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Who Pays the Highest Gold Price in Virginia Beach?

Who pays the highest gold price in Virginia Beach? Whether you're a gold investment who is curious about the value of your investments, or if you just have gold jewelry in your jewelry box that you would like to sell for the highest purchase price, we'd love to help! We also offer financial products like pawn loans, which are no credit check loans that are secured by the value of your gold. Get paid the most based on today's gold price by visiting us right here in Virginia Beach, or get paid a higher precious metal price for silver bullion, silver jewelry & other items of value. We've had a significant role in the local gold market for a long time now, and we'd love to serve you and pay you top gold prices!

Gold ring on $100 bills

Visit Hilltop Pawn to Get the Highest Gold Price in Virginia Beach

At Hilltop Pawn, our past performance speaks for does our strong reputation here in the Virginia Beach community. Unlike some buyers that try to get away with paying lower prices for gold, we pay the highest gold jewelry and bullion prices in the area. For one thing, we are always willing to pay the highest current gold price for gold jewelry, since dealing in pre-owned jewelry is what we do...we buy it and sell it. However, we are also gold investors and gold buyers, which means that we pay the highest price for all different types of gold products. Bring us your gold jewelry, gold bullion, gold coins, scrap gold, dental gold & more...we'll pay you more and give you the highest level of customer service!

Find Out How Much Your Gold is Worth in Minutes

There are a number of various factors that impact the value of gold. The current spot price of gold fluctuates a lot, and it's based on things like supply and demand, current events, the value of the US dollar and more. We also look at the gold content in your piece, whether your piece is a popular piece of jewelry or a rare coin, and various other things. You don't have to keep wondering how much your gold is worth...we make offers in minutes. There's no cost and no obligation, but once you find out what we pay for gold, we think you'll be ready to make a deal today!

Get Paid for Your Gold in Cash Today

If you're excited about the current gold spot price for a troy ounce of gold and are ready to get paid the top gold price today, we'd love to help! Not only do we pay top gold and silver prices, but we pay on the spot, in cash. This means that you can turn your unwanted gold into cash in no time. Hilltop Pawn has been known as a safe haven to sell gold in recent years, and we always do our best to make great deals and show our customers a good time! You don't have to keep looking for local markets that will pay you in a short time frame...just come see us! We can also help with a short term pawn loan, if you'd like.

Whether you have physical gold bullion that you purchased as a gold investment, or if you simply have gold or silver jewelry that you're interested in selling, now is the right time to visit Hilltop Pawn. We are happy to answer all of your questions, including the current price of gold (or you can check the gold price charts right here on our website!), the various factors we take into consideration when pricing gold & more. If you're happy with our offer for your gold coins, gold bars, gold jewelry & other precious metals, we'll get you paid in cash on the spot. We provide a truly viable option to get paid the most based on the value of gold!

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