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Trade Unwanted Gold Jewelry for Something New-to-You | Hilltop Pawn

Gold jewelry comes in so many designs and styles. Maybe you have a jewelry box full of timeless styles, but you might be thinking about trading your more dainty pendants for a statement ring or something else that better suits your personal style. Maybe you're still trying to figure out your everyday look, and you'd like to look at a few new-to-you pieces to determine which jewelry really suits your perfect style. At Hilltop Pawn, we have a variety of fine jewelry collections for you to choose from, and we feel confident that you'll find something here that you'll fall in love with. Why hold on to hoop earrings or other fine jewelry pieces that you really don't wear, when you can trade these items in for a gold bracelet, yellow gold chain, or something else that you'll love and want to wear every day? We'd love to help you with trading your unwanted jewelry for something else, and our helpful staff will take meticulous care when making style recommendations that best suit you!

We Offer More Trade-In Value for Your Unwanted Gold Jewelry

It's easy to end up with jewelry that isn't really your style. Maybe you have a piece that was a well-intentioned gift or a hand-me-down from family that just doesn't work with your personal style. Maybe you bought a few pieces when you first started collecting jewelry, but perhaps your style has transitioned since then. We get might have a piece that you really don't like that much, that one of our other customers will fall in love with on the spot!

That's why we make it easy for our customers to trade in their unwanted jewelry. Bring in jewelry that you don't like, and let us make you an offer. Then, we can give you trade-in value for your jewelry, which we can put toward a piece that you see in stock and want to buy. Maybe you're springing for a big purchase like a Rolex watch or a diamond engagement in unwanted jewelry can help you seriously knock down how much you owe...or we might even owe you cash at the end of the transaction! It all depends on what you're trading in and what you're hoping to leave with, but rest assured, we'll make you the best deal and make it as easy for you to purchase the jewelry of your dreams as possible!

Gold mom & daughter matching necklaces

Explore Our Jewelry Selection | Beautiful Gold Jewelry & More

​If you're wondering what you can trade your jewelry for, we think you'll be impressed by the answer. We have a huge selection of jewelry for you to choose from. Luxury watches (such as Rolex watches), gold chains, diamond rings, diamond earrings, and other jewelry pieces are always available here for a great deal. Our selection is always changing, so you never know what you will find when you shop here!

Sell Your Unwanted Gold for Cash Today | Virginia Beach

​Maybe you aren't interested in trading your jewelry in for another piece for yourself or a perfect gift. Instead, you might be hoping to walk away with cash. We can help with that, too! Bring your unwanted gold jewelry and other items of value, and let us know that you're interested in selling. We will make you a cash offer on the spot! We can also make you a pawn loan on your gold jewelry, if you'd prefer. If you're in a pinch for cash and need help, we offer a few different ways to help!

From classic pieces to contemporary designs, we have a little something for everyone here. Bring us your unwanted gold rings or solid gold necklace, and we'll show you other pieces that you might want to trade for! You never know what you'll find here, and we always have an extensive selection of rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold jewelry for you to look at and try on. Our customer service is top-notch, and we're looking forward to helping you!

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