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What to Know Before Pawning a Gun | Virginia Beach

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Did you know that you can use the value of your firearm to take out a loan, all without having to sell your used gun forever? If you've been looking for a way to put some money in your pocket, this may be great news! You can bring in one or two long guns or your entire large collection of guns; either way, you can use their value for a cash loan at Hilltop Pawn. Visit us today for top dollar cash loans on all different types of firearms.

Pawn a Gun in Virginia Beach

Top Benefits of Pawning a Gun

Many people who have gun collections simply don't realize they can use their firearms as collateral for a pawn loan. Pawning a gun can be a great option for many reasons, and it may just be right for you, too.

● You can pawn an entire collection or just one gun at a time. ● It's a great alternative to selling a firearm, since you'll get your gun back when you repay your loan. This is important if you want to get your gun back for home defense, hunting, or competing. ● Credit score, employment history, income, or other similar things don't matter like they do with traditional loans. ● If you visit the right pawn shop, you can get the highest prices for your gun loan. ● If you decide you don't want your gun back, you don't have to repay the loan, and there won't be a hit on your credit, or any other repercussions. ● Many people find it's the quickest way to take out a loan. There isn't an application or a bunch of unnecessary documents for you to worry about. ● We follow all federal gun regulations, so you never have to worry about us not doing things the legal way. ● Our method of payment is always cash, so you never have to worry about cashing a check or waiting for a direct deposit, as is the case with so many loans nowadays.

Where to Pawn a Gun in Virginia Beach?

You may mostly know us as a jewelry store, which is common for Virginia Beach residents. After all, jewelry is our specialty! What you might not know is that we've been involved in the firearms industry for a long time, too, and we are a licensed FFL dealer. As a federal firearms licensee and pawnbroker, we are able to grant cash loans on firearms and related items. Even if you've never really thought of us as your local gun shop, we think you'll be impressed by the good deal we'll offer you. Our well-trained staff have years of experience in performing these business transactions, and we'll make you a pawn loan on both used and new guns any time. Visit Hilltop Pawn as the FFL of your choice.

Pawn a Gun

What's it Like to Pawn a Gun? How To

If it's your first time using your firearm to borrow money, it's normal to be nervous, but you shouldn't be! The steps to pawning a gun at Hilltop Pawn are very simple!

● Bring your firearm, regardless of gun manufacturer, to our pawn shop, Hilltop Pawn. Let us know you're interested in a loan. ● Give us a few minutes to decide how much your gun is worth as collateral. We'll look at the condition of the gun and the make and model. Because we are an experienced firearms appraiser, this process doesn't take long, and your loan offer will always be fair. ● Once we've done our own research and assessment of your gun, we'll make you a loan offer. It's up to you if you want to accept. If not, there's no obligation. If you do accept, we'll hold on to your gun in the meantime. We'll take full responsibility to keep your firearm secure while it's in our possession. ● When you accept your loan, we'll take care of the rest. We'll need to get some information from your driver's license, and we'll fill out a pawn ticket, which we'll give you along with your cash. ● When your repayment date rolls around, just come in, pay off your loan, and get your firearm back. The whole process is easy!

Tips for Success When Pawning Your Firearm When you visit our store location, we'll make things easy! Just remember these tips for success when pawning your firearm:

● Bring additional firearms if you'd like a bigger loan. ● Don't forget to bring your driver's license or ID. ● Keep safety in mind at all times. Check to be sure that your gun is unloaded, and always make sure the safety is on. Keep the barrel pointed at the ground at all times, and follow all other firearm safety rules when you're in and around our shop. ● Understand that we are required by law to perform a criminal background check before returning your firearm when you pawn with us. This is true for every pawn shop in the US. ● If you're actually interested in selling your firearm, just let us know! As gun buyers, we'll make you a cash offer, and you won't have to worry about returning and repaying a loan.

You can turn your firearm into a cash loan today! Visit Hilltop Pawn and let us know you're ready to pawn your gun. Our associates will help you right away, and you will always get a fair price.

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