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Who Buys Vintage Jewelry Near Me?

As the best jewelry buyer in Virginia Beach, Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry wants to buy your estate jewelry! We buy all different types and different styles of vintage jewelry, from Victorian jewelry to Art Deco jewelry and so much more. We offer the best way to sell your piece of jewelry in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads. Bring your vintage jewelry to our pawn and jewelry store, and we'll make you a great offer!

Who Buys Vintage Jewelry in Virginia Beach?

​If you are new to selling vintage items, you could be wondering about who in Virginia Beach will buy your one of a kind antique ring or other jewelry from past time periods. Selling locally is a good idea, since it's fast and easy, and you can get paid right away. Plus, you don't have to worry about your jewelry treasures getting lost in the mail. For all things jewelry in Virginia Beach, Hilltop Pawn Shop is the best shop to visit.

It's true that we buy a lot of modern jewelry and designer pieces, but we are actually interested in buying all different types of pieces of jewelry. We are your local antique jewelers! In fact, Hampton Roads residents know they can come to us to look for jewelry from the Victorian period and other eras past; unlike the chain jewelry stores, we don't just sell vintage-inspired jewelry...we actually sell the real thing!

If you sell your collection of vintage jewelry to us, you can get an on-the-spot offer, and you'll get paid in cash today. Even with fast shipping, you just can't sell and get paid this quickly when you deal with an online buyer. Plus, you can avoid scams and problems by dealing with a local business that has a great reputation. We are well-known around Hampton Roads for having an inviting atmosphere and helpful customer service staff.

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How Much Will I Get for My Vintage Jewelry?

You likely want to get paid the most for your piece of vintage jewelry. If you're curious about how much you can get paid for vintage engagement rings, vintage wedding bands, and various other vintage jewelry pieces, your best bet is to come see us when you get the chance. There are a variety of things we look at when valuing vintage and antique pieces.

First of all, because of their age, it's normal for vintage pieces to be in less than pristine condition. We can still buy vintage fine jewelry that isn't in excellent condition; sometimes, we can repair it. After all, we do offer jewelry repair services, even for the general public. Plus, things like gold rings still have value, even if they aren't in great condition. Of course, on the other hand, if your jewelry has really stood the test of time and held up well over the years, it will be worth even more.

The stones in your jewelry impact the value. A diamond or sapphire ring is more valuable than a ring that doesn't have any precious gemstones. A yellow gold or white gold pendant necklace is going to be more valuable because of the gold that was used to make it. We look at all of these things and more when looking at your curated collection and making you an offer.

At Hilltop Pawn Shop, we buy vintage jewelry in an array of vintage styles. Bring all of your rare finds to us, and get paid for them today. When it comes to pawn and jewelry stores in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads, we are the real deal!


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