister location in Chesapeake, Greenbrier Pawn.

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