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Where Can You Sell Gold Jewelry in Virginia Beach?

For those who have unwanted jewelry, there are a few answers to the question, “Where can you sell gold jewelry in Virginia Beach?” If you’re located in Virginia Beach or the surrounding area and want to sell your used gold jewelry, this guide is sure to help.

Options for Selling Gold Jewelry

It’s never a bad idea to check out all of your options when you’re selling used items, including gold jewelry. These are some of the most popular options people use when selling their used jewelry.

Jewelry Store

Even though you might typically think about buying jewelry when you think about visiting a jewelry store, you might be surprised to find that jewelry stores do sometimes buy used jewelry. Some pay cash on the spot, particularly for jewelry that you are selling for the melt value. However, if you have good-quality jewelry that can be sold as is, the jewelry store might offer to put your items on consignment.

Pawn Shop

Pawn shops like Hilltop Pawn purchase all sorts of items of value. This includes jewelry and precious metals in other forms. Although most pawn shops will purchase used jewelry, Hilltop Pawn should be your top choice if you’re in the Virginia Beach area. This is because in addition to being a pawn shop, we are basically a high-end jewelry store. We buy jewelry, scrap gold, and more. so should you want to sell your gold jewelry, we are your store.

Online Marketplace or Auction Site

There are online marketplaces and auction sites that you can use to find a buyer for your jewelry. It can take time to find a buyer, and you do have to worry about scams. You also have to worry about the possibility of your item being lost in the mail when you ship it to a buyer.

Gold Buyer

There are gold buyers who work locally and who work through mail. These companies will typically buy gold bullion, gold necklaces, class rings, and more. They often pay strictly based on gold content, weight, and the current spot price of gold, without considering things like the value of the gemstones or the condition of your jewelry.

Why Choose Hilltop Pawn When You Want to Sell Used Gold Jewelry?

As you can see above, there are a variety of different ways that you can sell used

gold jewelry. Of all of your choices, though, we think you will probably have the best experience if you visit Hilltop Pawn Shop.

Of course, we might seem a little biased, and we’ll admit that you can sometimes have a good experience when selling to our competitors. However, we think you’ll find that selling to us will work out well for all of these reasons:

● We pay top dollar for gold jewelry. A gold buyer will often only pay you the melt value of your gold jewelry in most cases, which can leave you getting less than what you deserve. We pay higher prices for good-quality jewelry that can be sold as-is instead of melted down, and even if your jewelry isn’t in sellable or wearable condition, we’ll pay you both for the value of its stones and the melt value of the jewelry.

● You don’t have to worry about putting your jewelry on consignment here, which is often what jewelry stores will offer as an option. Consignment can be a big hassle because you don’t know if your item will sell at all, or it could take months for a buyer to purchase your piece. When you bring your old gold jewelry to us, we pay you on the spot, so you don’t have to worry about it!

● There’s no worry of your items getting lost in the mail when sending to an online buyer, nor do you have to worry about the scams that are so rampant online nowadays. There’s no dangerous meet-up with a stranger you found on Facebook or Craigslist, either. An easy, safe, worry-free experience can always be expected when you use Hilltop Pawn.

● We buy more than just jewelry. You can sell us scrap gold, dental gold, sterling silver flatware, and other items made from precious metals. We also buy other items of value, so bring what you have so we can make you an offer!

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