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Where to Sell Gold or Get a Loan on Gold in Virginia Beach?

Maybe you aren't just wondering where to sell gold...maybe you're wondering about how to get a loan on gold in Virginia Beach. Local pawn shops offer a unique opportunity for borrowing express gold cash. Basically, you can bring in your gold jewelry pieces, Rolex watches, brand name jewelry, or other luxury items for our team of expert appraisers to look at. The process is similar to the selling process, but instead of permanently selling your items, you'll simply borrow against the value of your gold. You can borrow money on old gold jewelry and more today, and the whole process is very easy. Hilltop Pawn is a full service jewelry store that will grant you a pawn loan on dental gold, gold coins, silver coins, estate jewelry & without a credit check!

Where to Sell Gold: Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach

​First of all, if you've stumbled here because you are looking into selling scrap gold, gold and silver jewelry, gold bars & other items of value, you have come to a great place. We pay the highest price for gold, based on current gold prices and the specific items you bring in, of course. Bring your gold pieces to us for the best deal and the most money. We buy all types of items with gold content, and we'll offer you a fair price based on spot price, current market value, weight, gemstones present in the piece, and more. We have years of experience with valuing and buying gold here in the Hampton Roads area, and in addition to offering you an immediate payment and a better price, we'll offer you exceptional customer service during the whole process, too. Sell all types of gold today, from gold rings from your jewelry box to entire collections of gold coins or gold bullion. We make selling gold easy!

Diamond ring

Why Get a Pawn Loan on Gold Jewelry, Precious Metals & More?

Since we pay the best price for gold items, you could be wondering why you would ask for a loan. Of course, if you have unwanted gold and don't want the items back, Hilltop Pawn is one of the best places to get paid fairly based on the current price of gold.

However, maybe you are only thinking about selling your gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, platinum jewelry, or other items because you've heard you can get paid great prices and need money fast. If you don't really want to sell these items to a fine jewelry store, why not consider a pawn loan instead? At our Virginia Beach jewelry store and pawn shop, we make loans on valuable items, all without a credit check. We'll hold your wedding rings, sterling silver jewelry, and other precious metal items, and we'll send you on your way with cash in your pocket. We'll keep these items safe, and we'll give them back to you when you return to our store front and repay your loan. Borrow money quickly and easily, and in a comfortable atmosphere, by visiting our local jewelry store and pawn shop. We're more than a local gold buyer...we're the lender that you can count on, and we'll show you personal attention each step of the way!

Whether you want to sell your gold for top dollar or get a loan on your gold, Hilltop Pawn is your best option here in Virginia Beach. Visit our jewelry, pawn and gold shop for competitive prices and great deals either way. We make loans on gemstone jewelry, broken jewelry, fine bridal jewelry & more. Have questions? Visit our pawn shop at the most convenient time for you, or call at 757-769-7254.

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