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Thalia Virginia Beach | Pawn Loans

If you live in the Thalia Section of Virginia Beach VA or anywhere in Virginia Beach, Hilltop Pawn Shop is here to make you a cash loan today. We take Gold and Diamond Jewelry of every description and of course Anything of Value. Give us a Call today for an estimate on your loan. Cash loans take about 5 mins.

Virginia Beach Pawn Shops

Serving the Thalia Neighborhood and all of Virginia Beach with Cash Loans. Stop by Hilltop Pawn Shop and see why people say we're different. The staff is here to serve it's customers in a bright brand new building. 


What is a Pawn Loan?

A Pawn Loan is simply a cash loan that you get against a piece of collateral. We take Gold and Diamond Jewelry mostly. We hold you item till you return and pay the loan off. Call for all the Details today. simple Google Search will tell you all about Hilltop Pawn Shop

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